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What to Do with Your Older Brother When He Comes for a Visit

Wednesday October 29- Saturday November 1, 2014
Greenfield Mountain Farm




This is an instructive post on what to do with your older brother when he comes for a visit.  The short answer, work him to death.

David’s brother Roger came for a visit and David put him right to work.   They worked on Winnona’s TV together.  They picked it out and did the plans for the framing, the installation and the woodwork trim to cover up the gaps.


This is the before picture.




David removed the “housing” before Roger arrived.  I actually think it looks a lot better this way but it’s still too heavy.




If you recall from a previous post, this is what it looked like once Crutchfield took out the TV and recycled it.





Before Roger arrived,  David had to use his sawzall with a steal cutting blade to cut off the old frame where it was mounted to one of ceiling bows. 


Here’s the dynamic duo working on the framing after they picked out  the 32” 1080P smart TV.
Why we need this given the almost zero amount of television watching we do I didn’t even ask.




Tools everywhere for days.





Gotta deal with all that wiring.



Trying the new TV out.  Will it fit?



Guess so!



Darn I forgot to take the picture showing that it actually works!

Roger left before all the trim was completed so I didn’t get a picture of the two of them with the finished product.   So here’s David with their handiwork.    Looks great!  I tried every angle to get a good close shot of the trim work but nothing worked so you’ll have to take my word for it.  Winnona shed in excess of 50 pounds here.  She’s very happy.  That’s some weight loss over less than 3 days. 

I wasn’t able to find any posts for David showing how to do this upgrade and unfortunately we’re perpetuating that situation.   I apologize for the lack of the wonderful detailed “how to do it” pictures and text that some very kind bloggers put up to show others how to make various upgrades.   I know nothing and David said he didn’t have the time to do this post and that he didn’t take the necessary detailed pictures because the project was “taking long enough as it was”.  I get the feeling he’s glad this one is finished.





He wanted to move right along.  So if the TV replacement wasn’t enough, they then moved on to replacing a section of the fence around the yard which once upon a time kept horses and burros in the field and out of the yard.  Doesn’t do much for deer or groundhogs unfortunately.   Happily for the guys, a trip to the building supply store is in order.  This is like a toy store for men. 




Mostly I think Roger got to help rip out the old fencing and dig post holes.   Doubt he liked that as well as the supply store trip.  But he’s a really good sport.   Of course he’s also the man who drives from his home in Maryland to Texas and cleans out and organizes his daughters’ garages.





They did get the first 6 out of 10 posts in the ground before Roger left on Saturday.   That was a big help to David.






David finished the fencing doing the last 4 posts, putting up all the boards and facings and cutting the tops off all the posts.





And look at it now.  Wish I had a “before” picture to show the dramatic change.   Thanks for your help Roger!!









Also during this time we got the results back from David’s first round of new treatment.  It wasn’t what we’d hoped for.  The new drug only moved his M-Spike down by less than a quarter of a point.  His last infusions in 2012, before the stem cell transplant, cut the number in half every 3 weeks from 4.2 down to .3.  

BUT the bright side is the M-spike didn’t go up and that’s a good thing.  The treatment will continue to see whether the myeloma will continue to go down or reorganize and come roaring back up.  Thanks to the Florida Cancer Center network of clinics, we will be able to go to Florida where David can get his infusions at many offices around the state.  The longest drive to reach one of the centers from the park we will be in is the first one at 100 miles one way.  

We won’t know for months whether he will be able to travel anywhere else other than Florida and Virginia.  It will all depend on whether this treatment will lower the number enough so that he can be moved off of infusions to oral medications.  Florida is the only state I know of with a network that will allow you to get infusions in multiple places.

And so, it is moving toward time for David to get back on the road and away from all this work although he protests that he really enjoys doing it.

Work is not all he does when he’s back at the farm and the next two posts will show some of his other fun.


  1. How nice of your brother to come visit and help with the projects. The TV looks nice, and you'll probably enjoy it, even though you don't watch much Tv.

    Glad to hear you will be able to come to Florida for the winter. There are certainly worse places.

  2. Glad to hear that you guys had help to do some of the chores around the farm. TV looks nice!

  3. That what I call a good brother. Who is going to paint all that fence?I am sorry the test was not what you were hoping for but like you said at least it wasn't worse. And being being able to go back to Florida for the winter is a blessing.

  4. That TV looks GREAT!! What a wonderful job! To say nothing of the fence....

  5. Get all those "JOBS" done so you can play when you get to Florida:o)) The TV really does look great and Winnona is smiling at her recent weight loss!!!

  6. now THAT is a great brother. . .I'm lucky enough to have one like that too!

    Great job guys. . .

  7. Now tell David that you want either a Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player (abt $35) or a Roku HDMI Streaming Stick (abt $50) so that YOU can stream your pictures from your computer to the new TV (or, as you know, you can just get a HDMI cord, but we do that and it is never fun to plug in). Looks like they had a good time together....family is always nice when they visit, sometimes better when they leave (but it did not appear to be the latter with any of your recent visitors!) --Dave (GoingRvWay.com -- not swallowed up by the sinkhole yet)

  8. David and his brother did a beautiful job on the fence. I like to wander around hardware stores and even browse sections that I don't even know anything about, such as plumbing. It's been a while since I've been in a bldg. supply store, but they are fun too.

