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Early Morning on Northeast Creek

Thursday July 25, 2013
Site 730, Narrows Too Campground
Trenton, Maine


We stopped Northeast Creek on our way home from our hike yesterday.
The put in looked steep but short and the creek looked beautiful.
We planned an early paddle for today.


Gorham Mountain Hike 110


When we arrive at about 6:00 it looks a little different in the early morning light but equally lovely.


Northeast Creek 001


Ruby waits at the small pull out just beyond the bridge along route 3.

Northeast Creek 002


The creek flows to the bridge at the put in and I suppose you could put in at the same place and go under the bridge out into Frenchmen’s Bay but the flow is heavy enough as it goes under the narrow  opening that I doubt you could get back to take the boats out.  I don’t see any put in on the other side of the bridge into the bay but there is one at Narrows Too should we decide we want to do that.


There is only a light movement of the water this morning so paddling is easy although if you stop paddling you will drift back toward the bridge.

The banks of the creek here are lined with deciduous forest.

Northeast Creek 005


Only a slight ripple mars the reflections.

Northeast Creek 008


We are hoping we might see river otter or muskrat on the creek.  Early on we are greeted by a group of Canada Geese who don’t seem to care how close we get to them.  They hold their ground and don’t say a word as we paddle by.


Northeast Creek 012


It is quiet and peaceful here on the water in the morning.  We do not see another soul and only one house the entire trip.


Northeast Creek 021


Northeast Creek 023


Grasses and sedges show up along the bank increasingly and the forest gives way to more open views.

Northeast Creek 027  

 Northeast Creek 026



Along the way we pass this family of ducks with mom in the lead.

Northeast Creek 018



We paddle along at a leisurely pace as we move further and further away from the bridge.   We can drift some.  The sounds of the traffic disappear.


Northeast Creek 031



There is quite a thick cloud cover overhead.


Northeast Creek 032 


All of the banks of the creek from the bridge to the point where you must turn around are on private land and you are asked not to trespass.  This is the only potential other put in I see on the creek and closer inspection shows no sign that it has ever been used for that purpose.


Northeast Creek 036



After perhaps 90 minutes of paddling and floating, I think we have come to the end of the navigable way but then I find a hole in the grasses and we push on through to another opening in the creek.


Northeast Creek 037


David coming out.  You can’t even see the small opening behind him.


Northeast Creek 042



The creek is smaller at this point, but on we go.


Northeast Creek 044 


And smaller.


Northeast Creek 053



Until there really is no where to go and turning around is tricky.
No pictures of the turnaround.  I was too busy trying to figure it out.

Northeast Creek 052 


But here comes David from inside what feels sort of like a Florida mangrove.


Northeast Creek 054


Northeast Creek 055



This time we are floating with the creek so we paddle even less.  The morning is so perfect, this place is so beautiful, we don’t say a word.  We just experience the serenity.


Northeast Creek 056  


And then the wind picks up, at our back.  Whoo hoo!

Northeast Creek 059


For 10 minutes or so we are moving along at a jaunty clip of 1.5-2.2 miles an hour doing absolutely nothing but laughing about it.

Northeast Creek 060 


But then of course all good things come to an end and the creek twists and turns around until the wind is coming at us and it is back to paddling.

Northeast Creek 065


Northeast Creek 067


We run into our Duck family much further down the creek this time.  The little ones are dipping and diving along the edge and coming up with mud all over them.

Northeast Creek 073 

Northeast Creek 069


Northeast Creek 071 

Northeast Creek 077



As we move back into the forested area two or three kingfishers fly back and forth across the creek in front of us from tree to tree.  Actually I should be more precise.  These are belted kingfishers.  There are 90 different types of kingfishers in the world but only 3 in North America north of Mexico.  The belted is the most common found near bodies of water from coast to coast.


Northeast Creek 076


I take a lot of partial pictures and empty pictures to get two or three fairly decent ones as the kingfishers careen conspicuously overhead.  It is very unusual that they are not filling the air with their rattling call but rather just moving back and forth back and forth over us and the water below them.  This is the best picture of the lot and the best I’ve ever gotten. 


