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The Inlet is the center of things at the park

Tuesday February 19, 2013
Site 49 Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach, Florida


I love Sebastian Inlet in the morning after sunrise.


Sebastian Inlet 020


Sebastian Inlet 012


The beach on its South side is totally deserted on this morning.  The fisherman are way further on down.


Sebastian Inlet 014




In the afternoons, I love the state park beach, North of the Inlet.


Sebastian Day 3 009


Sebastian Day 3 010




Here by the ocean, on either side of the inlet,  is one of my VERY favorite spots in all the world.
(all species of ocean lovers are identified in this blog)


Sebastian Day 3 043



It’s February, the water temperature is an unbelievable 70 degrees.  The sun is shining, the waves are big and folks are in the water, on the shore and in the air having fun


Sebastian Day 3 023


Sebastian Day 3 021


Did I mention it’s February and they are in the water???

 Sebastian Day 3 013


Sebastian Day 3 040



These are mostly by the water, not in the water.

 Sebastian Day 3 047


Sebastian Day 3 027


Sebastian Day 3 037

 Sebastian Day 3 051


Sebastian Day 3 025



Skimming in the air.

Sebastian Day 3 026



It is a great day at Sebastian Inlet.  All day by the water.  Not sure I’ll do anything else while I’m here but check back to see won’t you?
Chances increase for other than beach if it rains  :-)


Are you a beach lover?
Do you have a special beach you love the most?
If so, tell me so I can be sure to go there!




Sebastian Day 3 042


  1. Well dog gone it I wish I could be happy for you but sitting here after our ice and sleet storm yesterday I just can't be. Just kidding!!!!!!!
    This time next year we will be in Florida too So I am dreaming and feeling the sun through your photos.
    I love the beaches in North Carolina, around Cape Hatteras.

  2. Swamps are swampy and green and froggy and gatory ... but look at that ocean... AHHHHhhhhhhh

    Favorite? can't say ... west to gulf to east ... it's all good. the sounds ~ the birds ~ the attitudes ~ wanna go

    I've been thinking of a favorite... for being camped right on beach for $5? ... gotta be Washington State~ part of Olympic National Park ~ South Beach Campground.... man oh man ... here's one of the posts... oh, sigh... and sniff


  3. Our family has been enjoying the beach at Assateague Island for 40 years. We sometimes go to the Northern end in Maryland. There are both state and national parks with camping - the state park has hot and cold showers the national only cold. One loop in the state park has electric, the rest do not. Water and a dump station are available. Our favorite time is September. We also go to the Virginia (south) end of Assateague Island. You have to stay in the town of Chincoteague where there are several commercial campgrounds that are very crowded. You go across a bridge to get to the National Wildlife Refuge and the National Park - both are day use facilities. Lots of great birding in the spring and fall and a great beach in the summer.

  4. I love the beach. I grew up not far from the water. Hurricane Sandy destroyed the beaches I knew as a kid. Very sad. I've always hated being land locked in Atlanta. Lakes just don't get it. I prefer the beach in cooler weather, and I love the smell of the salt water when I get over to the coast. We tried to get to Charleston and surrounding area at least twice a year, and until this year Susan and I were averaging the same.

    I like the beaches in Oregon. They are not crowded and great to walk on--interesting with the rocks, etc. Too cold to swim in and too rough except for the young people who surf and wear the skins to keep warm. Much different than the Atlantic which has a charm all it's own. I'd love to spend some time on the coast of Maine, but Folly Beach over near Charleston is a very nice beach because I can take Jack and let him run until his heart's content and I can walk until my heart's content. Again, in the cooler weather. You can have the sand and the heat. Not for me, Sherry. And, I'm not a "water rat" like you. As a kid, I was, but sand in the pants doesn't bother kids. LOL I thought I could smell the sea looking at your pictures. Beautiful place--rough water!

    I love watching the birds--you get such great pictures of them. I do remember getting a good picture of the gulls when I was driving the coast of California.

    Thanks once, again, for a great post. Your writing will be invaluable for Carrie to read one day. Priceless.

