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Friday Woes

Friday February 22, 2013
Site 49, Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach, Florida



Despite what it may look like, everything has not been a bed of roses here at Sebastian Inlet.  So perhaps it’s time for a dose of full timer reality here.  It’s a great life but it is life after all into which a little irritation must fall.

Irritation #1.

I have spent a ridiculous number of hours on my laptop trying to map out a trip to Maine and find places where we can camp on the way and not spend a fortune.  All suggestions eagerly welcomed.  

So far it’s looking like I’m going to have to come up with another summer plan.  Apparently if you haven’t made your reservations by November for the summer in New England there are no campsites to be had and absolutely no deals.  In November, we weren’t sure we could get out of Florida given David’s medical requirements, but I can see now that I should have made reservations anywhere I wanted to go and then just cancelled them.  A word to the wise.

I’ll keep trying for another week or so and then will have to go to some summer Plan B that hasn’t even been dreamed up yet.   Or maybe we’ll skip Maine and go directly to the Maritimes.  Anyone want to suggest places to stay and things we shouldn’t miss up there?

Sure does take a LOT of time to do the planning so if you do it you deserve a big pat on the back and if someone does it for you, you are really, really lucky and should thank them daily.  Seriously!


Irritation #2.

Even though we only have a 30 amp rig, we are pretty consistently getting low voltage messages from our Progressive Industries Electrical Management System.  Read that as the power goes off.  We talk to the park, they send out a ranger with a device to measure the voltage coming out of their box and he claims it is 110.  And of course while he is here we turn on everything, two at a time, the AC the water heater, the toaster, the microwave and couldn’t make the system fail. 

And it has been much better since he came until today when we try to leave the AC on while we go to the beach.  The Progressive Industries cuts off below 104 volts or above 132.  Apparently the power was out the entire time we were gone.  It is 89 degrees inside.  David’s medicine is inside.

The park claims, of course that no one else has contacted them about having a problem.   I ask our neighbors.  No they aren’t having trouble.  Do they have surge protectors?  No.  Electrical management systems?  No.   Is that why they aren’t having trouble.  Or is there something wrong with our system??

We have another 8 nights in this park and the temperatures are going to get into the upper 80’s again this week-end.  Sounds like no AC for us.

If we wanted to boondock in the heat we could save a lot of money by camping somewhere else.  The park is completely full or we’d ask to move.   Buyer beware I guess.

I’d like to return here.  I like the park and its location but I would want a site that isn’t on the back row.



Irritation #3

And finally,  late yesterday the realtor called and said she finally had an offer on my dad’s Largo Florida home.  It’s been on the market since October and I’m his Power of Attorney.   She says she has to have it back today to get it to the title company so it can close next week before the buyers go back to Canada.

A house closing in a week?  Really?  Maybe they do that in Florida.  I don’t know.   I have sure never heard of anything less than 2 or 3 months in Virginia.  Canadians going back to Canada in February?  What?  Maybe they do that too and I don’t know.

So I spend the morning reading the 18 page contract, signing and initialing all the places with an X, scanning it and emailing it back to her.

It’s noon, finally time to go to the beach on this exquisitely beautiful day.   I get there, flop down in my beach chair and she calls and asks where are the documents.  She didn’t get them. 

I had checked my sent documents before I left for the beach and they had gone without a hitch.

So I go back to Winnona and do it all again.   I email her to tell her I’ve sent it again.  She writes back to say she hasn’t gotten it AGAIN.  She’s trying to get this 18 page document on her cell phone.  She has to have it today to take to the title company.   She’s working “in the field all day”  she doesn’t have a laptop.

So I spend the afternoon trying this and that to shrink these documents down to the size her cell phone can receive.   I’m doing this of course in the coach with the AC going off every few minutes.   After less than 10 minutes it’s driving me crazy so I turn it off, open all the windows and turn on the fans.

It is 3:30 in the afternoon by the time I finally get something that she says she has received.   Too late to go back to the beach at this point and I haven’t had any lunch yet.  

Is this another case of we are the only people?   The only ones in the park with electricity problems.  The only clients who can’t get her documents small enough so she can get them back on her cell phone?   Do we have faulty equipment, poor electronics,  the wrong software???


Friday sunset 038

Skip lunch, go directly to dinner and then to the sunset which turns out to be the only really fine thing of this entire day.

  A contract doesn’t mean the house is SOLD but it’s a step in the right direction. And tomorrow we’re going to see Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge so things have got to look up.   Right??


  1. Well I sure hope your going to see Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge means things are looking up. What a crazy day for you!!!! I hope David's medicine is ok.

  2. I can't believe a business person thinking she can do business and receive documents on a cell phone. You have more patience than I would. I think I would go straight to the Maritimes although I love Maine. I can't imagine it being much fun in packed campgrounds.

