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Easy Day, Town Trip, Where to Kayak Next?

Sunday November 11 2012 and Monday November 12, 2012
Site 81 Salt Springs Campground, Florida



We think we will perhaps kayak further down the Salt Spring run today.  But when we take a walk down to see how things look, this is what we see at the put in and out on the lake.


Salt Springs & Horseshoes



Salt Springs & Horseshoes (2)


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (3)


I guess I need for someone to tell me why folks need air boats or even want them.  What’s good about them?  Their noise makes me immediately want to be miles away.  THEY ARE REALLY LOUD!  And that’s about how loud you have to talk to be heard if they are anywhere around.  Forget seeing any wildlife. 


There are a lot of motor type boats on the run which is bigger than most rivers and even though this boat had such a cute mascot, we decide to skip Salt Springs Run as a kayaking trip.  It’s just too noisy.  We’ll try elsewhere.


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (6)


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (5)



We walk back along the really lovely fishing creek where this fisher woman is hard at work.


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (21)


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (7)

Salt Springs & Horseshoes (22)


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (20)


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (18)

As we near the campground, we stop to play horseshoes right behind the barn.  David does very well.  I’m lucky if I can get the thing up in the air and when I do it PLOPS down 3 feet in front of the pole.  Guess who wins?  He needs much better competition.


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (16)


Speaking of the barn, in the distance in the horseshoe picture.  Here is a close up of the end with the pay phone.  How long since you’ve seen one of those?  Well unless you have a pretty good cell amplifier you may find yourself using it if you camp here.  Salt Springs is inside the Ocala National Forest and signals are weak.   

At Salt Springs the “season” is the summer when all the Florida folks want to come swim in the spring to escape the heat.  In winter a lot of snow birds come for 5 or 6 months and the group plans activities including using all the wood working equipment kept in the barn, holding quilting bees in the barn, playing bingo and music.  The barn even has its own work camper to be in charge of it and the scheduling.  Earlier in the week, there was a workman repairing firebox, flue and damper for the stone chimney and fireplace.  Work campers were gathering and splitting piles of firewood to be used in the winter at this hub of campground activity.  Things get underway just after Thanksgiving they tell me and continue on through April.


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (15)


When we get back to Winnona, I change into my swimming suit and walk over for a dip in the 72 degree spring.  David isn’t there to get a picture of the event.   It is COLD when I first throw myself into the water but after a short spurt of swimming and it feels great.


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (14)


I’m not the only one in the water.  But I am one of few. 72 is about my limit.

Salt Springs & Horseshoes (19)



On the way back through the trees I look up and see this hawk doing tricks.  Look Ma one hand.


Salt Springs & Horseshoes (9)




Today we get a slow start.  We are avoiding the inevitable trip to town.
We don’t like to go to town but we really do have a bunch of errands we’ve been putting off for nearly 2 weeks now.  So we gird our loins and set off for the 29 mile drive to Ocala.

We need to pick up a quart of synthetic oil for Ruby, some silicone spray for all sorts of things, some kitchen bags, some vitamins, one of David’s prescriptions, go by the bank to get cash, and hit the grocery store.  In addition David wants to go by All Cell and see what’s the latest booster equipment for cell and data signals.  We’ve been hearing about the Wilson Sleek 4G-V.

We are in town for about 5 hours getting this all done including the only stop I really want to make.  We stop here in honor of Nancy and Bill who introduced us to Bruster’s at this very spot on David’s last birthday in January.  Wish you guys had been here with us!   When Jamaica Me Crazy wasn’t on the menu, the counter girl felt so sorry for me that she got some nutty coconut and put fudge on it.  Tastes just about like JMC!  Two scoops in a waffle cone and I need no dinner.


Brusters (2)


On the way home, we realize we forgot to stop at the bank.  And forgot to pick up a new toaster.  The back wire on our sweet little 20 year+ machine has stopped lighting up.  David took it apart to see if anything was obviously wrong but couldn’t find any loose or broken connections.

Guess those two things go back on “the list”.   Oh well………

On the way home we discuss whether to kayak Alexander or Juniper Spring runs.  Perhaps both.  Although Karen’s tales of Juniper are making me hesitate.  It looked mighty shallow and narrow for having alligators at your elbow.  Stay tuned…..we’ll kayak one of them for sure tomorrow.


