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Numbers down, Costs up, Fraud & POSTCARDS!

Friday September 28, 2012
Charlottesville, Virginia



The numbers are still down.

blood numbers 004


As expected, David’s numbers have dropped back down from the boost given by the miracle drug.  Everything but his platelets is low.  He’s tired and doing the best he can.  We have no idea how long it will take his white and red cell counts to come back into the normal range.  He says maybe never.  The doctors at Moffitt say they look good and will continue to improve.  I’m trusting them and taking the platelets as a good sign.



Greenfield Mountain Farm is getting a face lift.



We had planned to paint another two sides of the farm house while we were back here this fall on our way home from New England.  With an old farmhouse that usually means some repairs before you can scrape, prime and paint.  Obviously none of that can or did happen so we have had to hire someone to do the carpentry and painting on the house.  This is an unplanned for an expensive hit to our budget.





The work is going on now and we’re crossing our fingers it will be completed before we have to leave for Florida and David’s 3 month Stem Cell Transplant Evaluation.

As you can imagine, it is a lot of work to handle two carpenters and 3 painters and their questions.  David has to be available but in the house with a mask on for a lot of this.

We’ve never paid anyone really to do much of anything in the original renovation and subsequent up keep of this farm so it’s a really new situation for us.  This is the sort of thing David likes to do and it is sad for him that he cannot.

David’s brother Roger came for a couple of days this week on his way to Alabama and was a real help with lots of not so fun clean up of brush, tree limbs, dead trees and heaven knows what else.  He was so busy that somehow there are no pictures of all the many things he did.  Now that’s a bummer.  He’s quite a worker.   THANKS ROGER!!

Winnona is hanging out in Charlottesville rather than in the barnyard so that the workers have plenty of room for their vans and trucks.


It’s a good thing I check my account every couple of days.


On Wednesday I did a routine check of our credit card statement on line and found $1300 worth of on line charges we did not make.  I called our bank immediately and cancelled the card.  I will have to fill out fraud papers in order to get the charges removed.  They will issue new cards.  We will have to change all of our on line automatic payments.  For people who were full timing that’s quite a pain! 


I have no idea how our number was lifted but it must have been through an on line company from whom we purchased something since we both have our cards.  Be careful out there and if possible get a Virtual Account number from your credit card company to use for on line purchases. 

Does it seem to you that life sure is a lot more complicated these days?  What I don’t need is some more “business” to attend to.


But what I am happy to have MORE of is postcards.


postcards 006


While we were in Pennsylvania a postcard arrived from Pam and Vic of the Big EZ Travels.  It’s of the purple Iris growing along the Metolius River in Oregon.  Beautiful and a place we had hoped to go in the summer of 2013.  At this point we have no idea where we’ll be next summer.  But I’m still dreaming.   Thanks Pam! 




postcards 004

Al and Karen of Wish Upon an RV Star sent a beautiful card from the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in Colorado.  It’s a place she knew I really was looking forward to visiting.  How thoughtful of you to remember Karen.  Thank you so much!





Late last week TWO postcards came from out of the county.  Can you believe that?


postcards 005

  One from Victoria British Columbia with a wonderful note written in the most beautiful script I’ve seen in a long time.  Penmanship including my own is a lost art.  Yours is beautiful G, I can’t decide which side to put on the mirror, the picture or the penmanship.  REALLY!






postcards 002


And my friend and neighbor Diane sent me a postcard from her current travels in Ireland a place I have visited and absolutely loved.  I know she is hoping I can return there.  Me too but Winnona doesn’t swim.  I guess I’ll have to get Erin & Mui to give me some lessons on how to do both kinds of travel.  Although the latest medical and farm facelift expenses make that less than likely.



Thank goodness for the postcard bright spots.  It’s been some week, that’s for sure.  I’m trying to visualize life returning to the free and easy that it was last year.  When it rains, it sure does pour.


  1. What gorgeous postcards...and such a sweet home! Must be so tough not being able to be out there getting his hands dirty...so sorry for that. Continued hopes those numbers come up...you sure have had a journey you two...time for things to turn for the good! I had 3 large charges at a gas station in FL on my card...my credit card company called immediately as caught it at the time...must have been passing the card in the station. Wonder why they didn't catch yours sooner..that was a ton of money they charged! Things sure are different these days...drives me crazy when shopping and they ask me my zip code!

  2. Don’t become down heartened about any of this. Every bit of it is reversible.
    I’ll bet we’ve all had a card or two go sour, a royal p.i.t.a. for sure. House expenses… don’t get me started. And David’s numbers WILL go up! It just takes a long time. Settle down for a while and try to avoid any more set-backs.
    I’ll send you postcards if we ever get the home improvements completed and get out of here.

  3. I think at one point or another we've all had bogus charges on our credit cards. I had one on my AMEX years ago - about $1500 of sporting goods in Alaska. Dang! And I didn't even get the fun to go with it! AMEX was great and took care of it lickety split. I know it's unplanned expense, but at least you'll be able to go back on the road with the house in good shape. Hang in there and try to enjoy each other and every day! Hugs xxxx

  4. Bummer about your card but luckily you checked your card and discovered it early. It has happened to us too. Being proactive kept your damages to a minimum. This too shall pass :)

  5. Aw, sorry not to hear all kinds of good news from you, Sherry. But, considering where you were just a few months ago, you have come a long way--I think after a while it just wears you down emotionally. Mental exhaustion always makes everything seem worse.

