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Another Wednesday

Wednesday June 13, 2012
Oscar Scherer State Park Site 89
Osprey, Florida


Whew is it hot……..

I wake up before sunrise and cannot believe it is 75 degrees.  I drag myself outside and start my jog around the park.  Today I am wearing only a running bra and my shorts. No one is out but me and it is TOO HOT for a shirt.

I’m wrung out when I finish and have used up all my energy.  David is having a bad day.  Yesterday’s zometa left him with difficulty sleeping last night and major fatigue today.   We do a lot of nothing.  I struggle to post a blog about the past 3 days and David naps. 



The day is slipping away from me.


It’s time to do the 6 month changing of all the water filters.  So I drive a couple of miles north of the park to pick up a new outdoor spigot filter and a few other items we need including some cocoa butter for David’s feet and hands which are showing more signs of peripheral neuropathy. 


Now some lunch and then the beach.


Wednesday  beach & water filter 003


I return and fix us some lunch.  Around 2:00 I head over to the beach.  David naps again.  As usual the beach is wonderful.  It Hot hot hot and humid everywhere else.  Enough to just melt you almost instantly.  But here at the beach the breeze is cool and the water refreshing.  That’s my cockeyed self portrait sitting in my chair with my beach hat on just after coming in from a great time in the waves.  I wish I could just throw up a tent, sleep right here and never leave.


Wednesday  beach & water filter 022



Burying my feet  in the sand gives them a 100% SPF reading.  That sun is surely powerful.





I’ve always been an east coast ocean lover. 

I want water I can swim in and I want waves.  I always thought that the gulf was where the old people went.  Well now that I’m one of them I can see why.  You can have an almost lake like atmosphere in the mornings and then in the afternoons often the wind picks up and there are waves to play in.  Not waves to knock you down or pull you under.  Not waves to surf on or even boogie board  but waves to jump in and float over.  I still love the ocean and if it were closer, I”d be there, but I’ve developed a real appreciation for the Gulf as well.


Wednesday  beach & water filter 021


Surf boards and boogie boards may be the gear for the ocean but I’ve noticed in the gulf that hats, sunglasses and noodles are more common.  I was really surprised at the hats and sunglasses when I first came to the Gulf.  I would never have worn either in the ocean, they would have been gone in a heartbeat.


Wednesday  beach & water filter 007


I return in time for dinner which is a smorgasbord of leftovers.


After dinner we get all the filters changed. 


Wednesday  beach & water filter 024


Because this one at the spigot is connected and disconnected, it is the one hardest to get not to leak.  Pliers does the trick.





Wednesday  beach & water filter 026


We changed this whole house filter on Sunday when we got here since we already had a spare.

Notice its handsome home made stand.  David has twice driven off without the stand so now he’s come up with an easy replacement. 




Wednesday  beach & water filter 029


And finally the inside PUR water filter pitcher to filter it one last time.  Pure water is something we can at least try to control unlike the impure air we are all breathing.  Wipe off the inside of your windshield in your car or RV.  Use a white cloth and take a look at what you find.   That stuff is in your lungs too. 

I wonder if I’m the only one who filters my water 3 times before I’m willing to drink it.



We seem to be in the doldrums.

As we head off to bed we are both rather glum.  David hasn’t felt well for the past two days and is tired of not feeling well.  I feel like I”m suspended in waiting.  Not much to blog about here these days.  I can see why the number of comments is down and wonder if I just should take a break until there is really something going on.  I haven’t figured out how they do it those folks who always have something to say even if they haven’t done much of anything or gone anywhere and people have lots of comments to make about it.  We’re both feeling sorry for ourselves.  He has a lot more reason to than I do.


  1. Nope, still here hanging on every word. Actually I start to worry if I don't hear you're Ok. I do understand. One of my daughters spent a significant time in a hospital 300 miles away from home. I slept with a pillow in the window.... Glad you can play in the waves! Sending healing support!

  2. Ah, thinking of you both and wish you well. Seems pretty hot there. Am heading to Iowa July 11th & they say there, it is waiting to get humid until I get there, oh, joy!!! Both Take Care..

  3. No, just keep talking. I think my surfing time and your posting time are crossing, which is why I don't see your blog come up. Maybe I should make my visible list longer. Something i can do - what a concept!

    We never did spend lots of time on the Gulf. A day at Cedar Key, another day at ______ (where the heck were we? Panhandle somewhere...). One afternoon on Clearwater Beach. That's it! Crazy. I can't see the point of living in Florida if I can't go to the ocean all the time. Lake City drove me crazy. There is no point in Lake City.