  5. Being from Eastern Long Island, it's hard to say. I guess the south beaches of Montauk would be my favorites out there, where you could walk for miles in the off season. I really like First Landing SP in Virginia when we stayed there. I am loving the Nature Coast here in Florida. And I'll reserve judgement for our favorite after we're back from Maine this summer! Mountains are beautiful, but I'm a beach girl at heart.

  6. I second Bonnie on the beach at Assateague, but because of the ponies. I don't really have a favorite beach, but have lots of favorite mountains and forests and streams tumbling over rocks. You would probably feel smothered in them, as I feel like I'm drowning around a lot of water.

  7. Oh....goodness.... I am SO envious, LOVE the beach...and it is warm????n My friend and I are going to the beach Monday, BUT it will be cold, but that is OK, there will be salt water and sand and hopefully shells and seagulls, I will be happy, happy, happy (could only wish for warmth) looking forward to many more beach days from you!!!

  8. I am a beach lover too. I can not pick a most favorite beach. Closest to " the land house" would be the Gulf of Mexico. We enjoyed many vacations there during our working years. Since we have been full timing, I guess I would have to say the beaches at Cavendish on Prince Edward Island was an huge thrill to experience just because....it is beautiful! Our grandson loved the waves at Wilmington Beach, NC, our pups loved the beach at Cape Hatteras because they were welcomed there, Joe loved the beach at Sea Ranch in Northern CA because of the cliffs....could go on and on.

    Enjoy your time there.....it's so peaceful. Your pictures of the birds are awesome!

  9. It's so good to see you at a special place that makes you happy and restores your well being. Beaches and the ocean sure do have a way of doing that.

    Not that it's any surprise to you but I'm a little weird. I really enjoy the beach during a winter storm and seeing the power and fury of the ocean. It's so awe inspiring.

  10. Love, love, love the beach photos! I can almost hear the waves and feel that delicious salt air. I'm thinking we may need to spend our R&R time at the Jersey Shore. Okay, my fave beaches are Galveston, TX more so for the atmosphere than the beaches themselves. I used to take a yearly "retreat" either solo or with girlfriends to a hotel there. Loved sitting on the balcony people-watching, wave-watching, gull-watching, etc. Also love Rockport, TX again not so much for the beach but the area - a typical beach town of seafood restaurants, quaint shops (even if touristy, it's fun to browse), and the laid-back atmosphere. Yep, I think R&R at The Shore may just be it . . . :)

  11. Before I retired, I wanted a home on the beach. Since then, I've visited many, and they just don't sing to me as they do to you. I like to look for shells and such, but guess I'm a woods and mountains girl at heart. :) Swamps and marshes are cool too.

  12. I long to get back to the beach again. We loved the beach at Fort Pickens in Gulf Breeze.

  13. I have some things to say here:

    1) 70° is two degrees COLDER THAN ICHETUCKNEE.

    2) That's a beautiful picture of the birds in flight. Really outstanding. Would you consider letting me use it as my wallpaper?

    3) My unlikely favorite beach is Jacksonville Beach, because that's where I spent the most time growing up.

  14. Any beach is a good beach if it is deserted ... or nearly so.

  15. Haven't been to enough beaches yet to have a favorite, so for now I'd have to say our favorite is any beach during the off season. Not a fan of crowds, so we prefer the beach when no one else is there.

  16. Great question. Tough to answer though. Probably our favorite for warm water was in Tulum, Mexico, followed by Destin, then Longboat Key in Florida. As Oregonians, we love the Pacific beaches too, especially near Manzanita, Oregon. I also cast a vote for the beaches of Lake Superior near Copper Harbor, Michigan.

  17. Black Skimmers are such handsome birds. And quite entertaining to watch them buzz along the waves.

  18. Once again your pictures make me miss the ocean so much. Strange that some one who was raised on the NJ coast lives in the Sonoran Desert now and has been for 38 yrs.
    Hope to sell my trailer in norther AZ. this summer and get a van to start traveling and find some beaches and camp near them.

    Keep enjoying and I will keep looking at your pictures and enjoying it with you.

  19. We lived in Tampa 14 years and never cared much for the beach. We thought we would never care about living by one. Now we think that is exactly where we want to be.

  20. Beautiful bird shots - especially the Black Skimmers - nice 'Beach Ogler' picture too :) Just looks like such an awesome life out there on the beach - SOOOOO lucky are you!!


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