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Surprise Package

Friday June 22, 2012
Lithia Springs Park Site 25
Lithia, Florida


Another humid morning after another rainy night.

I get up this morning and slog through 4.5 miles at a snail’s pace.  Temperature 75, humidity 93%.  The most interesting thing about it is the two wild hogs that went running across the road in front of me nearly scaring me to death.  I had no idea there were wild boar here.  I’ll have to ask the rangers.  We’ve been here a LOT of days over the past 4 months and I’d never seen them before.  When I finally get back,  my clothes are sopping.  I can ring them out.   I begin my stretching exercises outside but it is so hot I come inside.  I never do this.   Oh my, it’s only June.  What will August be like??


Mushrooms 006


David goes off to Brandon to get our Check Engine light turned off by replacing the faulty Oxygen Sensor heating element part of the Emissions control apparatus.  He has arranged all this with several phone calls and we think we are all set.  The part is in, he gets to the shop early.

I finish my exercise routine, shower and get some breakfast for myself. One of my goals today is to clean all the floors and carpets in the motor home. 

By the time I am nearly finished with the cleaning, he calls to say they couldn’t get the old part off without potentially breaking it and having to go to greater lengths to extract the broken piece embedded in the exhaust manifold.  This might mean the manifold too would have to be replaced.   The mechanic suggests we skip it as this part really isn’t necessary anyway.  Well then……….    Guess we need a second opinion on this operation from our back home mechanic via telephone.   Took the whole morning, the problem is not solved and more things are added to the list.  Drat!  

BUT, the silver lining is that they didn’t charge him anything for all their time and trouble.  Great guys at Precision Auto in Brandon.  This is the second time we’ve had work done there and been very satisfied. 

The only golden part of all this is that David was feeling well enough to do it!!


Oh dear, what can the park Ranger want??

Am I the only one who wonders what I did wrong when I see an official of some kind headed my way?  Or is it left over guilt from all those things I did do when I was younger and could.  :-)


Mushrooms 004


Just after I hang up with David one of the park’s little gas powered carts comes down the drive and a guy hops out with a package in his hand.  They had told us early on that they didn’t accept packages for campers so I have never had anything sent here.  I have no idea what it is he was bringing to the door.  When I go out, he explains that someone called yesterday and asked that if she sent a package to Sherry and David in Site 25 would it get to them.  He’d promised it would and here it was.   What in the world could it be and from whom I wonder.


the book


I thank him, take the box inside and open it up to find a brand new copy of The Most Scenic Drives in America.   I have no idea who sent it but the fact that whoever it was did not know that our last name was Boyd makes me think it must have been one of this blog’s wonderful followers.   I hope whoever was so generous will fess up so that we can thank them for such a nice book to dream with.   It really was a WONDERFUL surprise.   Like a Christmas present you didn’t know was coming.  Definitely makes my morning.


In the afternoon, the sun lures me outside.


Mushrooms 002


The sun is shining.  I want to be outside.  I take the camera to see what’s new in our front yard.  I stay out as long as the “88 feels like 98” degree temperature and the mosquitoes will allow which unfortunately isn’t very long.  It’s amazing how full of water the air is.  I do see quite a few mushrooms shooting up all over with all this rain.  I notice the moss seems to be creeping over everything it can.  I wonder if over the next 10 days of rain it will cover Winnona as well.



Mushrooms 009


I send out an Update on David to his family via email.  Not sure how many do or do not read the blog.  There is only one who comments fairly frequently.







Mushrooms 014


We spend the rest of the afternoon lazily doing a lot of nothing.  I read a Margaret Truman Mystery.  He reads the Myeloma Listserve.  The rains start again pretty seriously after dinner around  6:00 and are still coming on strong at bedtime.   We’ve finished Stem Cell Transplants from the Patient’s Perspective and return to reading aloud the last couple hundred pages of Shadow Country.


It is a slow, wet, humid day and a rainy evening. 

Great for mushrooms and moss.  We didn’t do much and David is disappointed he didn’t get that light checked off his list.   But he’s feeling pretty good, not too tired and we had a wonderful surprise.
All in all, I’ll take it! 

Many thanks again to our secret benefactor.  
Now who could it be????


  1. So happy you had a great day! Maybe, I should say a good wet day? Just remember, above the clouds is the Sun!

  2. I use that book ALL the time Sherry, its a great starting point for researching scenic drives and areas to investigate. I have an older version though, this one looks newer. Enjoy it! I hope the rains aren't too bad, although it looks like quite a bit coming...I follow the weather there as our family and homebase is just north of you in Homosassa. I plan on reading Shadow Country this winter, its on my bookshelf at the house.

