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The Barry’d Treasure and more

Friday and Saturday November 23 & 24, 2012
Site 83 Hunting Island State Park


FRIDAY November 23rd



Carrie leaves the island but she’ll be with us again soon.

David takes Carrie to the Savannah Airport for her 10:05 flight home.  We are sorry to see her go but she has promised to come back for another few days in mid-December so that makes it a bit easier.  We do have such fun together

I had picked her up and got to have a little individual time with her on the way to Hunting Island so now it is his turn. 


We try to plan things for the fewest number of car trips possible.

Some times that works out and sometimes it doesn’t.  David has made an appointment on line for his monthly blood draw at a Lab Corps facility in Port Royal which is the town closest to Hunting Island.   He can catch it on his way back from the airport and stops there at just after 11.  His appointment is for noon.  On the door is a note saying that they are closed both Thursday and Friday.  Boy am I glad he hadn’t made a special trip.  Seems they don’t pay much attention to their internet appointments since the time he chose was not blocked out and no one notified him if this was a change in plan.  But there is also no way to call a local location.  You have to call their national office and that too is a mess.   Anyway that means he will have to make a special 40 mile round trip on Monday.  But, all is not lost. 


But all is not lost.  

He runs some errands while he is in “town”, including picking up a 1/2 gallon of Jamaica Me Crazy from Brusters!  I spend my time cleaning and starting the blog catch up process which Rick has noticed is quite behind.



This afternoon the winds are up and the kite flyers are out. 


 Saturday at Hunting Island 002


Saturday at Hunting Island 004


Saturday at Hunting Island 009



Maybe we’ll go back and get our kite and find a tail for it but we get side tracked meeting our new neighbors.

Joel, Susan, C.J. and Ike are the Barrys, and we love their vintage trailer.


Saturday at Hunting Island 013


I love the awning and the red propane tanks!

Saturday at Hunting Island 014



Saturday at Hunting Island 018A

They have restored this 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion.  Boy is she SHINY.  Isn’t that a GREAT name?  Spartan Royal Mansion.  I just love to say it.

They did the work themselves including matching the interior ceiling woods and stains exactly.  Amazing job Susan.  I didn’t get a shot of the ceiling you replaced and the incredible job of matching that you did.  Wish I had.  Next time for sure!


They found a vintage stove and refrigerator of the same era and have turned this into a great family vacation RV.

 Saturday at Hunting Island 015


Saturday at Hunting Island 016


The Mansion draws quite a bit of attention as you can imagine.  Lots of people, like us, want to hear about it and take pictures.  That’s one of the things Joel loves about it. David talks to him quite a while about all the work and hunting for parts that went into getting it on the road.

Saturday at Hunting Island 021


Dinner time -  more leftovers including PIE and the last of the whipped cream!

 Well we did have to use it up – right?Saturday at Hunting Island 027


This leads to another one of those fake naps.  This one is the typing fake rather than the reading fake.  Doesn’t he look like he’s deep in thought with his fingers over the keyboard??   J


 Saturday at Hunting Island 026



SATURDAY November 24th


Low tide is a great place to run.

Saturday at Hunting Island 034 

Lots of things to see and lots of room to run around them so they don’t become an obstacle course.



Saturday at Hunting Island 039

Saturday at Hunting Island 038  Saturday at Hunting Island 052 Saturday at Hunting Island 053










I try to run around the patterns the water makes in the sand so I don’t disturb them.   They are so beautiful I know others will want to enjoy them.

Saturday at Hunting Island 058

Saturday at Hunting Island 061



In the afternoon we bike down to the Nature Center.

The fishing pier is located here as are the trail heads of several trails.

This is a small little center but extremely well done.  We always visit it when we come to Hunting Island  and are always impressed at the amount of information provided in an interesting and informative way.


Saturday at Hunting Island 067

They have the day’s tides on a chalk board right outside the door.  This is important information if you want to walk the beaches in this area or to kayak.








All the better to shred you with my dear!

This time I am particularly amazed at the shark teeth - in the shark jaw.  I had no idea what they actually do is shred their prey or at least some of them. Am I the only one who was too scared to watch Jaws so everyone else knows this?

Their teeth are tiny and sharply pointed and 3 or 4 layers deep.   Pretty scary.  In fact I’m so scared I don’t take a picture of the jaw and then it is a comedy of errors trying to go back and get it for this post.  That’s a story for another day but here are the pictures I finally got. 

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 053


Hope you can see those rows of tiny shredders on the top.  If not, click this picture and take a closer look.

Thursday & Friday Hunting Island 052A



Not so scary is Buddy, the resident Diamondback terrapin.


Saturday at Hunting Island 068

As we watch, she swims around in her tank in the center of the room and crawls out on to the “land” to take a better look at us leaning over to stare at her. 





Saturday at Hunting Island 076


Buddy is a long term resident at the center.  She has injured back feet and cannot survive in the wild.  Not sure what Santa plans to bring her in this teeny tiny sock.  Saturday at Hunting Island 083 



We leave buddy and walk out to the pier to see the spartina along the lagoon.  The grasses are lovely in the low country in the fall.  No dolphins this time.  Looks like we need Nancy.


 Saturday at Hunting Island 086


The day just seems to slip away. I sure do love this life.

Time to head back before it gets dark.  We have forgotten to put our lights on our bikes.  We seldom use them since we rarely ride after dark.  It’s approximately an 8 mile ride on Route 21 down and back  from the campground to the center so we have plenty of time.


Saturday at Hunting Island 099

Though these are definitely some long shadows here.


  1. A girl named Buddy is like a boy named Sue. What were they thinking?

    BTW, the Spartan Royal Mansion is 33 feet, only one foot shy of Winnona. Pretty amazing for 1951 I'd say.

  2. LOVE the Spartan Royal Mansion! That must have been so much fun restoring...and a lot of work :)

  3. Great post and pictures all the way around. I love the Barry's vintage trailer, and the pictures of the beach are driving me nuts...I think this is the perfect time of year for Hunting Island. Your pictures tell me so. :)

    BTW, I ordered my pedometer!!!

  4. Loved the Mansion... but of course I would love anything vintage. I looked on the web site regarding Hunting Island for more information. Everything but the price! Guess you just get surprised when booking! Those beaches are awesome.

  5. What a cool find in the 'mansion'. You meet the neatest people!
    I really like the patterns the tide makes the sand.

  6. What kind of took brush does a shark use? And who gets close enough to brush them?

    Nice post and great pictures, including the fake napper. We don't care if you're a little behind, your posts are always interesting. :c)

  7. Wish we had better weather when we were there. Thanks for sharing your great weather events with us!! It is a very special place:o)) I can't believe you didn't top that pie with JMC!!!

  8. Very cool mansion. Love those vintage RVs.

    The picture of the pie cracks me up. . . and looks familiar. Mike always enjoys a little pie with his whipped cream. :-)

  9. Another great day ... what more can I say! That Mansion is so interesting; I love the curtains ... reminds me of Lucille Ball somehow :-))

  10. So many great photos in this blog I don't know which one to pick as my fav!

    Those sand patterns are great but I think I'll have to go with pie and whipped cream!

  11. That vintage RV is great. The beach looks so peaceful.

  12. Neat mansion - sorry I missed it when I was there!! Also liked the sand patterns...nature is amazing! The picture of Dad napping ... priceless...makes me laugh :) Definitely a great day and great photos too.

  13. Fantastic pictures, love trees on the beach.

  14. Such beautiful surrondings! And you capture them and share them with the rest of us. Thank you.


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