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Hanging with the Beautiful People

Tuesday March 5, 2013
Site 20, Blue Spring State
Park Orange City, Florida


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Now Back to the fun stuff


Manatee and Black Bear Trail 026


It’s finally starting to warm up.  High today 76 so the manatee may not be around much longer. 

Thus today is mostly  spent with the manatee.  We start out in the morning walking the board walk to see what they are doing.

Manatee and Black Bear Trail 050


Manatee and Black Bear Trail 212



Manatee and Black Bear Trail 056

They are, as usual, swimming or playing or hugging or resting.  Just plain having fun.  We also see what I think are the Manatee Research divers.  But their shirts say USGS not Save the Manatee.  What interest would the United States Geologic Survey have in Manatee Research?  Have to ask that question of the next ranger I see.


Tuesday at Blue Spring 064

  Manatee and Black Bear Trail 038



I call her Mona the Magnificent.  I think she’s prettier than the “real” Mona Lisa.

While at one of the spring run overlooks, we visit with probably the most photographed specific  manatee at the park.  Of course we get our pictures with her too.  Isn’t she gorgeous.  Click on the photos to see her mosaics up close. 


Manatee and Black Bear Trail 040


Manatee and Black Bear Trail 044


She used to reside on the porch of the Thursby House but apparently about a year ago some fraternity prank guys stole her even though she was chained to the porch.  They hid her in the woods and damaged her nose.  She was only found and returned about 6 months ago.  I really hope they will have the damage to her nose repaired.  Maybe a generous mosaic artist will volunteer to do what looks like a small but important job.  It’s such a shame.  She really is a gorgeous work of art.



The other manatee like to play around the rope at the end of the spring run.

Lots of splashing and rubbing around the sign and the rope.  I see them during the afternoon playing and then again after sunset.   As you can tell from the pictures, they are here in a big group.  You don’t suppose it’s a team sport do you??


Tuesday at Blue Spring 021


Tuesday at Blue Spring 022


Tuesday at Blue Spring 024


Tuesday at Blue Spring 066

Here’s looking at you!Tuesday at Blue Spring 068



Sun is setting, it’s cooling down.

I return to the boardwalk around sundown and get these shots from the boat dock.

 Tuesday at Blue Spring 070

Tuesday at Blue Spring 095 


When I walk from the dock to the sandy shore line next to the rope at the end of the spring run, I can see the party continues even after dark.  These pictures were taken with my flash. 

If you look closely there are 7 or 8 in the group.  I could reach out and touch them they are so close.  Sure would have liked to but this is a manatee refuge and they ask you not to.  There is also a $500 fine for harassing the manatee in a refuge. 


PM manatee 052

PM manatee 054


Got him rolling over.  Flipper up.PM manatee 066


When it gets SO dark I can’t see them anymore, I use a flashlight to walk the nice wooded and paved path back to the campground.


PM manatee 071


It’s been a great manatee day from start to finish. 


AM walk Blue Springs 055


  1. Such cool photo's. I guess folks at Salt Springs are getting ticketed for touching the Manatee's. Fish and Game are incognito and monitoring closely.

  2. Wonderful! They're some of my favorite creatures on the planet. I meant to ask you guys yesterday, have you seen the manatee stirring up great clouds of silt? There's a mineral in there that they love, and so mess up the banks in search of it. In fact, last year they almost caused some of the trees to fall onto the metal dock because they dug out all the sand underneath the bank.

  3. Cute pics of you and the manatees. That was sure a beautiful manatee and it sparkles!!

  4. I get the feeling being with the Manatees is your very favorite thing to do....... until your next stop. I love the way you get so excited about the places you go and the things you see. And the best part of it is I get to go along too...... through your eyes. Thank you for your wonderful blog Sherry

  5. They are such graceful creatures. I'm interested in the USGS being there too..hmmm...

  6. Awwww -- that's a cute picture of you looking up at the mosaic manatee. It really is a work of art.

  7. Those manatee photos are just so wonderful, Sherry! and loved the poster at the end. Perfect!

  8. If a lot of the Manatee leave they'll open it up for swimming, so maybe you'll be able to get wet.... Did you see my pics of the little girl swimming with them there? (just do a search ) :)

  9. These Manatee are adorable and so delightfully social. I too would have a hard time not hugging one, but would show respect. A shame about the mosaic piece being stolen and broken. The Manatee silhouette reminds me of big happy exclamation points.

  10. Don't ya' just wish you could take a manatee home with you? Of course, Ducky would get jealous... ;c)

  11. Great photos! Especially the manatee!

  12. Is Mona the "mermaid" David was ogling a year or so ago? Seems I recall some aquatic impropriety.

  13. Beautiful photographs and the water looks so clear. What a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a cool experience. Finally catching up on my reading and I read about your woes re: the search bar. I've had occasional problems with mine, but it seems to be of short duration and fixes itself. Have you tried deleting the gadget and adding it again? Also, here's a link to a blog about all things Blogger ... perhaps you can search it for some solutions, or report your problem here ... http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/

  15. Excellent manatee shots - I agree that Mona is beautiful. So neat that you could get that close - I do wonder what they feel like to the touch.


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