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Overnight at Walkabout

Monday January 2, 2012
Walkabout Camp & RV Park Site B16
Woodbine Georgia


After our first 205 mile day we left Zooland in North Carolina
and drove another 200 miles on Monday to spent the
night at Jolly Acres RV Resort just outside St. George, South Carolina.
It was a fine overnight.
$17.12 for Full Hook Ups and only 5 easy miles from I 95.
We didn’t stay long enough to walk
any of the trails in their 200 wooded acres,
but we did hear hunters in the morning about 6am when
shots rang out multiple times over the next half hour. 
We also heard a train go by at about 10pm.
But heard no more over night.
The sleeping was good and quiet. 
Ask David he slept over 9 hours.


This morning, we pulled out of Jolly Acres just after 9am.
By 12:30 we’d gone 188 miles and pulled in to
Walkabout Camp and RV Park in Woodbine, Georgia.

Our spot is the picture in Winnona’s current location.
Here are the Duckies’ views.
Moby’s brother Handy
(remember him from the Duckie family gathering?)
decided he’d better come along just in case we need
another guy with a tool belt. 
Here they are enjoying the dashboard views.


Walk About Jan 2 029


This is an excellent overnight spot
and if it wasn’t going to be so cold tonight
and not get very warm tomorrow,
we’d probably stay another day
to do some kayaking on the Crooked River. 
The park has a very nice kayak launch

Walk About Jan 2 010


and some lovely wood and water views.


Walk About Jan 2 015 


Walk About Jan 2 014

Walk About Jan 2 011


I really enjoyed being out west last summer but this is the country of my heart  with such great wetlands and water.



Walk About Jan 2 009









Walkabout is a Passport America Park.
Full hook ups for $16.50. 
Less than a mile off I-95 but there was almost no interstate noise
probably due to the woods and the water.


Just before dark, Handy and Moby told us
to check out who’d moved into the row in front of us.

Walk About Jan 2 018 







Walk About Jan 2 019A


It’s Winnona’s twin. 
What fun!!
Hope we can meet her driver tomorrow
before they skedaddle out of here.




But the most fun thing about Walkabout
is  the very competent young lady who checked me in.


This is Kaitlyn Kilner who greeted me from behind the counter. 
She showed me how to fill out the registration card,
handled my mastercard transaction perfectly,
gave me a map and directions to the site
and was, in sum, one of the most efficient check in persons I’ve encountered in nearly 2 years on the road. 

Walk About Jan 2 022

She’s 12 years old and completely competent as the desk manager.
When I came in there wasn’t an adult in sight and she needed no help.
This little gal has a brilliant future ahead of her I’d say.

So if you are going down I 95, north or south and
need a place to stay in Georgia, stop in to
Walkabout and say Hi to Kaitlyn.
Tell her Sherry sent you!


  1. Great water photos. Sure hope it is warm enough for a nice kayak trip:o))

  2. What a nice thing to say about a cute little girl. She has a beautiful smile.

    Have fun, hope it's not too cold there, I know there is a bit of a cold snap a-comin!

  3. Wetlands are the BOMB! (except for the mosquitoes :( ) I'll keep Kaitlyn in mind if I'm ever in that neck of the woods. :)

  4. You have a knack for finding really nice, inexpensive places to stay. Now, you've even thrown in competent help! Looks like an excellent place.

  5. I thought Wanda took a trip without us for a minute there! Nice to see ya on the road again.

  6. Handy is a good fella to have around an RV. Carries his own duck tape.

  7. We're so happy to see you back on the road again and finding these great campgrounds. I'm updating my list.

    Nice to see Handy on the job, hope you don't need his help. Maybe by sitting up on the dash, he can scare off Murphy... ;c)

  8. yep we stayed there over Halloween and loved meeting the family that runs the park... it is an excellent place for a few days stay...

  9. Some of the "adult" desk people we've met could sure take a lesson or two from that young lady.

  10. Kaitlyn is so cute!! Did you get to meet the driver of Winnona's twin? Beautiful water pics.

  11. Thanks for the tip about Kaitlyn! Love to see young people in the "real" world getting skills and feeling competent! Kids like that learn early they can do anything!


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