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Last Day at Blue Spring

Saturday March 16, 2013
Site 20, Blue Spring State Park
Orange City, Florida


I know you won’t be surprised to learn that I spend my last day at Blue Spring on the spring run.  Last night the low was again in the 30’s so the manatee are around in good numbers this morning.  But the high is 78 so they are scarce by afternoon.   That is OK as I have some packing up to do after our 2 weeks here.

Here’s some of what I see during my morning on the spring run.

Manatee appear to be such loving creatures.  They all get along so well.  I’ve never seen a fight or anything that even looked like a disagreement let alone a war.  Seems we should be studying how they get along so well with everyone rather than ramming around in our power boats bumping into them.


 Last Day at Blue Spring 004


Last Day at Blue Spring 005


Last Day at Blue Spring 006


Last Day at Blue Spring 007



They even get along great with this guy too.  See their shadowy shapes nearby.

    Last Day at Blue Spring 013


Last Day at Blue Spring 015


Last Day at Blue Spring 016



They share their waters with lots of birds and fish including the long nosed and Florida Gar.

Last Day at Blue Spring 031


Last Day at Blue Spring 032


They are just so darn cute that everyone wants to get near them.  They don’t often come down by the shore but this day they did.  Here they are at the same spot at the end of the spring run by the shore where I saw them playing after dark one night.  If you didn’t see my manatee after dark pictures, you can find them HERE.


Last Day at Blue Spring 038



Last Day at Blue Spring 047


Last Day at Blue Spring 052


Last Day at Blue Spring 058


These folks are waiting at the boat barrier to see them swim out into the ocean and perhaps right under their boats.  I did it too when I was in my kayak although I wasn’t anxious for them to come up under me and play at tipping me over. I got way back out of their way when I saw them coming.  Guess those paddle boarding folks don’t know or don’t care about the possibility of getting dumped in the water where the gators also swim.  No cure for stupid.


Last Day at Blue Spring 068



This picture too is from right along the shore.  The manatee are playing and the alligator is swimming right toward the kayaks.  Luckily for the latter, the manatee are busy and not leaving the run so no one gets dumped and the gator swims on by.

Last Day at Blue Spring 069

After spending a little more than the morning here I have to head home for lunch and do some packing up.  We leave tomorrow and I’m really going to miss my time watching the manatee.


  1. On the third of March Kathy and I actually swam with the Manatees at Crystal River. The temperature was 42F so once you got out of the water you got into dry clothes really quick. They are the gentle giants of the sea. It was fun when they stuck their noses up against our scuba masks (the kiss) and wrap their arms momentarily around you like a hug.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. oh-oh, now you are mentioning NOT being in the water with those gators!!! Paddle brds, no, no, I would not be there, but the gators were heading towards the kayaks??

  3. Al came very close to being dumped out of his kayak by a manatee when we were paddling the Homosassa River. Problem there is the water is not so clear and you can't see them very well. One popped up extremely close and actually bounced him a bit. So glad he didn't go in the drink as he had the phone with him :-(. We now have a waterproof Otterbox for it ;-).

  4. I know you'll miss the manatee but I'll bet you'll have something else catch your eye wherever you stray to next.

  5. It was nice that you could say goodbye to all your Manatee friends. I don't know that I would want to be in a kayak let alone a board with that aligator around....

  6. such clear pretty water ... has a schtupid gotten hurt? can't imagine lying there like that with alligators roaming about...

    another gray ol yucky windy ~ 50mph! day here... high was about 43 or so ...

    g'night ;)

  7. I know this has been one of your favorite places...manatees are really special!!! Hate that the weather gets cold, but it sure does bring in the manatees:o))

  8. Those Gar fish ended my fishing efforts in Florida. I caught one and it scared me -yikes.

  9. How wonderful that manatees can live at peace with their kind and others - amazing creatures. I would not be out there on a paddle board with alligators...um...not an intelligent choice...sounds, though, that they did get lucky!! :) You'll have to come to back to Blue Springs - definitely a neat place - especially when the manatee are flocking.

  10. I think we'll be close to Blue Springs in our FL job next winter. Soooo excited to be among the manatees :)

  11. You'll find something else to love at the new location, if I know you! Maybe a buffalo!

    I love the picture of the gator swimming behind the manatee. Great shot.

  12. I'm sure the manatee will miss seeing you, too. Paddle board in areas where there are gators? Not for me, I can't even stay on one just sitting on the ground... :cO

  13. Ever pause to ponder how many folks know only of the cows on the farms and probably will never behold the cows of the sea? They need to subscribe to your blog to be enlightened.


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