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Yoga and Siesta Key Beach

Tuesday May 1, 2012
Oscar Scherer State Park
Site #95



Carrie and I begin the day with an hour of yoga before breakfast.

It’s such a great way to start the day.  MUCH better than running.


Nakomis Beach (50)_thumb


We read that Siesta Key Beach is America’s # 1 Beach.

So we have to check this out.  We pack up food, sunscreen, water, chairs, towels….good grief.
We know that to spend the day on the beach we have to get
another umbrella.  So we stop at Tar-J and pick up a totally inferior beach umbrella.  (hereafter known as TIBU)


Siesta Key is a barrier island off the coast of Florida between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  As we get near, we get stopped for the drawbridge over the Intercoastal Waterway.
Note to Roxanne:  Those must be some mighty tall ducks going through.


Siesta Key 003_thumb


Soon we are walking along the powdered sugar sand of Siesta Key Beach.  This is a BIG beach and there are lots of people here.  Word has clearly gotten around.


David’s back has been bothering him increasingly so he brings his anti-gravity chair in order to nap on the beach and catch up on the sleep he misses at night when his pain is worst.  Some beach folks comment to him about his comfy chair.


Siesta Key 004_thumb


You can see the TIBU from the underside of this picture.   But if the wind steals this one, it won’t be much of a loss.


Siesta Key 007_thumb


We sure do see all kinds of folks at the beach.

I’ve never talked to one of these metal detector folks since they
always have those ear phones on but I’d sure like to know what they
think they are going to find that is worth spending hours in the hot sun dressed in terrific garb.


Siesta Key 011_thumb


The sand on this Beach is so fine it feels like refined sugar. 

And it’s cool on your feet no matter what the sun’s strength.  That’s because unlike other beaches whose sand is made of shell and coral, this beach is composed 99 percent pure quartz. 

Just look at this day.
Picture perfect clouds, sand and water.

Siesta Key 025_thumb

And waves due to the gusty wind.


So today we also lower the height of the umbrella and are still able to get the 3 of us under it including the BIG chair.  Pretty amazing huh?  Notice the hand around the umbrella pole.
At no time today was someone not holding on to it even though it is TIBU.


Siesta Key 008


David is on duty when Carrie and I go into the water.


Siesta Key 015A_thumb


Siesta Key 017_thumb


Siesta Key 019_thumb 


Then while David and Carrie go for a walk down the beach,
I hold down the fort umbrella.
Take a look at those clouds.


Siesta Key 021_thumb



Some folks don’t seem to care what their umbrellas do.

Siesta Key 032


The sand makes terrific sandcastles and the beach sponsors an annual Sand Castle Competition. 

I’d love to be here to see that if you could get anywhere near the beach.  They do have a parking lot for 800 cars.  That is just amazing.
800 cars COULD equal 2400+ people.


Looks like the practicing for the competition has begun.


Siesta Key 029_thumb


It kept threatening to rain and as you can see from the rain coming down “over there”, it did.  But not on us!!


Siesta Key 034_thumb


It was a very satisfying day at the beach.


 Siesta Key 040


That soft cool sand made for some very happy toes!

Siesta Key 037_thumb


  1. Glad to see you replaced your umbrella The beach looks very inviting! You always take the best pictures! Hope Carrie is enjoying her visit!

  2. Oh boy, do my feet ever love the sand at Siesta Key Beach! We were camping at Myakka River SP in February and made the trek there several times. Glad your umbrella stayed sunnyside up.

  3. I Love that area and the beaches with their white , fine sand !! Great and fun photos!! Hey, I have heard that those metal detector guys find some good stuff now and then. Expensive watches, rings, and lots of car keys..

  4. Glad you got another umbrella, it looks pretty colorful. We loved Siesta Key when Eldy's son and family came down...it really is a beautiful beach. The huge parking lot was FULL every time we went. Luckily, we could park at his son's cottage rental and then walk a block to the beach. #1 beach in the USA in 2010, we think. Sorry to hear David is having so much back pain...

  5. This beach is the nicest one I have ever been to. It reminded me of Jones Beach on Long Island where I spent many days as a boy. We actually had some nice waves for a Gulf beach and I finally realized there are times when folks might actually prefer that to the rougher waves at an coean beach. Never occured to me before, but now I understand better why the Gulf beaches are so popular.

  6. Several years ago we spent a day exploring the area of Longboat and Siesta Keys as possible "retirment areas". The beaches were lovely, but as everyplace was NOT dog friendly, we searched elsewhere...although, ultimately it was best that we didn't buy anything :-)...would only be something else we would have had to get rid of! Enjoy the beach days, you deserve them.

  7. Beautiful beach! I share your curiosity about the metal detector set. But, I guess it gives them something to do and keeps them off the streets :)

  8. My great-uncle was called The Tallest Duck in Florida. It was never verified officially, but no duck ever stepped forward to challenge the title.

    I did not know that about quartz sand! That is a very useful and interesting tidbit of knowledge.

  9. Great fun in the sun or under the TIBU;o)) I think the metal detecting people are much like the geocachers...they need a reason to walk the beach or hike the trail... It not about what they find, but just a reason to go searching and the thrill of finding something!!!

    Hope David gets some back relief soon!!!!!

  10. I take it the love bugs haven't started swarming yet; we went around mother's day several years ago and the swarm was particularly bad unless there was a breeze. The far end of the beach tends to be quieter than the main portion ... in case you go back.

  11. P.S. If you're at Siesta Key Beach at sunset, the tide goes out far enough that you can wade in ankle deep water a considerable distance from shore and look for sand dollars.

  12. We went to Siesta Key last winter....ahhhhhh - such good memories! Thanks for taking me back. I so LOVE the beach!

  13. That's some mighty fine sand ya got there pardner. I never have cared much about sand, but I sure can enjoy gazing at the water. People watching can be fun too.

  14. Glad you find another umbrella. There have been a lot of shipwrecks along Florida coast and there is still some "treasure" to be found. People with Metal detectors occasionally find things from these old wrecks. Commonly, they find gold rings and jewelry that people lose while swimming.

  15. Beautiful beach. Glad Carrie is able to spend some time with you.

  16. Looks like a lovely beach. Glad you have another umbrella but still hoping you score a much better one -- maybe in the clearance section at the end of the season.

  17. Happy to see you enjoyed that wonderful beach. I just love it there and the 800 free parking spots. We were at a beach on the East coast yesterday and it has the same very fine bright white sand. It is a small beach and there is almost no way to park, I did find a spot after much recon. It was called New Samyra or something like that. It is very nice to walk on and the sand sqeeks when you walk on it.

  18. Amusing post :) Great pictures and story - great beach, beautiful day, unsurpassable company!


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