  4. Oh, I meant to tell you we're doing a green smoothie/vegetable/fruit "fast." I guess it would be a fast if we weren't chewing? We were going to do it that way, and I lasted 57 minutes.

  5. Oh, Sherry, I'm sorry you and David are feeling down. Don't give up this connection--No matter how badly you feel, you're one of those unusual people who always finds something interesting to say. Your love of the ocean vs the gulf, for instance. I like the ocean better, too, but the difference between you and me is that I've never really thought about why!

    You have every right to feel sorry for yourselves. David because he's feeling lousy--I feel sorry for myself when I'm not feeling well. And, you because the love of your life is feeling lousy. How could you expect yourselves to feel any differently.

    I used to love to write and wrote all the time, but since Rich is gone I find my mind is blank about life in general. I like the way a couple of the blogs are choosing unusual subjects to discuss--almost feels like sitting around a campfire.

    Tell me, when David recovers where do you want to go first and why did you choose that particular place?

    Did you and David meet on the beach--did you both always love the beach?

    I have so many questions I would ask you if I knew you in person, but as you can see I enjoy your writing style and your outlook on life, and how you handle the trials. Please keep the connection--I read because I'm lonely and because I've come to "like" the people who write blogs, and I forget about the loneliness when I read your thoughts and the thoughts of others. So, see the service you do!

    Take care of yourself. I know you take care of David. I'm still amazed that he gets up and fights the fatigue and does things around the motorhome. Many men wouldn't. You are quite a couple.

  6. Keep writing, Sherry. It's late here and I have been in a soil survey review all week, trying now to catch up. Don't let the comment thing bother you if you can help it. You know that your up close friends are right there with you in spirit, the ones that matter. And the peripheral internet friends are with you as well, thinking of the two of you whether we manage to comment or not. I love the Gulf as well. Being a westerner with the Pacific Ocean as my growing up ocean, I had no clue about those crystal gulf waters, the relaxing part of it. It amazed me the first time I saw it. I love seeing your pictures and reading your stories and learning from you how to live with grace.

  7. Always enjoy whatever you feel like blogging about. Just nice to know what you are doing and how it is going...good or not so good;o)) But you should do the blog for you and if you need to take a break...do so. I just haven't been able to keep up and have decided that is OK. Think of the two of you everyday. Sending positive, happy vibes to you both!!!

  8. We use the same filtering system, but only once :-)) It's not surprising that you're both in the doldrums; keep chugging through the days one day at a time, and focus on the small positives to counteract the big negatives ... sort of like eating an elephant one bite at a time.

  9. Our S&B has three filters under the house and a extra one at the kitchen sink. The water from that tap is used for drinking and cooking. Can't stand chlorine and that's the only way to get it reduced to minimal levels. Hub and I have been talking about how we can create a similar system in our 5th wheel - when we get it.

    Health problems can get one down. No need to quit blogging. I completely understand, having been there myself. I'm going to do a green juice fast next week because I've been feeling sluggish. Have you done any juicing? It does help.

  10. Oh please keep talking. We are all reading, no matter if it's about 'nothing' :) I know what you mean about filtering water. As I work for a bottled spring water company, I'm already stressing about hitting the road without all this free water. I'm thinking about getting a Brita pitcher. I really don't want to be buying bottled water on the road.

    Try to keep your spirits up, even if it's hard for both of you. It will help David too.

    Hugs to both of you, and as always, you are in my daily prayers.

  11. Oh, those chores... but they are the reality of life, whether in a house or a motor home. Sending encouraging thoughts to both. These are such difficult days, but they will make the days on the "other side" even sweeter. Often so many of us take our health for granted... until we see our family and friends challenged. It is those times that cause us to reflect and be more grateful for what we have. It is also those times that draw us closer because we want to stand behind the both of you and fight with you. In our darkest times, it is good to be reminded of the beauty of nature. Love all the photos of the beach, which has also been one our greatest joys. However, Roger likes the big waves and I am content to sit with a chair in the water and watch the children and the birds. I remember how much Kathleen loved the beach too and think of her often when we are at the beach. KK and Olivia are here visiting and we are off to Baltimore Harbor for the big celebration. Watched a movie together last night... "Tale of a Dolphin" (think I have the title correct). The movie is based on a true story about a dolphin who had to have its tail amputated... and how a little boy came up with the idea of a prosthetic tail. Sweet movie. Olivia had lots of comments throughout. We are with David on this difficult journey, and you, and thank you for putting the everyday challenges into words to allow us to be a part of your lives.

