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On the road withdrawal

Thursday September 5, 2012
Charlottesville, Virginia


Not much new to report but I thought I’d let you know we haven’t disappeared.  We’re just doing absolutely nothing interesting.  I’m having road withdrawal for sure and am hoping to be able to take a short 3 or 4 day trip to the Hershey RV Show next week and perhaps James River State Park the following week.  Check back to find out if it actually happens or just stays on the planning table.


We’re here trying to get some “business” taken care of and figure out what’s the best thing for David at this point.  He’s feeling about the same.  Perhaps a little more energy but nothing much.  Same side effect symptoms.  But he’s mostly having trouble with not being able to do anything he really likes.  Everything takes more energy than he has or involves dirt or dust or paint or saws or other things he isn’t allowed to be around.  

So he’s counting down the days until he returns to Moffitt for the tests to see how well the stem cell transplant worked and what his life will be like for the next couple of years. 

Count down to October 25, FIFTY DAYS.

Meanwhile, I’m doing some outside cleaning and the heat is driving me nuts.  SO HUMID!!  This is just not what I had in mind for the months of April through September.


Labor Day 008A


Isn’t my pile of prunings really lovely? As tall as   I am but I’m taking the picture so no way for me to stand by them too.






washing the house 007A


Along with humidity comes mold and mildew which have to be cleaned off.  This is one job where the results are pretty instantaneous so it seems worth the effort.  But aren’t you glad this is me and not you??





Dinner Tues Nite


There is a nice summer time dinner though. Talk about EASY to prepare!  My kind of cooking!!  All fresh.  Guess that’s about the only advantage I can think of to all this heat and HUMIDITY!!


Oh yes and really big news, I went to the dentist.  Got my teeth cleaned and a no problems report.  Annual physical comes up next Monday, now there’s something to look forward to!  HA!

So glad I have my postcard mirror to dream about and that you all are doing interesting things I can read about.  THANKS!


  1. Wondered how you guys were doing. Too bad you aren't relaxing! Hey..we are going to Hershey on Friday & Saturday. Meeting up with Neil & Nancy...hopefully you too!

  2. Glad to hear from you, Sherry. I know full well about road withdrawal, and it's miserable for those of us who have the wanderlust.

    I know the restrictions must be hard of David, but he's come so far since we first learned of the cancer.

    Now, this is really going to sound stupid, but are you at your home? How could I be reading all this time and missed exactly why you chose to go to Virginia. I need to go back and see if I just forgot (happens a lot lately), but I think it's the sameness in my days.

    Take care of yourself. Glad no problems at the dentist.

    Jack and I just got back from my granddaughters softball game. She's been wanting me to go to one. It was supposed to start at 5 but didn't start until 6. I expected to be home before dark as I hate driving in the dark since they botched the cataract surgery. Ran into all kinds of traffic--no slows down in Atlanta, though! So, I was glad to pull into the driveway.

  3. Its hard to stay put for sure..but better in Winnona than in Moffitt..hope and pray David's energy returns as the days roll on....it won't be long before you will be rolling along once again..congrats on the good dental checkup and good luck Monday!!

  4. Oh, yes -- I am glad it's you and not me doing that work :-))) Hope plans for Hershey work out. We were going to go, but we're heading to Florida for a couple of days instead.

  5. Thank you so much for the recommendation on the Combofix. I must have looked at the wrong part of it because I tried the free trial and it only went so far and then said I would have to pay $39 to remove the "crud" and activate the full version. So I cheaped out and decided to go with the other programs first. I will keep Combofix in my computer "toolbox" in case I have trouble again.

    I am not a computer genius, I'd swear they don't like me... ;c)

  6. Seems like I'm never too old to get excited over a good dental report. Good girl!

    Good to hear that David is at least maintaining if not improving somewhat. Perhaps his energy level will pick up a bit more when the humidity decreases and the cooler fall temps start to kick in.

    Dinner looks wonderful. I sure do miss our Hanover tomatoes back in Richmond.

  7. Slow down with all that work if it's hot and humid. The fresh vegies look delish. Will be praying for good results for David.

  8. Finally got our postcard in the mail to you. Have had it a couple of weeks just kept forgetting to mail it. Not sure how long it will take to get to you.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. The only good thing about getting all the chores and annual stuff done now is you will be ready to go when David gets his GOOD report in 50 days:o)) But take it easy in this heat...you have some time to get it done!!

    We will be near Hershey the week AFTER the RV show;0((

    That is our ALL TIME FAVORITE meal:o)))

  10. Yeah, sometimes the fulltiming life style isn't what you want it to be, is it? Glad you're able to get some stuff done though and hopefully you will both be back on the road very soon. By the end of October, Tampa will start to be feeling pretty nice, temperature wise!

  11. Was really hoping David on the upswing and he'd be running circles around you. You'll both be in my thoughts that strength returns and positive energy coming your way! Love a good dental cleaning ... buy buy tarter! Nice looking ear of corn! P.S. You landside now in a house...sounds like too much work better hurry up with that mildew removal and just jump back in that ride and head out as soon as you can :O)

  12. Yum yum yum on the veggies. I'm having a heckuva time finding good veggies and fruit lately. What's up with that?!!!!! Ugh! I think I got spoiled at Dan's Mom's farm. ;-)

  13. Good to see you have lots to do!!! I just can't do as much as I use to, everything takes longer or I just can't lift it or push it around like I use to. It is hot here to, but dry so does not seem as bad, unless you go out and work in it.- Going to be in the 80's next week yea! I need to clean the garage.---- I can tell David a few things for the digestion if he's still having those issues.- Otherwise tell him to enjoy himself for a while, he deserves it.

  14. Great looking dinner although I'd have probably added a nice grilled ribeye to go with it. I hate going to the dentist but I guess it's time for me too.

  15. I'm with Rick, that plate needs some MEAT! Haha...We've got our checkups coming up, too..the dentist is one..HATE going to the dentist even though my dentist in Angola, IN is really great! With no dental insurance any more, I dread the outcomes. The Hershey show is one we'd thought about going to, hope you go so we can pretend we went to it, too! :-)

  16. Nice update - you really are being productive these days. Hopefully only a few months there and by the start of the holiday season, you can 'blast' off in Winnona and be back on the road! :) Great looking veggies - my first response was - 'where's the protein?' - so interesting what we're taught about what is important to eat. I, too, hope the humidity goes down - it has been bad these last few days for sure!!!

  17. I was going to ask what October 25 is, but I think Nancy and Bill answered that. Right?

  18. Are u washing someone else's house? I think that takes ALOT more energy than what i have been doing!!!

  19. I just hate working outdoors in this heat and humidity:(


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