  1. I prefer the look of those narrow green runs to a lake full of noisy boats. But I'd settle with ice cream.

  2. Sherry & David,
    Not sure if this will help with your booster info, but it is from another rv blog site (hopefully the link comes thru)

  3. Cool butterfly! The name zebra comes to mind??

  4. 72 degrees seems warm when it's the air temperature, but water..brrr :) Glad you were able to get in the water with your body anyway.

  5. The smile on your face with your dish of ice cream is priceless. My Joe belongs to the Oregon State Horseshoe association and loves to pitch. David's has a good follow through arm. We have friends staying near Ocala in Lake Bryant RV Prk in Ocklawaha. We sure miss them.

  6. Nice butterfly pic, there is a butterfly that keeps landing on my picnic table, but he is missing a part of his wing. I wouldn't want to be around the noisy boats, either.

  7. Oh dear. Forgetting two stops after 5 hours of running errands is something we would do. I sure do miss my memory. At least you remembered to stop at Brusters -- the only one that really mattered.

    That butterfly is stunning! I've never seen one like it before.

  8. What a great smile...brings back great memories of a fun trip to Brewsters!!! But it appears to be much warmer than our visit there;o)) Hope you find a nice quiet place to kayak.

  9. Oh my sweet little Katharine Hepburn, who doesn't love an ice cold swim :O) with a big dip of ice cream to warm the soul! Loved the history shoutout for the pay phone...those were the days!

  10. Great pictures- glad you guys are having some fun.

  11. The butterfly is a zebra longwing, and it's the state butterfly of Florida.

    Sorry if I've missed the opportunity to jump in on the Juniper Springs kayaking discussion, but I've paddled it a couple of times. Here's my input: If you're an experienced and patient paddler, not afraid of obstacles, please go and enjoy. It is absolutely worth the trip. It will take you at least 4-5 hours, and I highly recommend going early enough to use the shuttle service.

    There is a lot of shallow deadfall, and water is low right now. There are also many, many, many low-hanging branches. There is even a small rapid, although it may not be as 'rapid' as on my last trip. The trip will take the two of you maneuvering together and being a team to get through some spots.

    There is a very neat little side spring worth checking out. Once you come through the shady, wooded area of the run, the river opens up quite a bit. You'll see a small sandy beach on your righthand side, and it's a really good place to stop for a break. There is a little spring there that empties into the run. Follow it up to the source....it's a muddy, shoe-sucking walk that will take you a couple of minutes to work through. Once you come to the little spring, though...it's worth it. I hope you're able to experience it. :)

    Paula :)

  12. 72 degree water is wet suit temperature to me. :)

    I think you should do Juniper Springs Run. It really is a beautiful trip and you'll love the pretty red water. If you get out of the water, just make lots of noise before you get out to scare off any sleeping gators.

    It was one of our most memorable trips, but don't let that shallow water fool you. You'll be going with the current and will have to work to keep from hitting things. I had trouble steering and taking pictures but it was beautiful!!!

    The first part is real shallow, but it gets deeper.

  13. That's a COOL zebra butterfly photo! Wonderful information from Paula about the spring...I hate those airboats too, although it was fun riding on one...Same reason I don't care for snowmobiles..too LOUD!

  14. Great picture of you and ice cream!! Yum! Nice butterfly shot and nice hawk shot. Way to go Dad on the horseshoes - I tried my hand at the 'on the beach' version over the summer...not easy. The barn activites sound fun and it's nice they still have a pay phone. The only pay phone I know of around here is in the metro station - I have no idea if it still works.

  15. I can't wait to try Bruster's when I get to Ocala in December. Sure hope you two are still there. I can't wait to see if you do Juniper Springs or not, I really really really want to do that someday. The narrow clear water is so gorgeous, and of course I will be scared.

  16. I'll take David on in horseshoes next time I get to Florida. Good to see you guys out enjoying yourselves. Those airboats, though noisy, are a fun "one time" ride. Not sure I'd want to do them on a regular basis though. They are noisy! Cheers



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