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BREAKING NEWS-Lubec attacked

Saturday August 31, 2013
Lubec, Maine



It’s just an ordinary Saturday morning and we are going to the farmer’s market.


But when we get to town at about 8:30, something more is going on.   We stop by the bakery to have a giant raspberry Danish.  There’s something unusual here.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 007


Upon closer inspection, she’s looking pretty saucy.  Hmmmmm

Lubec Pirate Invasion 010



There are lots of people in town.
All ages, all sizes. 
They are hurrying toward the pier.



Lubec Pirate Invasion 023


 Lubec Pirate Invasion 024


Lubec Pirate Invasion 068

Lubec Pirate Invasion 086

Lubec Pirate Invasion 062



Pirates are hiding behind the stones at the top of the boat ramp.


They seem to have water bombs. 
Have they infiltrated the town? 
Are they friend or foe??


Lubec Pirate Invasion 079



Lubec Pirate Invasion 081


Lubec Pirate Invasion 083  



Out in the water I see a dory sneaking up on the side.
  It appears there is a female spy waiting.
I saw her earlier this morning heading toward the dock.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 050



No one else notices this traitor. 
They are all gathered at the top of the hill above the harbor.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 057 



Rumors are flying. A pending attack?


I’m told I should arm myself as other brave citizens have done.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 027

Lubec Pirate Invasion 073


Lubec Pirate Invasion 071


Lubec Pirate Invasion 026  



Is it rival pirate gangs? 
Or mercenaries for hire? 
How do you know who is on your side??? 
And who has been planted by the enemy??



Lubec Pirate Invasion 063


Lubec Pirate Invasion 030



Lubec Pirate Invasion 090

Lubec Pirate Invasion 309

Lubec Pirate Invasion 121




Out of the mist I see them coming.


A flotilla sailing straight toward Lubec.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 096




As they approach, our courageous citizens come down to meet the aggressors.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 097


Lubec Pirate Invasion 100


Lubec Pirate Invasion 101 



I zoom in to see the blaggards. 
Apparently they are waiting for the entire fleet to arrive before storming our shores. 
All the better, it gives us more time to prepare.








Their leader is first on the dock




They charge toward the town, weapons blazing.



Lubec Pirate Invasion 133






Swords drawn, they come to take us down.





We attack back! 
HA!  Take that!!





We give as good as we get




We’re gaining the upper hand. 

Our troops have their pistols firing as the enemy points to their air support






DRAT - We are being attacked by sea AND air.





Lubec Pirate Invasion 230


Lubec Pirate Invasion 237 



But still our brave defenders have them on the run










Lubec Pirate Invasion 171



They fire back







Mayhem ensues, water everywhere. 
We are putting heart and soul into defending our town.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 168


Lubec Pirate Invasion 178 



Even our youngest troops are firing their weapons


Lubec Pirate Invasion 203


Lubec Pirate Invasion 204


Lubec Pirate Invasion 208  



And then we hear them….roaring up.

We are attacked by land. 
They have come by sea, by air and now by land.









Try as we might, this triple attack is too much for us. 
They have over run the town.



Lubec Pirate Invasion 153



Lubec Pirate Invasion 239



Will they raise their wicked flag??


Lubec Pirate Invasion 185




To the victors go the spoils and the thrill of Victory!







Lubec Pirate Invasion 272


Lubec Pirate Invasion 275


Lubec Pirate Invasion 276


Lubec Pirate Invasion 131




Look at their villainous faces as they gleefully march into town. 
Some are parading their weapons and their booty.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 198


Lubec Pirate Invasion 382A


Lubec Pirate Invasion 214

Lubec Pirate Invasion 252


Lubec Pirate Invasion 265 



Clearly there are traitors among us, the very bakery we visited earlier in the morning is welcoming the enemy.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 236 




Some of the brave defenders of Lubec.  First Mate Hook among them.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 160


Lubec Pirate Invasion 161 


Lubec Pirate Invasion 242

Lubec Pirate Invasion 256


Lubec Pirate Invasion 258 


This gallant fighter definitely has MOXIE!

