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Springs and Shells

Sunday June 10 - Tuesday June 12, 2012
Oscar Scherer State Park Site 89
Osprey, Florida



Today is moving day.  We’ve been at Lithia Springs for 14 days so we have to move out. We aren’t really much in the mood for it especially after the weather has cleared up and we’d like to get out on the river.  So we didn’t get things ready last night.  And we do decide to replace the broken spring and its mate before we leave.   So here’s a quick primer in jack spring replacement.   These are the sorts of things David loves to do.  The ones he can do himself and they aren’t too difficult.


Saturday 064


David gets the tools and a plan for getting under the coach given its GREAT parallel parking job right next to the fence so we can have the best view of the river.  He really can put this rig anywhere he wants it. 

But you would know that the spring which breaks wouldn’t be on the EASY to get to side.


I raise the jacks and he uses a crowbar to get this one all the way up.

Saturday 069

one old one off, one old one still on

Saturday 071


He gets them both off using a very large old wooden screwdriver.

Saturday 074


The spring has been dipped in epoxy, can you see it?

Saturday 075

That’s great for sealing it from rust but the coils have to be separated.

Saturday 079

Ok so now let’s get this new one on.
Sorry for the bald head glare.  J


Saturday 083

Very big wooden handled screwdriver makes this easier.  One on, one to go

Saturday 090


Saturday 095

Two new springs!  And we have another “spare” set Just in case.

Saturday 098


Even with the “repair”, we are still out of the site by the noon deadline though we have yet to visit the dump station or the parking lot to put the dolly on the RV and the car on the dolly.   At the dump station I decide to try a new tank cleaning process in hopes that I might be able to clean our sensors.  It really is nice to know whether your tanks are half full or more especially with boondocking.  Our black tank always says full and the gray always says 2/3rds full.

So we empty both tanks, put 10 gallons of water back in each one along with 4 Caps of Calgon and 2 Calgon Caps of Dawn dishwashing liquid.   I’ve read various versions of this technique on several forums and thought we might as well give it a try. According to the instructions, you then drive 350 miles but I’d have to be Paul Dahl to do that.  This is only a 70 mile drive but it is what it is.  And it’s nearly 1:00 by the time we are actually going over the last speed bump on our way out of the park.  If you have tanks sensors that don’t work and have been able to fix that some way, please let me know


Nokomis Beach Tuesday 061

We are going to Oscar Scherer again for our last trip to the beach before the transplant. 

When we pull in, there are very few people in the park.  Gee I wonder why?  Temperature at 92 degrees maybe??   But we are able to get site 89 again with its river front view.  Can you see the river here??




Wednesday inside 003


I set up my laptop in the passenger’s seat so I can work on the blog and look out the window.  Very cool!  I can read the comments and look out the window at the river.






I’m up this morning running and it is HOT and humid and I can hardly wait to get back and have some breakfast and leave for the beach.  But lots of “business” gets in the way and we don’t get there until about 3 and only stay for a couple of hours but tomorrow is a different plan.




Oscar Scherer 022

FINALLY, a beautiful blue sky puffy white cloud day!  HOT but no rain in sight.

 Oscar Scherer 016


And warm warm warm gulf waters to swim in.  With just the right size waves.  Sure am glad we could come for this one last week.

Oscar Scherer 038A



Today David has to drive back to Brandon for a medical appointment.  We had intended to move this one but because he is at the end of the induction phase of treatment and has to have an infusion of zometa it became too hard to do.  So rather than cancel the week at the beach, we decide that 65 miles isn’t too far to drive for the morning’s appointment with his Hematologist Dr. David Wright and for this bone strengthening drug.   Most myeloma patients have terrible problems with bone lesions and pain.  David has had none of this so far and we want to keep it that way.  I volunteer to drive him but he says he is feeling well enough to go alone.


When we are near a beach I usually get up early and go straight to the shore for the morning and come back for lunch.  This is on the days I don’t have to run first thing to avoid the heat.  So David drops me off at Nokomis Beach at 8am and goes on to Brandon.

Here’s what I find when I get here.   SIGH………just beautiful!

Nokomis Beach Tuesday 002


I set up my spot.  I don't put the umbrella up YET and start off to walk the detritus line and enjoy the shells.