    If Moffitt is optimistic about David's numbers, they that's what I would focus on.

    There's a lot of fraud happening, today. I got an email letter that looked so official from Amazon the other day. I was leery so I called Amazon and they said it was a fraud and that I shouldn't open any of the links in it, but delete it.

    Your farmhouse is adorable. Because Rich always took care of all things exterior, I never realized how much there is to think about. If I ever get out of here, I'll send a post card! Glad people are remembering. Gunnison and Victoria are beautiful--no doubt about it. You and David will get there. :) Chin up.

  6. Sorry for the cc problems. I'm also sorry to hear all od David's numbers haven't come back...but I'm going with Moffitt.

  7. Hang in there. It is totally draining dealing with all of these extras but just know that many are sending you tons of mental support. They say that you are only presented with challenges that you are able to handle. Big hugs.

  8. Well, the farmhouse has seen prettier days, but hopefully, she's headed back to her full glory after all this work. I'm glad it is being done. As for the fraud, it seems to happen to a lot of people - definitely good to keep a look out. As for Dad, if the Harrisburg experience taught me anything, he is in good hands with his Moffitt team. I trust that the platelets are a good sign and that their prediction of improvement of the other numbers will prove correct! :)

  9. Moffitt has not steered you wrong, so I'd put great trust in their saying David is doing well. I can understand his frustration in not being able to do the house repairs, but he'll have plenty of chances just down the road. It's enough hard work just getting better.

    Fraud, as if there aren't enough challenges going on in your life right now. I've worked a bunch of those cases in the past and recommend you keep all documentation on it for the next seven years. Thankfully CC companies remove the charges. Unfortunately they write off the losses and it costs all of us a little bit more.

  10. Yikes on the CC charges! Glad you caught those early. What a pain! Been through house painting before, and that's a pain too!

    Moffitt has done well for you so far, so we're also trusting that David's numbers will improve. Better days are ahead.

  11. Moffitt has been a guiding light so far...so I'm sure they are on top of things and also with their expectancies...it will come back up for sure...so sorry about the CC...I check our stuff online every couple of days also..just to be sure everything is 'right'...its scary how someone can invade our information in today's high teck environment...take care..loving the renos altho I'm sure your not...lol

  12. So far Moffitt has been on target...go with it!!! Did you hear us beep and see us wave yesterday as we past Charlottesville on our way south. Wish we could have stopped, but not in the cards this time. We had our card compromised also. Just the way of the world so you do need to keep a steady check on your account.

    Tell David hi and the two of you are in our thoughts everyday!!

  13. Thanks for the shout out! And good luck with your renovations; it will be worth it in the end. Good to hear improvement in David's condition.

    We've had our Capital One VISA compromised twice in the short year we've had it. The second time wasn't a compromise though as it was us renting a car in FL. It's a hassle to have to change all of our auto pays, so when we get on the road, anything that's auto-charged to a card will likely be switched over to auto-pay out of checking acct. Never in all the years that we had AmEx did we have problems, so we may have to switch back to that when we're on the road fulltime ... who wants to have to call the credit card company every time we cross a stateline.

  14. Now my fraud charges were for an escort service in the UK! At least it was interesting, and a bit shocking. I think it happens to everyone eventually.

    Sending you both vibes for improved numbers!

  15. I think it's a good thing that Moffitt is okay with David's numbers. Yuck on the credit card fraud. Good thing you watch your account closely!

  16. I cringe everytime I buy something online and have to enter my credit card #.

    What does a high or low platelet count indicate? I would think it has to do with blood clotting?

  17. We had to get a new card in March- It was a pain. Catherine checks ours all the time.
    As everyone else says Moffitt is the best- trust them. I know it must be hard for David to watch someone else do "his stuff". Hang in there.

  18. Oh, if you get to the Metolius River, it is only 45 min from where i live, you better stop by!!!

  19. Sorry to hear about the hacking...it happened to me earlier this year and you are right , what a hassle! Hope David's numbers come into range soon so he feels better! We're still praying and hoping for better days!

  20. I'm sorry David has to sit on the side lines but I'm sure he will find a way to get back to his mister fix it ways! The CC thing sucks, we went through the same thing about a year ago... Love the post cards! Hugs to you both! :-)

  21. Jeeeez that's scary, Sherry... I do everything online. Beautiful postcards and rooting for David! like the picture of your two!

  22. I'm a little behind on my reading - I had a lot of fun and got a LOT of exercise at the farm. I also enjoyed some really good food fixed by David - If I stayed there very long I'd gain another 30 pounds. I do have a couple of pictures of him cooking. Of course, we enjoyed a few micro brews and had time to talk a lot. Looking forward to my next visit and praying for the results from Moffitt to be positive.


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