  3. What a nice surprise for you! And a wonderful book to daydream with. On those wet, muggy days you can take a trip through the dry southwest. (just not too dry)
    It sounds like you're getting things checked off that list in good time, even with a little blip on the radar. I hate those check engine oxygen sensor thingies. I think they're more trouble than they're worth!

  4. Hey, Sherry. Sorry about the car troubles. I'd comment on them, but I don't know what a manifold is--just hope it's not too serious. Just glad that David is feeling well enough to still get things done. He sure is a trooper.

    We heard a big bang one night, and it was a ranger coming to tell us something and she hit her head on the awning. We felt so badly; fortunately, it amounted only to a bump. After that, we left our light on. Good thing she wasn't coming after us to give us a citation for doing something wrong!

    I have an older edition of that book--it may even be the first. I saw it in a used book store and picked it up. Rich and I used to use it on all our trips--and it's surprising how many interesting places we would have missed without it. Mine is all marked up, and I've written in the margins and circled things thinking maybe my kids would know what was worth seeing and what wasn't. I still thumb through it--I call myself the armchair traveller!

    I'm not sure what kind of books you read to David, but I'm reading "Unbroken" at the moment. It's about Louie Zamperini who ran in the 1936 Olympics and than became a war hero/POW in WWII. Another one recommended to me is "Up Country" by Nelson DeMille. I haven't read it, yet.

    As always, thinking of you and anxious to hear that David's numbers are down where you want them to be. It's good that he's found a list with others who are going through and have been through similar experiences. I'm one who sticks my head in the ground like an ostrich.

    As usual, you continue to amaze me and I'm sure everyone else who reads your blog. You and David are in the hearts, prayers, and thoughts of so many.

  5. Glad someone surpised you with something..that always brightens your day, I'm sure!

  6. If it is any consolation August won't be much worse. It does not get much hotter just stays hot a long time :)

  7. Surprises are the best, aren't they! And yes I think you are experiencing guilt from your escapades from your youth! ;-)

  8. Smart for the mechanic to stop when the problem was more than he could handle. Manifolds are not cheap and you don't need that added to the light issue. Nice that there was no charge, you found an honest shop.

    Very nice that someone was so thoughtful and sent you that book. It will give you lots to research during David's downtime for future travels. Just goes to show you that many friends are pulling for you.

  9. What a wonderful gift to lift your spirits! sounds like a great book to have for full timers...

  10. what a wonderful surprise...how nice of someone...glad david is feeling better...praying his numbers come down to where they need to be...

  11. Oh what a great surprise!! We have the Readers Digest Book of 136 Loop Tours. Now perhaps we can plan a couple trips together when David has been given the "All Clear" signal;o)

    Glad David is feeling pretty good. Hope the rains move through quickly and you both get some fun time!!

  12. Our evening news showed the tropical storm in the Gulf tonight. It does look like you and David are in for some rain. They mentioned some tornadoes and I hope that none of those were near you. Stay safe and dry. I will be praying for you.

  13. All in all I'd say you had a good day.

  14. How very thoughtful of someone to send you that book. Definitely a nice pick-me-up!

  15. Yoda Boy is sending happy thoughts to you and David. He also has "hair" and not "fur". He doesn't shed, doesn't bark, doesn't chew.. and is almost a perfect little guy. We still haven't managed to get the "reddish" color out of his hindquarters... it remains a mystery. I didn't comment on your blog that showed the therapy dogs... but I know they would brighten my day. The little westie is so cute... my friend has one. They are strong little dogs and very playful. Glad it brought a ray of sunshine to you and David during those long testing days. We follow your Florida weather closely now - since you two are there. I always cringe when I see rain... it seems you have had enough. I am excited that you received such a wonderful surprise. You and David can put that on your list of things to see in the not-too-distant future!! Makes for good reading and positive thoughts. Thanks for your blog... it is an excellent account of your day-to-day ups and downs. We have battled with "check engine" lights on and off over the years. They are nothing but a nuisance. Sending loving and positive thoughts to you both!

  16. Aww - that's sweet that someone figured out how to get a package to you - what a nice surprise!! I hope whoever it was will be revealed. Hopefully after this ordeal, you'll be able to take some trips outlined in the book :) Soggy air - that does not sound pleasant, although the moss and mushrooms are loving it!


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