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Leaving Lubec

Sunday September 1, 2013
Site 28 Moosehead Lake Family Campground
Greenville, Maine



Before I get to Sunday, I have some post-pirate activities from Saturday to share.


We are leaving Lubec tomorrow after two weeks.

Our stay was not nearly long enough but in order to make medical appointments in Virginia in October and do other things along the way, I could not extend it.  I’m really sorry about that.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 257


I have felt very welcome in Lubec and have grown fond of both the campground where we stay and the town itself. 

Yesterday after surviving the invasion, barely, and poor David getting his throat slit, we went to the Farmer’s Market again where we picked up THREE POUNDS of Blueberries I had ordered last week.  

Three pounds is an entire box full of wonderful little Maine blueberries.  We have hit blueberry season just right this year although I understand it is a bit early. 

We were in Acadia in July when they were ripe and in Lubec and Campobello in August when they are at their height.    Yum!!  I see a blueberry pie in my future.


Blueberries 005


We pick up some other delicious produce to take with us on our journey.



Lubec Pirate Invasion 227


It appears the pirate invaders are welcome here.
Are these sweet organic growers actually more traitors???

Boy do these muffins look delicious
now that I have POUNDS of blueberries I think I’ll just go home and make some.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 224


Before full timing I would have purchased some of this hand made pottery as a souvenir of my stay in Lubec. 
Love the home town herring theme.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 225


Sadly we just did not have time to get to the Herring Museum which has this fabulous herring flying with the Mulholland Light on Campobello Island in the background.  I’ve shown a picture of it before but today’s are even better and I like it so much that I hope you’ll enjoy the repeat and the details.   Herring museum is at the top of the “return to Lubec” list.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 264


Lubec Pirate Invasion 263  



Lubec Pirate Invasion 262 

Lubec Pirate Invasion 261




Of course, I cannot leave any town without seeing their library.  They never disappoint.


Lubec Pirate Invasion 338



I can see myself snuggled up in one of these comfy chairs on a snowy day.  All libraries should have VERY comfy chairs.  That’s one place where Charlottesville doesn’t match up.   I guess they don’t want you to stay long.    But not Lubec!


Lubec Pirate Invasion 341


Lubec Pirate Invasion 342 


In the above picture you can see the LCD screen hanging on the wall.  It shows a never ending series of the old photographs from the Historical Society.  I stood for a long time and watched.   Here are a couple of the ones I took pictures of.   I do love Lubec!!


But this is seriously a LOT of snow.

Lubec Pirate Invasion 359



The lighthouse hasn’t changed much  since this picture was taken.

Lubec Pirate Invasion 358  



It’s hard to say good bye to Sunset Point and Lubec.

Lubec Pirate Invasion 389B



With all the fog in the evenings and mornings we’ve only had two really fine sunsets in our entire two weeks and they were on our first two nights.  Tonight’s  seems to wistfully reflect my regret at leaving.


Moosehead arrival 004





Today is the day.  We pull out and say a “see you next time” to all the wonderful folks at Sunset Point RV Park.  Cindy and her group have made us feel very welcome and have gone out of their way to help us with any questions we had or things we needed.


It’s a long trip for us today – 170 miles across the state of Maine.  Mostly on State Highway 15 which is varied in its pavement.  Sometimes we can go 45 or 50 and other times 20 or 25.  But it’s the only road to where we are going, Moosehead Lake.

On the way, we stop at the Ellsworth Hannaford for a week’s worth of groceries and at a Dysart’s gas station for gas at $3.719.   It breaks up the trip but makes it take longer. 


 Day 1 Moosehead rain 009


As we approach Moosehead Lake Family Campground we see this sign with flashing yellow lights.  I’m told moose outnumber people 3 to 1 here but from friends’ reports they aren’t as easy to find as that would sound.  I definitely don’t want to find them in Winnona or Ruby on this road. 






Rain was predicted for all day today.  I’m not much for driving in the rain so I’m feeling really lucky that we didn’t have to do any of the final pack up this morning, or the dump station or any of the drive except for a few sprinkles in the rain.

We even get hooked up, although not set up, in site 28 before the rain starts coming down.  It’s supposed to rain Monday and Tuesday as well so I think we’ll just wait until that’s over to do the outside set up.


We’ve got a very large yard and our own apple trees.  Haven’t seen any deer cleaning these up.  We tried them and they are pretty tart.  Mike make a nice pie though.  The trees have been neglected in terms of pruning and a little time on that would really improve the apples.  Wish someone would do it rather than just let the trees over produce.


Moosehead arrival 036


Moosehead arrival 038 


So tonight it looks like we are all going to watch it rain and perhaps all day tomorrow too. 

Welcome to Moosehead Lake!!


  Moosehead arrival 034


  1. love the picture of you and David in the swing … sniff

    And of all the millions of signs that said … Moose Crossing or beware or crashes … from Maine to Montana and everywhere in between… I neeeever saw a moose. Well, in the wild.

    oh, the Maine blueberries… I buy them here in Little Rock… I suppose ours are shipped to Argentina or some such… drives me insane

    rain or shine… you are one lucky dudette…

  2. I am salivating over all those blueberries, and the other produce too. Looks like a nice place to park for a while and bake pies while it rains.

  3. Man oh man, them are lots of blueberries! Sounds definitely like pie making time ;)

  4. So many blueberries!!!! I want the pie that results! The library looks so cute. I think I'd like living in lubec if it weren't for the winters. I suppose so would everyone. Love the swing picture!! It is too bad the sunsets from your prime waterfront spot weren't better, although that one's not bad. Rain! We could use that in MD I think.

  5. Next time we see you guys - I am going to be looking to see if you have a blue tint. That is a lot of blueberries :)

  6. Lubec looks like a great place to visit. It's going on our list if we ever make it to Maine.

  7. I looked for blueberries this morning but none of the stores here carry them right now. I'd love to find some Maine berries, or at least grown anywhere in this part of the country.

    You really enjoyed Lubec and I hope you get back there some day. That is one real positive about an RV - you can stay places longer and get to know them well, whereas traveling in a car and staying in a tent or motel make it much less likely that I would hang around for so long.

  8. Those Maine blueberries sure look good. I bet you can talk David into making one of his famous pies real soon.

    Leaving Lubec must have been hard, but it sounds like you have more fun journeys ahead at Moosehead Lake.

    I also love the photo of the two of you in the swing. Sweet.

  9. Yummmmm - fresh blueberry pie! I sure hope David makes one for you. . . even if you did just stand idly by and take his picture as he was getting his throat slit. :-)

  10. Thank you Terri for noticing the way she took that throat cutting. She will however get that blueberry pie just because she writes such great blog posts, even if it appears I might be killed from time to time!


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