    I have to admit that I have been watching a lot more tv than I usually do, but with feeling bad for over a month it kept my mind occupied. I still have the old style TV (no flat screen or HD for me) and prefer it to those giant flat screens. My eyes can only see so much at a time anyway!

  9. David and Roger are certainly talented and how nice is it that you don't have to pay someone else to do this work? The tv and the fence both look great!

  10. That new TV certainly modernized Winnona! What a great brother to come for a visit and work the whole time.
    So glad you will get to go to FL this winter.

  11. Great job on the TV! That's the same TV we have :)

    How nice of Roger to come and let you guys work his tail off :)

    Fingers crossed for David...travel safely to Florida. Where will you be staying?

  12. A handy pair of brothers to have around and I'm sure a nice visit for all, even with all the work.

    Glad to hear you two can travel to Florida for the winter. I'm sure you have, or are working on, a plan.

  13. Thank you - what a wonderful post to remember and celebrate the visit of my GREAT brother Roger! He is slightly older than I am but you would never know by his energy and enthusiasm. Full of great ideas too. We have a younger brother, and he is great too, but more as entertainer. He has no acquaintance with tools or fixing anything, but we love him just the same. Now if we can just find something worth watching ...

  14. The TV replacement looks great, it is one of the cleanest one I've seen, and I've been looking at a lot, because my TV is on its last legs. Many of the replacements have to modify trim around the TV, and often looks pretty ugly. I give David and his brother two thumbs up on a great upgrade. I hope I can match their craftsmanship when my TV's time comes.

    So David's numbers are going up, maybe not as fast as you'd like, but there is lots of room for optimism. Thank goodness he'll at least be able to travel and Florida is not a bad place to be restricted to, especially in winter. :c)

  15. Helpful brothers are nice to have around, as I so clearly know.

  16. Looks like the boys had a good time and worked hard! That was very helpful of Roger. The TV and fence look great. So new and neat looking. I am thankful for Florida and all their parks and making travel (at least there) possible for you & Dad as things continue to be figured out. Sun, sand, ocean, gulf, mangrove...Florida has so many regions; you could almost think you were in different states. Can't wait to visit you there in just over a month!!

  17. Great to see some of the modifications that are being made to your home and home on wheels. I too have a little Tv.... 24 inch and I got one with a built in DVD player. I'm not sure if I have ever watched tv on it.... but to enjoy DVD's from time to time. We purchase old TV series & documentaries. (Pawn shops are great places to look for sets or new or used off of Amazon. Dang..... I wish the news was better on Davids health. I am happy that you both will at least basking in Florida for the winter and that Carri will be able to spend some time with you!! I can see you now on beaches, beaches beaches!!!

  18. I have been in the position of being the older brother put to work!

  19. I am glad you will be able to be in Florida for the winter. I live here year round, but winter is my favorite time of year.

  20. Great job on the TV & fence, nice to have a can do brother come visit.
    Do you have one of those easy to attach Digital antenna to put on top of your RV one?

  21. I guess those little home projects do have be completed. How nice that David has his brother to help...great bonding!! I love the new TV!!

    How nice that you will be able to spend the winter in FL and David can still get his treatments:) Thinking of the two of you.

  22. Have to say it doesn't seem like work to me to be doing things with my younger brother. And Sherry is right - multiple trips to our favorite lumberyards and hardware stores. Plus he is a really good cook and mixes up some terrific meals. A little beer in the evening and time to reminisce - what more could you ask for? We even watched some movies and documentaries. Just wish we'd taken a picture of the fence rails and posts all loaded on David's pickup - that was a Rube Goldberg arrangement for sure.

  23. My dad used to invite me and the ex out to his place for "fun work", and now I share the tradition with the boys (and their fiancé's recently). I think it contributes to their enthusiasm for our pending lifestyle change :-) - even if the RV needs work, we'll likely be too far away to call on them! Fence posts - arghhh! Unless the ground is free of rock and root and clay, that is just the worst job! It looks great and I'm sure David is very happy the project is done!! Even if you never watch the new tv, Winona will just feel "lighter and smoother" with that bulk gone. How serendipitous that the state you were planning to visit is the one who can accommodate the treatment.......life is good.

  24. Home and RV projects are much more fun when shared with family and friends who enjoy working together! Roger sounds like a great guy, and he and David are certainly talented. We're happy to hear that David's numbers have improved and are really happy to hear that you'll be able to travel to Florida for the winter, enjoying all of the kayaking, beaches, and nature that you love. Wish we were going to be there to explore with you.

  25. Well I know they had a good time! Was lucky enough to call David when Roger was there and they sounded like they both were enjoying themselves.They both are so good at fixing things,that is a real blessing Glad they had the time to enjoy being together before David left again.

  26. Nice job on the TV and fence, Dave always seems to be the one asked to do those kind of jobs when we are around my folks house.

  27. Hey, we should try to get together while you are here!!! How long before you leave? Better leave soon, it's getting COLD!


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