  12. so sorry your are feeling down...you have earned the right to feel sorry for yourselves...please keep blogging we all enjoy your blogs and updates on your life...we are all still following along...sometimes I have time to read but not to comment...but we are still here Sherry...things will look up soon....praying for you both...

  13. Please keep posting! I'm sure other followers would agree...we want to know how you & David are doing. Just a short line or two would be OK, if you don't feel like doing a longer post. Hang in there...we are all pulling for you!

  14. Please keep blogging, we want to know how things are going- even if it is just a quick post. We don't have much to say these days either but every few days I feel like we should let folks know how things are going. We are thinking about you. And, we filter three times too!

  15. Sherry, your blog is one of the "honest" ones and is true to you and your life and is very well written...Life isn't all about wonderful travels, sights, joys and tourist attractions...it's about struggle, it's about pain, it's about suffering and other crappy stuff...It helps to talk and share...being a full timer, it's totally different as far as being able to share with the good friends you have "back home". You can't get together with your best friend to pour out your feelings. We full time RVers know that our blogging friends are the closest we can get to a supportive community while on the road. Comments don't always come maybe because we're thinking about what you are going through and not always sure what to say...But we are here, always praying for strength for you and David to get through this. I love reading your blog...And by the way, I don't always comment, because I feel others have said things much more eloquently than I could have.

  16. i too love the east coast beaches better for getting in the water, but the west coast beaches are better for photographs and their tidal pools... we filter the water twice - once with a 3 filter to get large particulates and one with a much higher numbered filter to "cleanse" the water.

  17. Like others I am always checking for your latest news and start to worry if its too long! I get busy at work and skim all my blogs without commenting...I'll do better I promise! Keep the faith and keep showing those beautiful beach pictures.

  18. Keep blogging Sherry. It's good for you to get it out and it will be your journal. Don't feel like you always have to "say" something :)

    Fort he record, we filter our water 3 times also. We have 2 whole house filters outside, one for sediment and one for taste/odor/small particulates. Inside we use a Brita pitcher for drinking/cooking/coffee and also have a filter system on the refrigerator (residential) for ice/water. We may over-filter our water but it makes me feel better.

  19. Sherry, the battles that you two have been fighting are reason enough to be feeling blue. The fatiguing heat and frequent rain probably only add fuel to the fire. Just continue to take it one day at a time. Things will get better. Keep doing what you love -- go to the beach -- and we'll keep reading about it. You have a wonderful writing style that makes us feel like we're right there with you. We're still here thinking about and praying for you guys every day.

  20. My vote is for continued blogging too! You do have a way with words even though you may feel the topic is "blah". Wish there was something (other than prayers and good thoughts) that we could do for you. We'll be back down in FL in September and will surely meet up if you guys are in the area. We filter our water 3 times too! Got to have my good water!

  21. Sherry, I always look forward to reading your blog at some point during by day and am always disappointed when you haven't posted anything. I am one of those readers who doesn't usually take the comment so I will try and do better. Please keep writing.You are such a terrific writer and photographer and I think now is the time that you need it the most.

    This is a tough time for both you and David and please know that you are never far from my thoughts.


  22. I comment on every blog because I know you like whatever is said no matter if it's a repeat and you like to feel that people are listening :) I am glad you blog and think you should keep it up as long as it doesn't feel like a chore and brings happiness to you - everyone who reads it definitely enjoys knowing what is going on and seeing your excellent pictures!! Love the cock-eyed self portrait :) I've never thought about filtering water THREE times - probably should here in Baltimore!

  23. Neuropathy is wretched. My husband and I both have it in our feet and I have it in my hands. I hate when it tingles when I'm driving. I was constantly shaking my hands to keep them usable. We learned about alpha lipoic acid (ALA) in another website and gave it a shot. I prefer 200 mg pills 3X a day for a total of 600 mg. It stopped the tingling in my hands and helped my husbands feet. Naturally, you should discuss this with your doctor. Right now we have 600 mg pills and I get an upset stomach when I take them.

    Last night I was reading a book about two men who were primary caretakers for their mother-in-laws who had Alzheimer's. One of those women was prescribed ALA for her brain. I sure hope it's helping mine too.

    I know things are trying for the two of you right now. I'm glad the beach helps you and soothes you. Our thoughts are of you and David and we pray for you both.