Lubec Pirate Invasion 286


Lubec Pirate Invasion 039


Now those are some fine fightin’ boots you have on ma’am.
Glad you are on our side.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 259



There are many lusty wenches on both sides


Lubec Pirate Invasion 302 


Lubec Pirate Invasion 310



The rogues challenge Lubecians AGAIN!


We are challenged to a duel. 
Those brave souls of our great fighters who remain must try to regain our honor.

The Pirate King is clearly confident.
But we’ll show him.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 289



It’s a tug of war for the title of most powerful.  All able hands on deck!!


Lubec Pirate Invasion 294



Our side tries with all its might


Lubec Pirate Invasion 296


Lubec Pirate Invasion 297 





But the heavy weight ballast on their end is just too much for us. 
Twice in one day they throw up their arms in victory. 
Alas and alack!



Lubec Pirate Invasion 298




The kingpin and his side kick will decide the final fate of the Lubec lightweights. 


Lubec Pirate Invasion 300





The price for not pulling your weight,
or even having enough weight, in the tug of war…….


Tug a War is not your game.

Lubec Pirate Invasion 337



And so ends the sad tale of our morning in  Lubec. 
Take heed.


They will be telling it ages and ages hence,
our brave battle for sweet Lubec


  1. OMG, that was the funnest blog post I've read in ages. Love the narrative! And one picture in particular had me laughing out loud.

    Well done!

  2. Oh my, what FUN!! Love how you got involved, and everyone hamming it up for your photojournalism. Love it!

  3. I love this post!!! The more winches the better!

  4. Oh Sherry, what a fun post!!! You are a champion story teller!

  5. Mayhem, villainy, scoundrels--what an experience. Loved your photos and lively narration. How fun to be a part of this colorful ritual!

  6. What a fun day and some great costumes, too. And you did a great job on this post.

  7. That was an excellent photo journal of that event-so authentic! And a great script too! Amazing costumes. The kids were adorable. So was the beagle. Neat event - that is no doubt annual. How fun :) Seems they have a superb time and everyone was part of the drama. Love it! Wonder who gets to be the enemy? Water guns and tug of war..a game of pretend for all ages. Awesome that you stumbled on that.

  8. What? No pictures of our meandering lusty wench? Drat!! :)

  9. Too funny! Looks like the town really gets into that event.

  10. What a great day. ..glad you were there for ALL THAT!

  11. Sherry,

    That was a riot and very well done! Who needs the Pirates of the Caribbean when you can tangle with the Pirates of Lubec?

    And what were the spoils that went to the victors? All the J-M-C??? :cD

  12. What......Attack by air??? That is a new one for pirates! What a fun day and a totally different change of pace. It is always fun to do something different once in a while. I say shake it up!!

  13. Great coverage of the event. Isn't it great to stumble onto these little gems as you travel?

  14. Oh darn! We missed it! We left Lubec on the 31 st! Now in Bangor till tomorrow AM.

  15. What an absolutely fun morning you must have had. The people of Lubec have a fine sense of humor.

  16. That was just great Sherry do you know what that event was called or know by and is it held the same time each year sure would be a blast to dress up for...You know I was a Capt. once ARRR...

  17. What a delightful surprise to find in town. Hope David got away with his head intact.

  18. I laughed all the way through. How wonderful! (I saw that you had to throw in a picture of a beagle, of course.) That really looks like so much fun and I'm so glad that you were there for the occasion/invasion.

  19. Glad you referenced this! how did I miss it... lying blog roll!

    WHAT FUN ....

  20. What, no Johnny Depp!? What a fun time, and to have stumbled upon it, just great!

  21. That was so much fun!!! What a riot...poor David he hasn't enough weight to put of a fair fight;o))

  22. I love this post - you really did the town proud to present such an exciting and fun filled account of the attack - an event that can be enjoyed at roughly the same time each year. I love the young gypsy pirate with the blond hair and the eye patch. Her chubby cheeks soften her serious stare.

  23. You should submit your account to the local paper! Great fun and super pictures. Looks like everyone had a blast. So sorry your Farmers Market visit was interrupted.


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