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Henry David Thoreau

MiD WinTeR CrAZy WeAtHeR

Today the news was all about
 the blizzard
of 2011 hitting Chicago.
Now I know from experience
in one of the California earthquakes
 that the weather persons
e x a g g e r a t e
in order to create news. 
I guess a worried public
is more likely to watch and listen to them. 
 are they just in the business of spreading fear?

It did strike me as
that there was a blizzard in Chicago
and we were having
66 degree temperatures

 But that’s what this day is


  half way between
winter and spring 
Winter Solstice
Spring Equinox.
It’s an ancient Pagan Holiday
known under many names
(Imbolc, Candlemas)
until it was turned into
Groundhog Day here
where that poor furry critter
gets rudely awakened
and dangled around
by his rough. 
(Where is PITA in all this??)
That’s how most folks know MidWinter now.
But I digress…….
under whatever name,
the days are getting longer
is rising earlier
there is just
more light
and today the temperatures are down right
Time to

I am SO ready for spring.  
I don’t need much of an excuse to


and this gorgeous day was a good one. 
Especially since just
4 days ago
this is what it looked like around here.
Crazy Weather…..
Snow on the 28th of January
and 66 degrees on the 2nd of February

To start my celebration,
I had…..
YOU guessed it
Choc chip pancakes

And then
time to GET OUTside
and enjoy these temperatures
So I spent time outside
cutting back my poor ferns.
Their foster mother had taken
not so good care
of them for 9 weeks. 
When I gave them to her
they would hardly fit in the car they
were so BIG and full.
NOW look!

Pretty certain she managed to
 kill one
and severely wound the other.  
I’ve had these ferns for 30 years mind you
and they were cuttings taken from ferns
in my great aunt’s house
since the 1930’s
so they are pretty special to me.    
one appears to be going to make
it after 2 months of
loving care and attention
Take a look at those little shoots just giving it
 their all.
Look closely, there is a fiddle head in the back.

There will definitely not be an adoption in the future

Will I be the only one with
a fern
in her rig?

Winnona will love it!!.

what I really needed to be doing
was sorting and packing inside,
it was just too beautiful outside
and besides
I was celebrating RIGHT?  

So I also pruned back the huge hydrangeas
they will bloom like crazy

as they do every year

Even though I will NOT be here to see them. 
I’ll enjoy the thoughts of them.

I got the home made Danish
from Foods of All Nations

that is always
part of the
 Midwinter Day

It’s a great tradition

Mother Nature
out did herself
the entire day
with such glorious temperatures
and this wonderful sunset.

It was just the up lift I needed
to get me back on track
and banish those winter blues.

Hope your Midwinter Day was worth celebrating
even if it brought you a blizzard. 
Snow is beautiful if you only have to
 at it
so do just that.

By staying off the roads
and leaving the shoveling
 until later!!
What can it hurt?

Just curious,
do any of you bring plants
or only animal pets
along with you on the road??

What did you do to celebrate this
Exact half way point between
Winter and Spring?


  1. I have a pothos plant that you can't kill. You can forget to water it for weeks and weeks and it just hangs in there. I had to leave a plant that had grown into a tree (I forget the name of it now) back in Indiana. It killed me to do it! I had that plant/tree through years of pain, several moves and divorce. It was a part of me. No room for it in the RV....I had fresh herbs growing in the window sill for awhile. I did kill those..sigh!

  2. We carried around a coconut til we figured out how to crack it, does that count. I would definitely make room for fresh herbs. Perhaps the dashboard might be willing to be the greenhouse??

    I celebrated by WORKING...UGH that is an ugly word. It has been raining here since Tuesday...I would love to see the SUN! Thanks for sharing yours :o)))

    Keep sorting and tossing...


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