  24. Sherry, I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog very much, and have been reading along for awhile now. It's the first thing I do in the morning,( after I let the girls out of course :) ), you and David are always in my thoughts and prayers, I look forward to reading the days good, bad and ugly, it's life, and you seem to tell it from your soul, your an inspiration to all of us. My husbands brother and father went thru the same thing Davids going thru, they were at M.D. Anderson in Texas, that was almost 19 years ago, medicine has come a long way, keep doing what your doing and never give up.

  25. Aunt Sherry! Don't give up! We're reading every entry that comes through. Love you guys a ton. Carmen appreciates and identifies with the deep affection for ice cream. That reese's sundae looked too sweet for my blood but Carmen would have dug right in! Spent a few days in the mountains outside Asheville this weekend and really enjoyed the break. Work has been relentless lately so the break was welcomed relief. Very timely.

    Love you guys and will try to write more!

  26. Don't stop. I check every day. Pulling for you guys.


  27. Your blog is an awesome insight into a tough journey. It's helped me more than you could ever guess with my own health issues, as I know mine could be so much tougher. My sister went through what you're going through and it was hard, and your blog is giving me new insight into her life. Please don't stop. Hugs and we're all rooting for you guys!

  28. I don't comment much, but I read every post and send you healing thoughts. I vote for continued blogging, but it is do as I ask and not as I do. I haven't updated my blog for a couple of weeks I think it is. It sounds so 'exciting' to be living in Honduras, but the reality is that because of the limits on what I can do as a single female I get bored. I'm sure boring sounds good to you right about now as that truly is my only complaint with the world. I will update this weekend about something as a show of support for your continued blogging. :)

  29. I know it's been a tough ride, but I'm glad to see you write about your feelings, good and bad because it is the outlet you need. Bottling up negative thoughts does you no good, writing about it is a good release for that stress.

    Certainly don't pressure yourself to blog everyday, when you feel like it, go ahead. You keep us informed with the challenges so we can keep sending our positive thoughts and prayers your way. Even though we are not with you physically, know that you both are on our minds constantly and we'll see you both through this difficult time.

  30. Another vote to keep on blogging. We are pulling for you both and while things aren't going great for you right now, we're hoping things will get easier. I haven't heard yo mention anything about David's back pain lately, so I'm hoping the injection has helped that.

    You certainly have a reason to feel sorry for yourselves. Know that there are a lot of people thinking and praying for you every day. I often read my blogs on my phone and it's not as easy to comment there, so I don't always. Sorry...will do better.

    We just made a reservation for Quail Run/Ridge, so we'll be there when you arrive.

    I like the Atlantic but I have a special place in my heart for the Gulf of Mexico. We did so much scuba diving there and have seen such amazing sights that have a special appreciation for the Gulf.

  31. I really enjoy reading your blogs. You have great way with the written word. I am sorry you are both having the blahs. If anyone deserves good times it's you

  32. I look forward to catching up with what your both are doing, don't stop posting, it keeps me going. It's ok to feel bad, or good, you just have to roll with it for now. I love all the pictures it's just like being there and you write a really good blog. Everyone is thinking about you both and wishes David the best. It is no fun feeling bad all the time.
    I hope you both get a little happy soon.- Take a look around next time your out on that beach, I think that is your happy time, take it all in and it will help get you though all this. Say hi to David


  33. First, do not stop blogging. It may be boring to you at times, but we love it. I see that you have lots of comments today, so you know that people are reading. Keep it up.

    Second, thank you for the lovely pictures of the shells. I have 20 or so shells on permanent display in my living room. I keep thinking that maybe I should get rid of some of them, but I can't bring myself to do it. Each has its own little story or personality. I purposely do not pick up any now when I go to the beach because once I bring them home, they're here for good! I'm sorry about the oppressive heat though. My niece is now living in Jacksonville, FL, and she said that it's hot, hot, hot. I love summertime, but Florida might even be too much for me.

    Just got back from an emergency Faculty Meeting held at the Darden School. The Faculty Senate was voting on the resolution that the Senate Executive Committee delivered last week supporting Teresa Sullivan and giving the Board of Visitors a vote of no-confidence. It was open to the public and the general faculty got an invitation to come. It's exciting times here and it was great to see about 800 people show up. Everyone is up in arms and everyone wants the Board of Visitors to go and Teresa Sullivan back! There was a time when I didn't think that was possible, but I didn't ever think that we'd be in the position either, so 'Hoo knows? Stay tuned. Miss and love y'all. Hang in!

  34. I am here reading quietly as well. Sometimes, I have to play "blog catchup " and read weeks worth of entries at once. Sort of like reading a novel :-) I grew up close to the beach and now live in Tennessee. I have enjoyed my beach stay with you.


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