Nokomis Beach Tuesday 016



Nokomis Beach Tuesday 047



Nokomis Beach Tuesday 004


Nokomis Beach Tuesday 012


Nokomis Beach Tuesday 005A


Rather than swim to the buoy this morning I try running parallel to the shore in the water.  I run south maybe half a mile and back.  Later in the morning I run north a little further and back.  It sure beats running on pavement.  My knees love it and the view is WAY better.  I like this form of exercise.

I run, read, check blog comments on my phone (yes I’m addicted to your comments) and repeat.

About noon David calls and says he is on his way back.  He comes down and we have our lunch on the shore and stay another couple of hours.   He gets in the water with his kayak hat on.  He’s a real fashionista for sure.  But the hat actually doesn’t look too bad on him.  He kind of blends in with the fishermen and for a man as sick as he is, he’s looking pretty good.  Hope the zometa doesn’t ZAP his energy for tomorrow.  We’ll see.


Nokomis Beach Tuesday 056


Nokomis Beach Tuesday 059


  1. Sure hope the beach soothes the soul and restores you both! I would never tire of the beach! And, I love love love looking for shells! You both look content at the beach!

  2. Lookin' GOOD David!! Love the shell shots!! Only found two shells on the Oregon Bch and some agates, good agates tho!!!

  3. I love your shell pictures!! You're right. David DOES look good for all he's been through. I'm glad you get to do your week before the surgery at the beach.

  4. Great to see you guys back at the beach enjoying beautiful sunny blue skies. Hope the rain continues to hold off for you. Love all the pretty shells.

    No need to apologize for the bald head glare. There's plenty of that around here too. :-)

  5. I love it here in the mountains but your shells made me a teeny tiny bit homesick..just for a second :-). Enjoy your beach days!

  6. it is a good thing that you are at the beach. I think God made beaches for soothing our souls. You and David are in my prayers.

  7. Love the shell pictures! You are over 90 degrees, and we are hoping to break 60! Enjoy the beach!

  8. David looks great, Sherry! That he had the energy to fix the springs, drove himself to his appointment, and enjoys the beach is an indication of what good shape he's in.

    I had a friend many years ago who had the passion for the beach that you have. She could spend 365 days per week weather permitted. I like the beach in the cool weather-to walk on or sit and read, and love the beach at night. I was raised on an island, but I was more intrigued by the docks and crabbing, etc.

    I remember Rich running on the beach. He said it bothered his hip because of the slant so I guess it differs with each beach. He ran 6 miles every day. You (like he was) are very disciplined. I remember when he'd train for races, he'd tell me he was tired of the same old route from the house and would ask me to drive him 10 miles out so he could run home. The first time I did it, I truly realized just how far 10 miles is and my mind couldn't fathom running that far. Home he came, however, with a smile on his face. And, I breathed a sigh of relief.

  9. Been years since I was on an ocean beach. Looks wonderful. You guys have a great week.

  10. You both look so much better! And Sherry, you even sound better :) A little more chipper, a little more at peace, totally enjoying your surroundings. Hope your entire week is as good as this day.

  11. Now I probably would have spent the entire time at the beach sifting through the shells. Simple pleasures for simple minds I guess. :) I'm looking for forward to finding some nice treasures when I get to Pea Island in August. Maybe with my new aircard, I can split the time between there and Alligator River. When I was there in '07 I found a very large shell that I use as a soap dish at the bathroom sink. I think it's time for a new one!

    I hope you both enjoy your week at the beach! :)

  12. I'm encouraged that David feels good enough for now to do repairs & drive for the treatment. You both look good, and upbeat! Enjoy that beach...it soothes the soul!

    1. Nice job David did on the spirngs, I never saw that technique before, it is so much simpler than putting shims between the springs to lengthen them.

      Glad to see David feeling well to drive to his appointment. He looks great in that picture, are those six packs??? Be careful showing him off on the beach, he'll be chased by all those bikini clad ladies... ;c)

  13. So glad to know you are enjoying the beach. David looks good and the hat is PERFECT;o))

  14. 'Bout time you had one of your kind of days! Even if you did have to put on new springs. Glad to see the two of you out enjoying a great place! I like David's hat. He is lookin' good! Wonderful shell pictures.

  15. Glad you got some sun this week to enjoy your last week at the beach. Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing.

  16. Great picture of Dad :) Lookin' good! The beach pictures came out great too, especially the shells. How beautiful that beach is. Lucky you!

  17. Glad you went to the beach before the transplant ordeal. I know you really enjoy it. Glad David is feeling well enough to do that macho stuff. Looking good Dave (better then in high school). Lol


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