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A toast to the Manatee as we leave

Sunday March 17, 2013
Site 7, Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park
Micanopy, Florida



Here’s my farewell to the manatee whom I have so much enjoyed.  They are beautiful gentle creatures with no predators but man.  Their life, outside of the threat of being hit head on and killed or badly scarred by boat drivers,  seems perfect.  Swim, hug, play, sleep, eat, repeat.

Look closely, all noses are not alike.
Breathe on big buddies forever and ever Amen!


Swimming in the Blue Spring 003


Swimming in the Blue Spring 019

Swimming in the Blue Spring 024

Swimming in the Blue Spring 027


Swimming in the Blue Spring 055

Swimming in the Blue Spring 064

Swimming in the Blue Spring 065


Swimming in the Blue Spring 066

Swimming in the Blue Spring 067

Swimming in the Blue Spring 074


Swimming in the Blue Spring 076A  


Last Day at Blue Spring 025

Last Day at Blue Spring 067

Last Day at Blue Spring 026


Last Day at Blue Spring 039



Leaving the manatee is sad but it’s always fun to move on to a new place and a new yard.  This trip is especially nice since it is only 120 miles and goes right by a Brusters in Silver Springs.  It’s actually the first Brusters we ever went to.  When we get here, they do have our absolute favorite flavor in the whole world, Jamaican Me Crazy. Whoopee!!!

I am able to toast the manatee with great ice cream.

Last Day at Blue Spring 077


Last Day at Blue Spring 085


Last Day at Blue Spring 075


Last Day at Blue Spring 081


Last Day at Blue Spring 086


The fun continues at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park up the road about 120 miles in Micanopy, Florida.  Please come along and if you are reading, please comment.  Let me know you’re out there and what you think.  


  1. love all the manatee noses...
    And you guys noses look good too!!! Next to that wonderful ice cream!!

  2. There's a wonderful article about the manatees in National Geographic this month, and you can access it online! How much longer are you at Paynes Prairie, its not too far from here.

  3. I love reading your blog and following along on your adventures. We aren't to retirement yet (thanks economy, LOL) but have the 5th wheel and take 2 month long trips each year to "practice". We can't wait. Our next trip is to the Gulf Coast of Texas, but someday we'll hit Florida, too. Smiles, Sue Castle

  4. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park is a great place! It's was always very quiet. Lots of deer!

  5. You could easily get attached to the manatees. Is there a particular attraction at Paynes Prairie? I love good ice cream, but I prefer plain old chocolate and vanilla.

  6. I was feeling sad for you that you had to leave your beloved manatees, until i scrolled down a little further and saw you were getting your very favorite "Jamaican Me Crazy" ice cream. Looking forward to see who your animal friends will be at Paynes Prairie.

  7. I just cringe when I see their poor backs, all those scars. How horrible. I have really enjoyed seeing all your posts on these gentle creatures. I like ice cream but not my favorite I probably eat it once a year if that. Now...give me fudge or taffy and I am a happy camper. Your cones do look good though, except right now I am freezing, hmmmm hot chocolate sounds good :)

  8. Never heard of your next destination. Looking forward to learning more about this area. Glad you had a chance o get your Jamaica Me Crazy fix!

  9. I am so bummed I didn't get to Brusters when I was in Ocala. sigh. But I have been to Micanopy many times, and I love Paynes Prairie. You are back in Cross Creek country!

  10. Looking forward to your adventures at Paynes. I'm sure it won't measure up to the manatees..but..at least you got some JMC!

  11. manatee noses... I never. LOVE Brusters!

  12. The manatee that I "swam" with so many years ago looked like it had a pig snout. It was a number of years before I found out what gentle giants they are, and that I had nothing to fear that day on the Loxahatchee. I may not comment all the time, Sherry, but I always read.

    Just got past another crisis. Didn't and won't discuss one, but Susan's appendix ruptured. She's been in the hospital since 5 a.m. Sunday morning when she had emergency surgery. I just got home from the hospital. She's doing fine--mostly, like David, because she is such a healthy specimen to begin with. The doctor told us this morning that she may go home tomorrow, but she'll have to go home with a drain, and of course antibiotics. She's none the worse--more worried that the scars (the surgery was laproscopic) would show when she wears a bikini. I found out the best medication to eliminate scarring. $50./oz. OUCH. But, it's better than flowers for her.

    I've been dying to write a post on my blog, but it seems that I only have doom and gloom to talk about. I haven't seen anything outside of the house except the pool and now the hospital. I don't have the gift that you have--to look past things and find something interesting or beautiful. I don't think you realize your talent. I could try to say the same thing you say, but I would sound like I was whining while you sound like you're teaching from an interesting point of view.

  13. Awww, it's sad to see you leave your buddies. Bruster's is always a good pick-me-up.

  14. I think ice cream and manatees are the perfect combination. Wonder what your next yard will bring.

  15. I think sometime I will get to taste the "REAL" JMC!!! Are you sure you didn't call ahead?!?!?

  16. We did not make it to the manatee yesterday. Maybe this morning.

  17. I feel so deprived..... No Brusters or JMC or Manatees! There is such a great big world out there filled with treasures for me to find (and taste!)

  18. I'm sure all those Manatees are going to miss you and your camera! Safe travels to your next stop.

  19. The nose knows. That's has to be the finest picture collection of manatee noses known to man. I couldn't "pick" which nose pic was my favorite. (Puns intended). ;c)

    Glad you got your J-M-C fix. You're one happy couple! :cD

  20. OK...I have to have some ice cream now!

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Manatee pics! Glad to see you two back at it and enjoying nature again.

  22. So glad they had THE ice cream! All the manatee noses - definitely a cool collage. :)


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