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Fun in the waves

Saturday May 26 & Sunday May 27, 2012
Oscar Scherer State Park Site 89
Osprey, Florida


What?  Another beach blog? 

Yup another one.  I apologize to those who didn’t say they were missing the water.  These are the last two days before returning to medical life so I want to be in the water and lucky for me the waves in the gulf are uncharacteristically up both days.


David is set up for relaxing in his chair

David in his chair


There are few things I like better than jumping in  and riding on the waves.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 015


But since I don’t have the sun avoid attire I mentioned in the previous blog and about which there was sadly not one comment or suggestion (guess it wasn’t such a good idea after all), I can’t stay out playing too long or I’ll get too much sun.  Serious bummer for me.


Nokomis Sat & Sun 003


So here I am watching other folks who care less about sun and shamu of course who doesn’t have to be concerned at all.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 030


Nokomis Sat & Sun 025


The Memorial Day sundown party gets into full swing about 7:00. 

Red, white and blue are popular colors and the flags are being waved and worn.  Multiple jingle skirts in every picture I take. The jingle skirt lady whose picture was in the last post is making some money this evening.


Nokomis Sat & Sun 039


Nokomis Sat & Sun 047

Nokomis Sat & Sun 063 

Drummers and dancers as usual.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 052

Nokomis Sat & Sun 057


Here’s a good shot of the jingle skirt and top over swim suit attire.


Nokomis Sat & Sun 064



Another beautiful sunset, this one over the waves of the gulf.


Nokomis Sat & Sun 075


Nokomis Sat & Sun 080


Nokomis Sat & Sun 086


Nokomis Sat & Sun 069 

These two were swimming in the gulf as the sun set.  They came out later to watch the after dark party.  Seemed sweet to me.  Remember those days???

Nokomis Sat & Sun 102


On Sunday I am back in the early morning.

Same spot as usual but there are more people than on the week days. 


Nokomis Sat & Sun 120


I notice this group of older couples.  Quite a contrast from last night’s moonlight swimmers as the men gather in one group and the women in another to chat while standing in the water.  I am amazed at how long they are out there just standing and talking.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 111


Someone has been watching the weather forecast and knows about the winds so they’ve come prepared with wind sox.  They look quite festive. 

Nokomis Sat & Sun 116


Back in the waves I go. 

Still no sun block attire.  But lots of company.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 136 


The flag changes from Green to Yellow.  More caution needed the lifeguard thinks.


 Nokomis Sat & Sun 162



Nokomis Sat & Sun 159


The waves seem fine to me green flag or yellow.

 Nokomis Sat & Sun 138


In fact, they seem beautiful.  I had no idea the waves could be so terrific in the Gulf.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 163


Ducks love water!

I can’t stay in the water as long as I’d like.  Have to get out of the sun.  Next thing I know, I’m up relaxing on the shore and off go the Duckie Brothers.


Nokomis Sat & Sun 153A


The waves seem fine for me but look like a bit much for Moby and Handy.  Although Moby does have his sunglasses and boogie board, Handy is rather weighted down with his tool belt.


Nokomis Sat & Sun 148


They are quick to remind me that they are DUCKS and ducks can handle water.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 154A


But just as I suspect, Handy gets bowled over by a wave. 

Nokomis Sat & Sun 156


Time to come out of the water boys.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 168


The winds pick up even more. 

We are hungry.  Time to go.
As we leave, I get this shot of a sailboat working its way against the wind and waves.  So long Nokomis beach.  Hope it won’t be TOO long before I can come back again.

Nokomis Sat & Sun 172


  1. I hope so too! It looks like you had some nice beach days and no, the gulf isn't normally that rough.

  2. Nice day and night at the beach. Best wishes for your upcoming week!

  3. Sherry, thank goodness you and David aren't land locked somewhere--you can at least get a respite from the medical stuff. I'm hoping you meant you have one more day, in which case I look forward to ANOTHER beach blog! I say go for your sun block outfit--as long as you have fun.

    When Susan, Jack, and I were down on Dauphine Island, the waves were higher than we had ever seen them in the gulf. They were curling and crashing right over his head and he loved it (made me nervous).

    Keep us posted through the medical days, and I hope you get back to the surf, soon.

    1. Love reading your comments Hobopals. Jack's the man if he loves waves crashing over his head. He can come beaching with me any time.

  4. I love it when the Gulf produces waves. Just don't like blowing sand in the face! Your pictures are beautiful! So glad you have a time to refresh and relax.

    1. These were some of those great days with terrific waves but no blowing sand. I'm so glad you like the pictures. I love reading your comments Nan.

  5. Hi Sherry,

    I have been reading your adventures for a while, first time commenting! My husband and I are planning on going on the full-time RV lifestyle soon, working in different places around the country. Yaay!

    Regarding UV protection, one of my favorite sports attire companies, Athleta, has several UV protection rashgards/coverups, like this one: http://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=53515&vid=1&pid=215066 Athleta makes clothing only for women, so you know it will fit well!


