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Henry David Thoreau

Today is………what day???

Monday February 25, 2013
Site 49, Sebastian Inlet State Park
Vero Beach, Florida



The days are all beginning to run together. 

And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s actually pretty Zen.

I wake up in time to see the sun rise.  I run or I don’t and I have breakfast and go to the beach.    And I see what is there.  Often the same cast of surfers and birds and sometimes someone new.   My spot is always somewhat different even though it is in about the same place.  The waves and the wind and the sun are unique each day.


Monday beach and sunset 001



I call him kayak man.  He’s a favorite of mine.

Monday beach and sunset 005  



Monday beach and sunset 012


I’m thinking these are willets. 

Somebody confirm or deny please.
They aren’t as common as the Black Skimmers, the gulls and the Royal Terns.  Or as consistent as the kayak man or Longboard.

Monday beach and sunset 013



I love to watch Longboard surf.

He makes it look SO easy and he gets longer rides than anyone else.  .  I wonder if that’s because his board is much longer than the ones most others use.  He just slides right up on the wave without paddling frantically.  He’s a very graceful and still exciting surfer.  I start singing Beach Boys songs when he shows up.  ‘Surfin’ USA’ !!


Monday beach and sunset 020


Monday beach and sunset 024


Monday beach and sunset 026




Well here’s something I have never seen here before or in a very long time anywhere actually.  The noise sounds like a WWII bomber headed straight for me.  It is LOUD and scares the birds so badly they take off into the air.  I look out beneath the umbrella and….

Monday beach and sunset 027


Monday beach and sunset 029


Monday beach and sunset 032



The day winds down to evening.

I’ve been here at Sebastian Inlet long enough to know that there are dolphins who have a routine too.   They are out in the inlet catching fish on their way back to the ocean at just about dusk.  I almost always see 1 or 2 or 3.  They are so exciting to see even if they don’t make very exciting pictures.  It’s hard to catch them in a photograph so I’m pretty proud of these three aren’t honestly aren’t just 3 closer pictures of the same dolphin.



Monday beach and sunset 054


Monday beach and sunset 065


Monday beach and sunset 067A        


The sunset looks different every few minutes as it sinks lower and lower in the sky.  The light changes as the clouds change.  When I look at the pictures it seems as though they can’t all be from the same short half an hour time period but they are.

Monday beach and sunset 056A



Monday beach and sunset 062B



Monday beach and sunset 058


Monday beach and sunset 064



Monday beach and sunset 049


It really is wonderful to be in the same place long enough to learn to know it and to establish a comforting routine even if I don’t always know what day it is.   They are all the same and all different and all divine.


  1. Pictures beautiful as always. I know how hard it is to click just at the right second a dolphin breaks the water. I can't tell you how many times I missed on James Island.

    Your last statement, in my opinion, is a complete description of what full-timing or traveling in an RV is. When I went west, I would stay (for the most part) at least three days in one place to really get to know my surroundings. I was amazed that I always felt I was home when I was in places I loved.

    I'm so happy to see that you have arrived in "Utopia". You take nothing for granted and fine beauty in the smallest detail of your world. :)

  2. Such is the life of an RV...retired and full-timer that is...and what an awesome life it is! Beautiful sunset! Not sure about the birds....where' Judy?

    Can't believe it is March. Have a great week-end!

  3. Sherry I love the photos of Sebastian Inlet State Park but when I Google it I saw a lot of posts about the Noseemes. Are you having any problems with the bug's down there?

  4. Beautiful photos - especially the ones of the guy going out to surf.

  5. You know you've made it to true full-timing when you forget what day it is. I could never get tired of sitting on the beach and watching the goings on. Maybe the blimp was headed to Daytona?

  6. There is such beauty in the sunsets. Same sun, same sky but yet different every day. Your pics of the sunset are mesmerizing just like the sunset itself. Who cares what day it is!!

  7. Ah yes, the Beach Boys. Surfer Girl, my favorite song of theirs. I have to go dig it out of my CD collection and put it on.

    I'm thinking we need to head to the beach as soon as we get out of our exile here in SC. Your wonderful pictures are making it hard for us to stay in one place, we're missing out! :c(

  8. Sherry, between my one and only day at the beach and your wonderful beach pictures, I have been bitten by needing a beach fix again. I am really going to miss Florida and the wonderful winter we have had. It looks like folks are starting to stir here at Salt Springs...a few spots have opened up.

  9. GREAT sunset? pictures!!!! So quiet and serene, not like the noisy banging surf we had!!!

  10. Nice post...I think you are gonna miss that beach;o((

  11. The changing colors of sunset always amaze me ... the deep golden red hues are my favorite.

  12. I too have learned to appreciate staying long enough in one place to feel the rhythm of the days. Your daily rituals and photos capture the joy of this lifestyle so well!

  13. Great pictures...yet again! Longboard looks like he has a great time! How annoying that the Good Year Blimp had to scare everyone - bird and man alike :( Dolphins and gorgeous sunsets - can't ask for much better than that.

  14. Beach Baby! It may be a little early to tell, but how do you like the latest beach umbrella? We have one like it but haven't used it on the beach yet. Enjoy whatever day it is!

  15. little late to your post but yes they are willets...

  16. Lovely post. I look forward to letting the days flow together. .

  17. I second Heyduke50, the bird is a willet in winter plumage.

    When I was ten, my dad worked for Goodyear in California. Our family got to go for a flight in the blimp. That was awesome!


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