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A walk around the neighborhood

Sunday February 24, 2013
Site 49, Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach, Florida


First thing is the sunrise. 

I walk over to the ocean front on the campground side of the inlet and get comfy to wait for the 6:15 sunrise.  I’m pretty sure the clouds will obscure it but it’s fun to watch and see what happens. 

I look down at the beautiful shells at my feet and start thinking about delicious oysters and then I notice….what??…..is that really a red mangrove root thinking about colonizing this beach.  What a hoot!!  They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere.

By 7:15 there is still no sun but the beams shining down are lovely just the same.


1 Morning walk 013




1 Morning walk 003

1 Morning walk 022



I head back to Winnona retracing my steps along the inlet to the lagoon. 

The beach sunflowers are looking lovely.  And so is the little blue heron.  But who are these two waterfowl?  I’ve not seen them before.  The light is weak and their colors are hard to see.  Judy, are they some sort of merganser??   As I leave the shore line to turn into the campground I hear a powerful singer with a beautiful song.  In the picture he’s in mid song.  He’s a friend from Virginia but I’m so glad he lives here too.  We are all lucky to have the mockingbird in our neighborhood.


1 Morning walk 026 


1 Morning walk 034


1 Morning walk 061


1 Morning walk 055 




1 Morning walk 069



Later in the morning David finishes installing the decals Santa brought me back in December.  


Winnona’s rear BRAVE decal was looking rather ragged.  Since she’s so good to us and we plan to keep her forever, we want her to be looking her best.  I didn’t get a picture of the Brave decal in its former state but did take one of this side stripe before he replace it.  Didn’t he do a great job on them both?? 


Monday beach and sunset 036


Monday beach and sunset 039 

2 afternoon beach 023



In the afternoon we are off to enjoy the surf and sand at the north side beach. 

An entire surfing family shows up today.  5 kids and the dad are surfing. All with boards and wet suits.  The mom and a little baby girl in a pink bikini and pampers are watching.   I didn’t get pictures of them all but here are some.  They sure were fun to watch. 

Seeing them reminded me of the Paskowitz family full timing with 9 children in a 24’ camper van and surfing all over.  If you aren’t familiar with their story, it’s pretty interesting here’s a trailer for the documentary on them entitled Surfside.   I doubt this family is anything like them.


2 afternoon beach 002


2 afternoon beach 003


2 afternoon beach 004


2 afternoon beach 005


2 afternoon beach 008


2 afternoon beach 010


2 afternoon beach 011


2 afternoon beach 013



That’s my neighborhood today.



1 Morning walk 017


  1. The kids look like they are having so much fun. I spent a weekend with 3 kids and a husband in a Class C with my brother and his wife. I can't remember how we all fit into that RV even though the kids were pretty small.

  2. hmmmmmm I think we may have to visit your neighborhood next winter...

  3. Aren't all our neighborhoods nice? The beach ones are the best!

  4. Remember Gidget? As a mid-western girl growing up, I was obsessed with the idea of surfing in California. Never did make it to the standing position! Lucky kids to learn early in life.

  5. I would love to wiggle my toes in the sand! I actually missed the sunrise this morning. I sleep right through it. Odd for me.

  6. David did a great job on the new decals. Winnona is lucky to have such great owners. :c)

    Lovely neighborhood, hope you don't have to leave it any time soon, so much to enjoy!

  7. Ah kids playing outside in the sunshine a great moment to see!

  8. That's one heckuva neighborhood! SIGH

  9. Great job on the decals, Dad! Very impressive and new looking :) Great shots of the girl standing on the board - sounds like quite a family and a fun life - just like yours :)


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