    1. Welcome Danielle, I'm thrilled that you've come out of the lurkedom to comment. Congratulations on your up full time status. It is just the best if you don't get waylaid by the unexpected. Thanks so much for this suggestion. I love staying out in the water but sunscreen just doesn't stay on in the water no matter what they say. So 50SPF clothing may be the answer except for the face problem. Hope I'll hear from you again.

  6. Oh, Mr. Handy, the Gulf waters will rust your tools! Moby Duck is better suited to the waves. I guess it's his name.

    My only sun-avoid-apparel suggestion is a full coat of zinc oxide.

    1. I might have to take a loan to cover myself in zinc oxide but that would no doubt do it. Until of course they find out that zinc oxide causes cancer or hideous growths or something.

      Yes Handy was very careless about his tools. You should have seen Moby laughing with his board under his arm.

  7. those r great sunset/wave shots!! AND i thought the full body/face cover-up would cut down on the 'freedom' of being at the beach :)

    1. Thanks Luci for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I guess if I were a bare all type it might cut down on the freedom. :-) I was just thinking of a way to keep the sun off my face as I'm floating along since sunscreen doesn't work so well in the water. Plus I often wonder what all that oil does to the water with thousands of us lathering up and then jumping in.

  8. Ahhhh...thanks for my daily beach fix! Much appreciated! We woke up to a temp of 49 degrees today! I have on my flannel! Dan's family thinks I am nuts. ;-)

    1. Whoaaah....49. That would make it hard to jump out of bed and run outside. I'm for flannels at that temp too. Although........right now it sounds pretty good as compared with 78 at 6:30am.

      I'm so glad you are appreciating the beach blogs. It's nice to know I'm not boring everyone to death. I hope to be able to go one more time before I am totally grounded during the transplant and recovery.

  9. Have you tried the new SPF 100? Maybe that would be enough to keep you safe. I don't know. I'd have the same problem at the beach. Its waves seduce me and I never want to leave!

    1. Haven't tried SPF 100. 60 is the most I've seen. It would have to be 100% waterproof though wouldn't it if I was to just slather it on my face and go floating in the gulf for an hour or so?? Sounds like we have some beachy attitudes in common. The waves were amazing for the gulf. No floating along those days.

  10. I can just imagine being there, toes in the sand, listening to the waves crash, the gulls cry, and the people yakking. The water looks inviting.

    1. I wish you were right here Laurie. Hope you'll be coming this way when your count down is over. The water is seductive for sure.

  11. Ditto Danielle. She is spot on. I’ve quite a few Athleta rash guards with various sleeve lengths. Board shorts and bike shorts are helpful. Shebeest makes wonderful swim attire, and even LandsEnd, (available at Sears nowadays) has good stuff. You might hit the sales after the 4th and find some goodies.
    The only sunscreen that stays on during water sports is Bullfrog. Love the stuff. You don’t need the super high SPF’s, they cost more and are more toxic. The 30-50 variety does fine if you reapply. And zinc oxide is the only thing you should put on your lips. It’s actually safe and non-toxic, or so they claim.
    Our Gulf has many colors, temperatures and moods. Sometimes you can even surf!

    1. Thanks for the second Mary. I'm definitely going to look into both of your suggestions. I don't really need a new suit, I'm happy with my speedos. I just need something to enable me to stay in the water for long periods of time without worrying. That's why I was thinking, long sleeves, long pants and a face mask. I'd look pretty strange but I could float away.

      The Gulf is definitely gorgeous! A pat, an ear scratch and a big kiss to Duke!!

  12. Beautiful day at the beach. We are still have very strong winds...so strong you can't get in the ocean...RED FLAG;o(( So we are enjoying our beach fix through your blog. I did get a long walk, but not water time;o( Hopefully tomorrow it will subside and we can hit the waves!!!

    1. We had a lot of rain here today too. Probably a red flag day but it does seem like the bulk of the storm is on the east coast. SO glad you are enjoying my beach time. I am very happy to oblige and love having you with me! Even better would be you in person.

  13. There can never be too many beach blogs, Sherry. You've got me pining for waves. Love it!

    1. Thanks Pam. I'm glad to hear you like the beach posts. I love your comments. Wish you could run on down to Virginia Beach and get some waves yourself.

  14. Great wave and sun pictures! These beach blogs are fun because of your commentaries on people and their proclivities. :) Makes me miss the water too!

  15. Handy wasn't thinking to take his tools in the surf, but he did have the right idea to get in the water and play anyway. Way to go Handy, some things are more important than those soon to be rusty tools. ;)

  16. Looks like you have really been taking advantage of the beach and the waves. Glad you are making sure not to spend too much time in the sun. The sunset festivites look like lots of fun. Love the jingle skirts!

    Kevin and Ruth

  17. Count me in as never getting tired of your beach blogs. Love all the pics of the sand and surf, blue skies, sail boats, and of course the sunsets -- simply beautiful! When do we get to see a picture of you in a jingle skirt? ;-)


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