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What to do, what to do…..

Thursday February 21, 2013
Site 49 Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach, Florida



OK, so guess what we did today?


Thursday beach PM 004


I’ve always wanted to do a post with only pictures to see what the comments would be like.


Thursday beach PM 011


Thursday beach PM 023


Thursday beach PM 013


Thursday beach PM 019 



Thursday morning beach 018




Thursday morning beach 022


Thursday beach PM 049



And I tried to do that with this post but then this guy comes out with his ocean kayak


Thursday morning beach 028


and he starts paddling out into the big waves.  Easy peasy…the surfers are working really hard trying to get  themselves out there and he is just moving right along.

The surfers only ride the waves so far in and then jump off so they don’t have to paddle all the way back in.
He rides all the way in and in a snap paddles  back out to do it again.


Thursday morning beach 004




He’s riding those waves and it looks like so much fun.
He even got swamped once and that looked like fun too.


Thursday morning beach 011 


Look at this!!

Wow!  I want to do that!

Thursday morning beach 017


He does this for about about 3 hours and then slings the kayak over his arm to leave when he finishes.

As he passes by, I tell him “that looks like SO much fun.”
He replies “It is.  Makes my day EVERY morning”.


Thursday morning beach 030


where do I put yet another kayak?
We already have two hard sided that Ruby carries and a Sea Eagle inflatable for two people in Winnona’s basement.


this is a really short light weight one.
Looks like SO much fun.


Well……………….I’d better just think about something else.


For instance:
Every day we have come to the beach from the campground area the same sign is out.  

Water temperature 70 degrees, 
Rip currents,


Do you think it really is the same every day? 
Or are they just not updating it?  
Every day there are folks in the water, swimming, surfing and now kayaking. 
Nobody seems to be having any troubles with rips or jellys.


Thursday beach PM 017


I wear my bathing suit every day but so far I have only waded in the waves.
I lived in Virginia Beach a block from the ocean in my former life and am too familiar with jelly fish.  They do not make me a happy camper.

I really would like to be in that water, maybe tomorrow I’ll ignore the sign and get in the water too.


Ocean kayaking, ocean swimming…..life is so complicated.

Better grab one of those Florida oranges before they are all gone.


Thursday morning beach 024


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day at the beach... samo, samo, samo here - cold, wind, snow...I think I'm a bit green with envy!!

  2. Haven't the oranges been scrumptious this winter? And after the little cold snap the strawberries are even sweeter! Love your pictures, and may your life continue to be this complicated :-).

  3. Clear blue skies, sand, shorts, ocean breezes and suntan lotion, what could be better??

  4. I like all the pictures, and it saves you typing time. Looks like your life right now is so stressful, hope you can handle it. By the way what size Sea Eagle do you have? We are looking into buying one and not sure what size to get. And do you really love it??

  5. There can't be anything much better than sitting on a warm beach and watching the waves, birds, and people. Great!

  6. Love just the pictures, and saves you time on typing. Looks like your life is so stressful, hope you can handle it. By the way what size Sea Eagle do you have? We are looking into buying one, for this year. Do you really like it?? Thanks!

  7. wanna go. look at the pelican amongst the gulls... haha... love it. I like it all... so now you're going to kayak ~~ in the ocean.

    well? why not... why the hell not... beats sitting around watching daytime teevee

    wonder if I'd fit in one... nah

    I could fit into a beach chair though ... and eating oranges is easy peasy ~

  8. I love your pictures...especially the birds! The waves looked like fun today.

    Have a great week!

  9. Go for it! If you don't see a lot of jellyfish on the beach you'll probably be fine...or get a skinsuit (at a dive shop). It'll keep you a little warmer too.

    Didn't know you had a Sea Eagle. We love ours.

  10. Hey, that photo of you is what I consider "in" the water. The more I see of beach photos - yours and others - I'm really leaning toward time at The Shore for our wee R&R getaway later this year. It's been way too long since I've twinkled my toes in the sand!

  11. I always wondered whether they keep up with those signs or not...I say, get the kayak! How long are they? I'm guessing less than ten feet. Looks like my kind of fun!

  12. Can't get enough of those beach scenes...nice "thumbs up"! Remembering a swim at Destin...the water was filled with jellyfish the size of your pinky. It was hard dodgin them...that tiny, their bites felt less than a pinch. BIG jellyfish...don't want to go there :O) Carry some vinegar ...

  13. Must be nice to be able to kayak in the waves everyday! We have a Sea Eagle 370 and have enough trouble sitting right side up in calm water. Imagine how we'd do in some breaking surf...it could be ugly!

    Thanks for the warning on the oranges, I better go get some right now before David finishes them all... ;c)

  14. The bird pictures are the best! The pelican looks like he's keeping law and order. All I would need is to hear or read the word "jellyfish" and I'd be happy to stay up on the sand.

  15. Love, love, love the pictures for the birds and the beach and I want to be there too. Jelly Fish, no thanks the beach is just fine.

  16. Looks like my kind of day at the beach. The ocean kayaking looks like a blast. Maybe there is a place nearby where you can try them out or rent one?

  17. Let me see if I can guess right.... you're sitting on the beach doing absouletly nothing but watching time go by.....oh and some birds and some dude ocean kyaking...How'd I do? I like Karen's idea of the wet suit if you don't want to tangle with the jelly fish. I just ordered another box of Oranges for Joe from Bakersfield, CA. He says there's none like it, but then he hasn't had any fresh Florida oranges either....Looking forward to pictures of you Ocean Kyaking


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