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Delicious Breakfast; Lovely Hike

Sunday September 16, 2012
Gifford Pinchot State Park, Lewisberry, Pennsylvania


This is the last of the blogs written out of order about what else I was doing while David was in the hospital 10 days ago.


On Sunday I call David in the morning to see when he expects to be released. 

He’s had to spend a totally unnecessary night in the hospital and is feeling well enough now to be quite irritated that today the hospitalist conveniently does not come early in the morning.

He tells me not to come in to get him until she does.  He will call me. So after taking the “after” picture of the park sites to compare with the “before”

Friday Morning-“before”GiffordPinchotSiteB311_thumb1

Sunday morning - “after”

Sunset and DGB 021


I take myself out to breakfast at the ‘Chow Down’


It’s the only breakfast spot close to the park and obviously used to have a different name.  David would love this.  Really down home.


Last day in Hospital 001

Last day in Hospital 007


Last day in Hospital 006


They do breakfast all day and every way you could possibly want it.
Excellent eats for about $6.00.  Who could ask for more??


Wish I’d brought my kayak with me.


I return to the park and go down by the lake.  There are several folks on the water.  This looks like a great day for it.


Last day in Hospital 011


Last day in Hospital 014


Last day in Hospital 016



It will be good to be out in the woods again after these past stressful days.

At this point, I surmise it will be in the afternoon before they release him so I take my cell phone and set out to do a section of the trail that goes along the lake.  It is one of more than 18 miles of marked trails available in the park.


Last day in Hospital 042

The hike through the woods is right on the lakeside and there are many little cut overs all along the way.

Last day in Hospital 022


Last day in Hospital 023


Stone benches are placed at various intervals along the trail.  I think these would be good for David to rest and then I realize that the threat of ticks will keep him out of the woods for I don’t know how long.


Last day in Hospital 019


After while the trail comes into the day use area where there are

Last day in Hospital 036



more lovely lake views,







Last day in Hospital 030



a pond








Last day in Hospital 031



a small waterfall







and many educational signs.

I guess I knew this about snakes at one time but had forgotten.  Good thing to know if you see one although wouldn’t you have to be awfully close to notice this??


Last day in Hospital 029


There was an informative kiosk about monarch butterflies.  They are just amazing to me.  Most of them live only 6 to 8 weeks but those born in late summer are different.  Once they become adult butterflies they don’t lay eggs, instead they migrate to their wintering grounds in Mexico, hibernate and then return the thousands of miles.  These monarchs live 6 to 8 months.   I would love to see their wintering grounds but I fear too many people are going there now and disturbing them.  I wouldn’t want to add to their stress.


Would you recognize the larva so you don’t kill it thinking it might be some dangerous villain? 


Last day in Hospital 033

I thought this was pretty clever.

Last day in Hospital 032


I’d better turn back so I’m not too far from the car when David calls. 


I’d love to hike this trail all the way around this large lake but that’s for another time and another day when I have from sun up until sundown.



Last day in Hospital 045



On my way back I stop at this bench at the end of a short spur off the main trail.





Last day in Hospital 048

I sit for a while and watch the boats on the water.  It’s a lovely quiet spot.

This is my kind of lake where there are no jet skis or boats zooming around making lots of noise.  Just a couple of sailboats and a little houseboat.



Last day in Hospital 054


I’m actually contemplating the beauty in the tree roots when David finally calls about 3:00 in the afternoon.  Harrisburg seems to be milking this for all they can get. 

Last day in Hospital 055


But banish those irritated thoughts as I finish my walk in this lovely place.  I can bring him home and that’s what matters.


Last day in Hospital 056


When I get to the hospital he is very happy to be getting out of there.

We go out for pizza to celebrate.   That’s all part of this previous post if you haven’t read it.


This blog is definitely a blast from the near past but I want to make sure I have a record of Gifford Pinchot for those who might want to come here when in Pennsylvania and even have breakfast at the Chow Down.  I know I’ll need it when I’m again in Pennsylvania.  Maybe we can have breakfast together.

Next post I’ll be back to what’s happening back here in Virginia now.


  1. Looks like an awesome place. So hard to imagine the twists and turns life becomes. Don't ever loose sight of your dreams. Life is good!

  2. Oh my, I would never get that close to a snake to find out what shape it's pupils are :)
    Be glad to hear how you two are doing in real time! Fall is certainly coming to PA, chill is in the air. I know there is an indian summer usually in October, but we won't be here to find out :)

  3. Love seeing pictures of your lovely farm, especially this time of year with the leaves changing and all. Such a beautiful place!!! "Doesn't it feel good to be home, among the familiar?

  4. I'm with Laurie. I don't plan to get close enough to a snake to determine the shape of its pupils. :-)

  5. Sorry I missed those trails when I was there! Nature is amazing - the viceroy and the monarch! Never knew that. Glad you got a chance for a nice breakfast and some walking for yourself and that Dad finally, finally got released.

  6. Lovely pictures...and now I know, be on the look out for cat's eyes :O
    Hope your getting into tons of fun these last few weeks...and David is feeling much better!

  7. Thanks for the great info. We may be back and this will be very helpful.

    We are wondering how David is doing?? Hope he is getting his strength back and you are finding some nice things to do in this beautiful weather. We will be heading back through Charlottesville tomorrow heading just south of Richmond. Had a nice time in PA, but it time to get mom home and head to Lazydays. Perhaps our paths might cross in Tampa:o))

  8. I'll have to remember that about the eyes of snakes ... but I really wouldn't want to be that close to them to begin with.

  9. Not sure i'd be hanging around long enough to check out the pupils in their eyes...those butterflies sure travel far in their short lifespan...love reading your blog and am also interested in the catchup to realtime...hope your both doing well....

  10. If I were ever that close to check out the eyes, I'd no longer be breathing so it wouldn't matter. Granted, I'm terrified of snakes, but I think even reasonable people would never get that close! That signage might be informative but not very helpful.

  11. If David were uninsured, you can bet your last dollar they would have had him discharged this morning. Somewhere mid-morning is when the next day's charges kick in, as I recall.

  12. Love catching up, but also really love the snake eyes photo. Never knew that! Looking forward to hearing how you are doing now that hopefully things have settled a bit.

  13. My number one rule is never get close enough to a snake to gaze into its eyes, round or cat shaped. My number two rule is to put as much distance as possible from those snake eyes!

  14. Very nice park. There is something very soothing about a hike around a lake. Water does a body good.
    Syl and Gin


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