Northeast Creek 084A


We encounter the geese again in the exact same spot as before.  Unlike the ducks, they have not moved along a bit in the nearly four hours we’ve been on the water.

Northeast Creek 087


Around the bend and there is the bridge opening to the bay and Ruby waiting almost out of sight at the top of the hill.  The noise of the traffic is a rude intrusion on what has been a really wonderful paddle/float on a beautiful morning.


Northeast Creek 089    


David thinks this calls for a big breakfast and plans to stop at the Log Cabin just a short way from the creek.  But apparently they don’t do breakfast as they are shut up tight.   So we drive on and end up at the Cottage Street Bakery and Restaurant where we sit outside on this lovely 73 degree morning.


Northeast Creek 090


David, as always, studies the menu carefully.

Northeast Creek 091


I see this sort of thing more and more at restaurants.  No one is talking face to face, they are all on their phones either talking or texting or surfing.   I must say, I find this rather sad.


Northeast Creek 092


But we’re not on our phones.  We’re just enjoying the delicious food and fabulous muffins.  I am SO sorry I didn’t take a picture of the chocolate chip and blueberry muffins we had with our breakfast.  They were bigger than the size of my fist.  You can see about 1/3 of one there on David’s plate small plate.  

While I think the breakfast was a bit on the high side, well truthfully a lot on the high side at $26 with tax and tip, the food was excellent and it was a fitting end to a lovely morning.


Northeast Creek 093


  1. Awesome paddle and completely awesome muffins! You might like a short hike we did last Wednesday before the bad news from home; we went north to Steuben and there's two hiking trails in Petite Manan Wildlife Refuge. we did the shorter Hollingsworth Trail as it was later in the day than we would want to do the 4 mile hike, but it was really pretty with beautiful views on the shore. I have pictures but haven't posted about it yet...soon.

  2. Kayaking is something I'd love to do, but can't. This looks like such a peaceful paddle. Many of the women my camping group have kayaks and they have a blast on the water. Well, at least I can enjoy the adventures through your words and camera lens.

  3. For $26, I'd expect steak and lobster. ;) It isn't easy to get a decent shot of a kingfisher, in my opinion. Nice job!

  4. Just a lovely paddle. Great shot of the Kingfisher! The ones around here are shy..they flit around from tree to tree over the fish ponds, but are so hard to capture on camera.

  5. A great paddle calls for a great breakfast:)

  6. Boy that weather sounds perfect! Isn't it great to get away from the blazing heat and humidity?

  7. No wonder you two can eat so much with all the exercise you get. Love the shot of the baby duck butts all in a row. What a peaceful place to paddle.

  8. Pretty paddle and great photo of the Kingfisher;o))

  9. Excellent picture of that kingfisher! Great job.

  10. My kind of paddling ... let the current and the breeze do the work and sit back and relax. Great job with the Kingfisher.

  11. I could see and hear the serenity from your photos. Beautiful country!

  12. Now I want a blueberry muffin. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  13. Lovely picture of your early morning. It's been so long since I've seen an early morning I forgot what they look like! :cD

    What a nice paddle, how very cool you had it all to yourselves. I guess other people don't do early mornings, either.

    That muffin was huge! Did they use special reinforced plates to carry them on? ;c)

  14. Nice paddle - loved the little ducks following along and the kingfisher - great shot! It is sad to see people on their phones all the time...that was a good picture to demonstrate that point. I like Dad's shirt. That breakfast looks like a nice treat after such a nice paddle. I would have liked paddling in and out of those groves - oh the adventure :)

  15. Just looking at the pictures I could feel like I was there in that peaceful world. I agree about the cell phones - and especially at a restaurant it seems so rude. So now the art of writing and the art of conversation will recede into the past until they are gone.

  16. Nice shot of the Kingfisher. They are wonderful birds.

  17. What a nice kayak trip that was.

    That's a GREAT Kingfisher picture. I've given up trying to get a photo of those little devils!

  18. I lived on Kingfisher Lane for about 10 years as a boy, but never saw the first kingfisher in my youth. Now I really appreciate who they are and where they live. Wonderful to see them able to carry on their lives in this modern world. They are so much at home near the water, flying from side to side, one perch to the next, up and down the same stretch at times, never staying too long when folks approach. I can relate to that.


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