  3. I HATE days like that...thank goodness they don't come around all that often. Hang in there! Enjoy Pelican Island Natl Wildlife Refuge!

  4. Working out a house sale is very stressful, we sold a second home so that we could retire and it was 150 miles from our home. The back and forth was only the beginning - the lawyer at settlement had not received their mortgage company's monies and it was 7 PM. We were told to sign and come back the next day. Only problem was we were not staying and had to work the next day.My husband refused to turn over the keys and said that we were heading home and they could let us know when they had everything done to finish settlement. Both the lawyer and the buyer's agent got busy on the phone and when we got back from grabbing a fast food dinner they had gotten a check for us. We then had a miserable 4 hour drive in the mountains in a nasty snowstorm. It seemed that our situation was secondary to the buyers schedule. Hope it all works out for you !

  5. After the day you have had I think you need a drink.... or two!! I hope the irritations of the day resolve themselves.

  6. Well I'm with Gypsy... never heard of a business person ... she could have gone to the library and you could transmit the documents there on their computer... nasty

    Well? I absolutely love Maine ... I stayed at Acadia National Park and well, boondocked.

    I tell you if you haven't been to the Finger Lakes Region of Upper State New York... it is just gorgeous. Adirondacks...

    I really don't know of campsites though because it was me and Homer. We stealth camped and also did parks... I know that doesn't help much ... wish I had kept a blog in 2007. rats!

    go have fun tomorrow! you know how! in spades!

  7. Keeping fingers crossed that the sale goes through. We were in the OBX when we got the offer on our stix & brix ... tried everything to get the files back to our agent electronically, and finally had to resort to having the campground office fax everything.

  8. I was going to say just what Carolyn said. Finger Lakes are beautiful. So are Adirondacks. It's possible you would find more in the Finger Lakes, because the Adirondacks tend to attract more tourists.

    I'm sorry, but the burden to get one's arse to the proper equipment falls on the person working for you. Shrink this so I can see it on my cell phone? I don't think so.

  9. We've been having the same problem with low voltage, and have a Progressive EMS too. After finally moving to a different site we have much higher voltage and have only lost power once. The manager kept asking if we were sure it wasn't a problem with our rig, because nobody else around us was having trouble. Jim even called Progressive to see if the EMS could be faulty. Turned out one of our next door neighbors didn't have an EMS, and the other had a Autoormer, which boosts the voltage by 10%, so they were fine. Unfortunately for you, if there is no other site to move to, you will continue having problems. Most likely the park needs to upgrade their wiring, which of course isn't gonna happen while you are there. Switching your refrigerator to propane might help a bit. Hope you've had better days since!

  10. I can't really help with irritation 2 and 3. We did however go to the Maritimes last year. Posts are in our blog June, July, August 2012. We didn't have reservations and the only place we wanted to go and could not find a place to stay was Halifax. I would be happy to answer questions or help in any way I can. We stayed at Patton Pond in Ellsworth, Maine to see Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. We crossed into Canada at Calais. Our first stop was St. John, NB. at Hardings Point Campground.


  11. I feel your pain. I am the researcher, planner, and booker of places to stay. And workamp jobs. So you are trying to be somewhere else, we are looking for a winter job in Florida. Hard to find :( Good luck with your travels outta there. I vote for Nova Scotia, it is beautiful. Finger Lakes, NY as mentioned above is nice too.

  12. sounds like YOU need a VACATION! :)
    I Love the planning part of our travels... but sometimes I plan myself to death... until I dont even want to go anymore!

  13. Can't help with the travel. You should trust your surge protector though. I think low voltage is a much bigger problem at campgrounds than folks realize.

  14. I can't believe the Realtor couldn't be bothered to get to a laptop where she could receive her needed documents. I guess it's all about her convenience. She could certainly drive her happy ass to a library, and retrieve her documents there. That's what we did when we were selling our house.

    BTW...a missile launch is scheduled for 10:10 Friday morning. You should have a very good vantage point!

    I agree with Catherine and Jo Beth. Trust your Progressive Industries surge protector. We had a problem at Blue Springs and the pedestal apparently damaged our unit. We called them, they sent us a brand new unit. Good Service. The good news is there is a cold front so you may not need your a/c after today. People without a surge protector don't realize they have low power...until their a/c and appliances wear out prematurely!

    Jeannie and Eldy (Where's Eldo) spent a lot of time in Maine last year, and I don't think she made reservations very early. Check with her. I'll bet you'll be able to work something out. I think they used their Thousand Trails membership a lot though, now that I think of it.

