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The colds are making decisions for us

Wednesday July 17 & Thursday July 18, 2013
Site 730, Narrows II Campground
Trenton, ME



I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post that David woke up with a cold.

Poor thing went right on with that huge long day blowing his nose constantly.  And it was a very full day if you read the post before this one.  Paddling, hiking, shopping, partying.

This morning I woke up with the cold.  We are both feeling pretty tired and crummy but we still have these batteries to deal with. 


battery problems and lobster 001


We install them and test them.  They are at 12.5.   They should be 13.5.  So we turn on the generator to charge them.  The output from the converter is right on the dot so we hope throwing money at this problem via these new batteries will solve it.


While David is working on this I go into Bar Harbor for some orange juice and other foods for colds like chicken noodle soup.  I pick up some Halls Echinachea and zinc tabs.  While there I also get that extra key for Winnona’s door so no one will be locked out again AND I pick up two sets of lobster tools since we have no idea what happened to ours.



battery problems and lobster 017


As the day goes along I am feeling worse and worse.  My cold has turned, as it usually does for me, into a chest condition with a TB sounding cough.  But it’s been so long since either of us has had a cold that I didn’t remember how bad the coughing was for me.  The most recent date on any cold medications I can find in Winnona is 2007.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had colds.


David’s immune system is holding its own.  We are thrilled with that.  He has a normal cold and no fever.  I’m the one with the fever.

By the end of the day I am pretty worn out and just don’t see how we can, in this condition move to Seawall for two more weeks of boondocking as much as I’d like to.


battery problems and lobster 016

We do manage to have lobster for dinner again though!   I mean there are some things you HAVE to do regardless of a cold.  Right??



I look sicker than he does I think.  But I’m still loving my lobster.  Thanks again to Al and Karen Phillips for such an easy dinner when we don’t feel well.  All we have to do is warm it up.

battery problems and lobster 021





We sleep on the idea of giving up Seawall and moving off the island to a private park where 6 of our friends have been for nearly 3 weeks. 


They like the park a lot and although it is not the sort of place we normally prefer to stay, it will simplify our lives tremendously to have full hook ups and easy phone and internet.

I call and cancel Seawall.  I call and reserve Narrows II.

I’m really sad to leave Blackwoods.  I have really loved being here.  But we have to leave tomorrow anyway, our two weeks is up.

I’m also sad to leave actually staying inside the Acadia National Park and on Mount Desert Island  but the private campgrounds on the island are out of our price range.  So we are moving to Narrows II which is in Trenton Maine just over the bridge to the island.  They have a one month special rate of $795 so we’ve extended our stay in the area by 2 weeks and that’s fine too since we are feeling so under the weather that we look forward to having more time here.  


It is definitely wonderful to be able to be flexible.  Life happens after all.

We decide to move today so we can have the whole day to do it rather than have to beat an 11:00 am deadline for check out tomorrow.  We are sleeping a lot trying to give our bodies the rest they need to fight these germs so getting up and at it and closing everything up after a two week stay is best done slowly over a day rather than in a rush tomorrow morning.


Narrows II  Campsite 003

And it does take us the entire day to do it.  We forfeit our Thursday night fee and move to Narrows Too arriving around 5:00.   David goes directly to the park.  I go by the post office in Bar Harbor to pick up our general delivery mail and then go by the Park Headquarters since, due to the sequester, mail is no longer delivered to the campgrounds and David’s most important medication is delivered to him overnight by Fed X each month. 

The folks at Narrows II give us spot 730 in the row right behind all our friends.   Everyone comes over to welcome us and wish us well battling these colds.


Narrows II  Campsite 001


The site is totally out in the open which will make for hotter days than we have had in the heavily forested Blackwoods but with electricity we will have air conditioning again.  Our site is on a bit of a rise and we can see a bit of Frenchman’s bay off in the distance.  The duckies like this view.

This place isn’t my first choice but easy is what we need now until we feel better. We have certainly been through a lot worse things than these recent woes.  They too will pass in time.  The best news is David’s immune system is working better than mine.  And we have great friends here whom we will get to see a lot more of now that we are right next door.

