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We finally snag it

Sunday May 6, 2012
Lithia Springs Park Site 40


Sunday we pack up and leave Oscar Scherer. 
It’s back to the Brandon clinic and two more weeks of treatment.


Surprise - we return to Lithia Springs AGAIN! 

This time we snag site 40, the most popular one in the park.  We’ve been at Lithia for 4 sets of treatments and have now officially been in all of the best sites in the park.  Those would be sites 23, 25, 38 and 40.

We pull in down the long drive that makes this site so secluded and have the awning facing the river.  Then we realize that with the fence there, we won’t be able to really see the river from our patio chairs.
We’ll only see the 4 board fence because the river is below the site.


So David backs out the LONG drive, pulls up and backs down the long drive into the site.  Now we have a great view of the green forest from the patio and a great view of the river from the dinette. 


OK this is it!   But then comes problem #1

The water is at the front of the site so if you back in, your hoses are on the “wrong” side and located at the back of the site.  So did they mean for folks to pull in??  Well we’re not changing it.  We have enough hose.

But then we notice the electric hook up is even further up the drive.
And no where near the coach.  But, we have a 50’ extension cord.

We hook that up
  But………. it won’t reach by over 6’
Notice 4 board fence blocking potential patio river view.

Lithia Site 40


So we move her forward again. 

If we run the electric cord under the coach it almost reaches.


Lithia Site 40 (1)


So we move Winnona up another time,  a little more, that’s it!

But there is also this
tree with low branches and those slides.

Eventually we work it out so we aren’t tooo close to the fence that we can’t open the basement, and the tree branch isn’t in the way of either the awning or the slide AND all the hoses reach and connect.
See tree/awning/slide dilemma in site photo on the right.


Finally we’re set!

If you are only staying a night or two, it probably
isn’t worth it but for 14 nights, definitely.


Lithia Site 40 (4)



Love that long drive way.  Notice the electric box location.
Who designs campsites anyway?  Have they ever driven or parked an RV?


Otter day 015 


Great river View from the Dinette window and our own giant Cyprus tree, more pictures to come later.   Plus I can go around the fence and sit down by the river on this sandy bank. 
So snazzy!!


Otter day 010


Sure hope this does turn out to be the best site at Lithia Springs since it was sure the most difficult in which to get settled.   Can I get an AMEN from your experience??


Time for dinner.

After all the in and out and up and back and set up, we reward ourselves with great Tempeh burritos with almond sauce.

Lithia Site 40 (14)


Then we prop up our feet and contemplate the jungle from under the awning.  Great view and great position for David’s back.


Lithia Site 40 (6)


Hopefully there is a day of rest tomorrow before the medical melee begins again on Tuesday.


  1. You DO have a toad. Of course, that makes sense, with trips in for treatments. I just couldn't picture it.

    Whew. I would have needed a nap just from the rearrangement.

  2. Looks like Shangra-La to me!!

    Definitely worth the effort:o))

  3. You are quite the navigators! Makes me feel like I didn't waste money when I recently bought a 100ft extension cord. I debated and debated as I recalled a few sites that wouldn't work for me. I can get into a really small space, like a big space but sometimes they require more hose and cord. Can't win for losing!

    I hope the next couple of weeks goes by fast for you and David. I also hope his back lets up. I'm slowly getting ready to leave for the coast (Charleston, Savannah, St. Augustine) on Sunday with my daughter. I celebrated when I turned the fridge on and it worked. Maybe I'll be hitched up without anything going wrong this time.

    I don't know how good wifi will be while I'm on the ride, but I hope to keep up with your blog.

    Enjoy the view. You worked hard enough for it! :)

  4. Looks like all the work was worth it! I think that I could get used to that space. Enjoy!

  5. It is amazing how many campgrounds are not hook up friendly. These days, with Google, designers are without excuse.

    We carry an extra electrical extension, too and have used it many times. Also have 100 feet of water hose and 35 feet of sewer hose. With all this stuff I could park on top of the Empire State Building and reach the utilities. ;c)

    Good snag of a beautiful site, I'm sure you'll enjoy it after all that waiting to get it.

  6. I don't blame you for making your time there as comfy as possible. Whatever it takes!

  7. All the effort was worth it, now that you're perfectly settled in. We'd never make it without sewer hook ups for 14 days! I hope the next two weeks go well for you both.

  8. There he goes again -- David (and you) can do anything!! Good job on maneuvering yourselves into a great site!

  9. I had to chuckle about all the "rearranging" to make everything work. I'm always the navigator outside directing Rick into the spot and trying to make sure all the hookups, slides, awnings etc are in a good spot. I run about 50%. The other 50%, we have to move forward or backward before the other half is satisfied :) I think this site would make him crazy :) :) :) haha!

  10. Looks like your efforts will pay off with this great site for 2 weeks. Hope the treatments go well for David...warm thoughts and lots of prayers are being sent your way!

  11. I must say, your cooking photos are amazing!

  12. This is the sweetest spot in the park and well worth the effort - especially when I see Sherry sittiing down by the water in the early morning.

  13. I had to laugh, Sherry, about the placement of power and water in these campsites. It is especially funny to me when the power and the water and the sewer are all far from each other. It also seems, when there IS some kind of design, it is generally for a truck and fifth wheel with the hookups at the very back of a nice long pull through site. geez. Wishing David well for the next two weeks.

  14. I agree with Di, the photos of your meals looks fabulous. Perhaps you should write a vegan cookbook. Does it really taste as good as it looks?

    I hope this next round of treatments go well.


  15. It appears the two of you make quite a team. I can see lots of patience are required to get your rig set up just right. I have always marveled at David's.. and Roger's patience... and calm approach to whatever challenges they face. Sounds like it was worth the maneuvering to get this top spot. They should just give you this prime spot each time you return! I think you should just plant your stake there with your name on it and be done with it. So hoping this round of treatments goes well.... and always hopng for improvement in David's back pain.. and of course, all of his other challenges.....

  16. Looks like it was a great set up! Why not have what you want with a little added effort? Way to go!! And, I agree with the other commenters - the food looks incredibly tasty.


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