  15. If you are headed to New England and need a place to land for a night or two, let me know. The parking lot is big. If you ever want to do this, email or call me. But you know that already, right? :)

    I bet the only reason others are not having power problems is that they don't KNOW they are having power problems. If they don't have a "box" to monitor their amps and usage, they won't have a clue. I can tell you that the homes near us don't have any idea of the surges that come down the line. They may wonder why their laptop or toaster blew. Well, we have a box and I could tell 'em exactly why. :)

    Sounds like that realtor needs an iPad or laptop. Can't believe she doesn't have one with her. Lengthy documents are an integral part of her job and she should have the capability to access them while on the go. Shame on her!

    Hang in, hang on!

  16. Hi, Sherry. You know that we got specials through Encore Parks for Maine, but that was through having a Thousand Trails membership. Mount Desert Narrows accepts Passport America, at least they did last summer. Abol Bridge in Millinocket is totally boondocking right on the river with the most spectacular views. Moose in the river, bald eagles, twenty bucks a night. Moosehead Family Campground in Greenville, Maine another really nice place. Balsam Woods Campground in Abbot, ME, another great place. We've been to both of those. Our first year in Maine was at those spots. Narrows II in Trenton....you've probably tried those? Smuggler's Den in Southwest Harbor was our very first Maine campground two years ago. Good luck! I hate to see you give up on Maine, it's fantastic, but there sure isn't anything up north that we know of! The campgrounds really dry up unless you boondock somewhere.

  17. Your electricity problems remind me of my time volunteering at Dinosaur Nat'l Monument. Same problem in 115* heat. I finally had to take Emma and sit in the volunteer coordinators office threatening to leave before they finally did something about the low voltage. Believe your EMS!

  18. Always great info on forums and one that comes to mind I use that is not just about RV's is city-data...just search by state with "camping" http://www.city-data.com/forum/search.php?searchid=2766002

  19. Another vote to trust your surge protector. We've had issues at various times also. Moving always did the trick. We're not willing to stress our system by running things on low (or high) voltage. Most weekenders don't have surge protectors so they'll never know they have a problem.
    Hope things look up for you this week.

  20. Remember this is a cash sale, and they can close it in just a couple of days. Title company does all the work. I think the realator should have worked with you more you could have faxed them from a copy place. No cell phone has enough memory for such a big contract. She must just be a crazy person. Let me know when you get the documents I mailed you.

  21. I feel your pain on planning...me being the campground planner of the household too. We haven't done the East coast so can't really give you any good comments, but I've heard lots of good about Nova Scotia...and also the Upper Penninsular of MI. Maybe some alternatives?


  22. I also agree that you should trust your EMS. When we have had problems like you describe it seems that switching out the circuit breaker and/or outlet on the power pedestal seems to solve the problem that is specific to your site.

  23. Yes, closings happen that fast in Florida! I was shocked as well, coming from New York where everything needs a lawyer and that just drags it on and on and on....
    I can attest to the Northeast being expensive. Not just campgrounds, but food, tolls, fuel, you name it, its more! Al's cousin just booked two weeks at Mount Desert Narrows to visit us, but did call us in "sticker shock"! I had him call back and he got a reduced rate for the two weeks of $660 and change, but I know that's high for you...us too! I couldn't afford it if I weren't working there. In any case, I do hope to see you if you pass on by at all!

  24. Trying to get the documents on her cell phone...seriously...that's ridiculous! How annoying all that sounds - especially the heat! In the 80s - that's hot!!!! I am so glad you at least got to see that lovely sunset. As for summer, Maine sounds so nice, but, there are other lovely places and I'm not giving up hope that this summer will be filled with excellent travel :)

  25. ridiculous to say the east..she doesn't have even an IPad???? good heavens talk about taking up your day she better ante up some of that commission for your secretary work!!!! Have you tried the Pumpkin Patch in Hermon Maine?http://www.pumpkinpatchrv.com we have stayed there..but I must warn you they do NOT have a pool...not sure that makes a difference to you or not..and when you hit the Maritimes be sure to let us know..:) we have lots of room and hookups:) if you want references I can provide them lol....

  26. Sherry,
    Fun reading your entry as well as the comments...... As you know, I know nothing about the electrical issues other than I now know....TRUST YOUR EQUIPTMENT !!!!! All the comments seem to be in agreement on that !!! Give me a break, I went through something kinda similar with a real estate broker .....I was also doing business across the miles and this gal keep saying she had emailed everything .....nothing arrived ..... Again and again...... Finally she admitted using a cel phone..... Love the comment, " drive her ass to the library " ......anywhoooo, nothing like training a Broker, who is getting the commission ???? Moving on..... Have a relaxing glass of wine and I hope some of the helpful hints regarding Maine and the summer plans will pan out.....thank goodness for all your blogging pals, they saved the day !!! Really enjoy the fellowship ..... All the Best, SallyB Ps. Went to Moffitt today with my brother, thought of you and David...

  27. Wow -- a house closing in one week??? That would be fantastic! Hope it all goes through without a hitch for you. I agree with other commenters, though, that the realtor dropped the ball on the whole contract issue.


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