Good decision!!


  1. You are prolific lately, sick or not! Good to hear David's system is rallying.

  2. It is almost a sure thing-when one person gets a cold in an RV the other does too:(

  3. Oh, Sherry, I do hope you two feel better really soon. It is great to have friends around, and of course, hookups when it is hot and you just need to sleep and rest. I have to say I have so enjoyed the last few posts of your amazing adventures in Maine. Take care and get well soon!

  4. We're so glad to hear that David is doing well fighting his cold, sorry yours is knocking you off your pins. Hopefully the cold doesn't spread to the duckies, I don't think they'd be to thrilled to have to eat chicken soup... ;c)

  5. So glad you guys are taking it easy and resting...hope you get well soon...

  6. Sorry to hear you both have summer colds. They aren't fun in any season! Maybe lobster is the cure? :)

  7. Feel better you two! So sorry you are sick. Colds suck and summer colds are the worst! Rest, plenty of fluids, Zicam (works for me to shorten the cold). Take care-
    xxxooo Pam

  8. It is good to have A/C and know nothing has to be done, when you are sick. Like I said before, we did this in California when I came down with a bad Flu? Hope you both get well soon and then enjoy your friends.

  9. Smart move taking a whole day to pack when not feeling 100%. Glad David is fighting this cold even if you are not. But it's not forever and soon you'll be happily visiting with friends.

  10. Good decision indeed! That was one terrible sounding cough you had but you I heard that you're better now. See ya!

  11. Sorry to hear you two are under the weather, but to good to know that David's immune system is holding up. Lots of rest, chicken soup, and OJ for you, and you'll soon be back on those trails.

  12. boo hiss on the colds~ and yay for David's immune system! and well, sure it's a good decision ... you're freeeeeee ;)

    as regards the poor lobster... you eat out of its head? the whole lobster is edible? ew

    I used to love lobster tails with drawn butter ~ my favorite meal until I learned how they killed them. It was the first time I was in Maine when Joe had a business thing in Massachusetts ... $10 for a whole lobster! wow. almost 30 years ago.

    They really served the whole lobster. antennae and claws and a hammer and ... well, being the sophisticated people that we are? I thought this would be just the tail ... a $10 big ol pound tail.

    We .. well, that's one thing Joe and I have in common ... animals are our pals. Neither of us could hammer the thing... the waiter said he'd crack them open for us. oh, puhleeese... brought mine back and there was a light green mass on its back or stomach or? I said... what is it this please ... it's obviously spoiled.

    Oh! your lobster just ate! that's... whatever it was called ... a delicacy ..

    That was it for me brother...

  13. Lobster and Ice Cream seems to be the drug of choice;o)) Hope that cough takes a hike so you can go after a couple more mountains!!!

  14. Feel better soon! If anybody can get over an illness quickly, it's you. You guys do all the right things to help yourself get well. Take care and looking forward to more Bar Harbor and Acadia photos. I see you've extended two weeks, maybe you'll extend some more like we did...One week stretched into two, two into three, it was hard to leave!

  15. Sorry to hear you're both down, but at least David's immune system is working well. When I got sick a few months ago, and spent the night coughing, I knew Al was doomed to get my cold. Rv's are just too small to get away from it. I hadn't had a cold for years and years and had forgotten how miserable they were. Al swears by Oil of Oregano, but I prefer Echinachea with Goldenseal. I hit those hard for a day or two and my cold was gone quickly.

    Now that you've extended you time, you can take off a day or two to pamper yourselves, and now at least you have some friends to run out and get you some chicken soup.

  16. Feel better soon. So glad David's immune system is holding.

  17. Sorry you didn't get to stay in the park another 2 weeks but it will be nice to be closer to friends. I'm sure once you get over your colds you will have a great time there!

  18. I agree it was a good decision to move! And you have more time in the area without battery worries :) Boy does that lobster look good!! I hope the colds are long gone and stay gone! Nice work award for Dad's immune system!!

  19. Sorry to hear that you're both under the weather ... moving was the right decision ... you need to take it easy and an FHU campground will make it that much easier.


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