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It’s raining at Moosehead Lake

Monday September 2 & Tuesday September 3, 2013
Moosehead Lake Family Campground




It starts raining on Sunday about 30 minutes after we get the water and electric hooked up.  We don’t set anything else up.  It just keeps raining.  All night.   It’s raining when we wake up.  SO….time for a scrambled breakfast while we watch it rain.


Moosehead arrival 032


Day 1 Moosehead rain 002


Looks delicious doesn’t it?   It’s a tofu scramble with mushrooms, onions, spinach, oregano, garlic paprika and tumeric.  Home fried potatoes done in a cast iron skillet sprayed with olive oil.   It was delicious!!


Day 1 Moosehead rain 003



It keeps raining.  What to do now?  I’m working on the blog.  David is looking at the literature provided by the campground.  Because it is Labor Day, the historic society isn’t open or we’d probably go there but instead we grab our rain coats head up to the area visitor center.


Day 1 Moosehead rain 013


They have tons of information but only a little about the things of interest to us….hiking, kayaking, biking.   Mostly it’s where to stay, tours to take, restaurants to eat in.


Day 1 Moosehead rain 021 


But we do find a few things and bring them home where since it is STILL raining, I make a cup of hot chocolate and look through them.


Moosehead arrival 030


David naps.  All this rain has worn him out.  This is the ‘I’m reading something on my computer’ version of the nap.


Day 1 Moosehead rain 005



It’s STILL raining in the afternoon so David decides more cooking is in order and uses some of our wonderful THREE POUNDS of blueberries to make another pie.

I’m thinking I like this raining stuff.


Day 1 Moosehead rain 022


Day 1 Moosehead rain 030



After a slice of pie, another nap is in order.  This one is under the guise of reading hiking information.  Isn’t it amazing how he can sleep and be holding the brochure and never drop it?   He’s a pro!!   He always says it’s those years of practice during sermons in church.


Day 1 Moosehead rain 032


It just keeps raining and they say more tomorrow. 





Yesterday the forecast was for rain all day today but when we wake up they have changed it to no rain until 3:00 this afternoon.  So we get our hiking clothes on and pack some lunches and set out for a trail we read about yesterday.


It’s called Burnt Jacket Mountain.  I hope to find someone who can tell me how it got that name.   We drive about 6 miles out of Greenville and turn down Burnt Jacket Road for another 4 miles.  The road is gravel and not terribly bad.  We then turn off onto another smaller much more 4WD type road.  Not Ruby’s usual thing, but she manages. 


There’s a professional trail sign which has nothing but the name and under it a hand made sign.  It says .6 miles to the summit.  The other information we have read says 1 mile.  No matter, either is ok with us.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 009



Burnt Jacket Mountain 011



This is clearly a different sort of forest from what we have seen near the coast.  I’ve never seen this plant before and it is all over the ground.  In addition, the forest is full of white oak and hemlock.  White Oak is my favorite tree and hemlock is David’s.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 013


This fella hops across the path in front of me and at first I think he has eyes on the back of his head.  If I were a bird or an animal, I’d think this was a mighty scary dude.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 014


Burnt Jacket Mountain 018


The trail goes through some rather young and scraggly woods probably only 10 years old at the most.  The trail is rough and steep but we make it to the top without too much ado.  I would recommend hiking poles for this one.

At the top David says ‘now this is my kind of geo cache’ as he finds a jar very loosely “hidden” in the cairn at the top.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 040


There are 4 “log books” inside the jar, dating from 2002, with all sorts of comments including how great the view was.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 045


At this point there is almost no view.  The information we read which caused us to choose this hike described it as “spectacular views of Moosehead Lake and surrounding mountains”.  Clearly they haven’t updated their hiking information in at least 5 years and maybe more.


Pretty disappointing especially since the trail wasn’t all that nice either.


The trail seems to go through the summit and down the other side.  We check it out and  on a tree there is another one of the handmade signs which says “Green Trail, the most scenic trail”. 


Since our trip up has not been what you’d call scenic and the summit was a disappointment given our expectations, I want to hike this scenic route.  David suggests that we hike a half hour down the green trail to see.  We’ll then turn around, come back up and hike back the red trail we came up on back to Ruby.


Right away we concur that this trail up the mountain or down is much more beautiful.  The woods are older and more mature.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 064



We also notice the scoring in the rocks.  They look almost like fossils of wave action on sand.  They are gorgeous and on nearly ever rock over a fairly long section of the trail.   They are much more striking than the pictures.   The rocks are very deeply scored and when I run my hand over them to feel the “sand” my fingers are surprised.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 051


Burnt Jacket Mountain 058


Burnt Jacket Mountain 062



The views at one point going down the trail are much better than those at the summit.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 061



I haven’t seen white oak acorns in a LONG time.  I just love them.  Hope they all grow up to be mighty oaks.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 071


After a half hour, David stops and says it’s time to turn back.  He figures out just how long it will take us to climb back up and then back down to the car.

But I have believed since I started down that I’m going to be able to find my way back to the car without climbing back up.  Don’t ask me how, just somehow.  We saw one of the homemade signs saying there was a red trail to Allagash Parking when we were walking along Burnt Jacket Road to our original trail head.  The green trail sign we are following also says it goes to Allagash Parking.   The big problem with my belief is that the red trail went up one side of the mountain and the green trail is going down the other.  No matter.  I’m going all the way to the bottom with my vision.  I’m thinking he can just do what he thinks is best and I’ll go take my vision on down and then he can come find me.  HA!   Well no such luck.  Against his better judgment, he goes down too.

  There are no end of beautiful things to see in the woods.  Many of them lichens or fungus .  I assume these are Bracket fungus – shelf fungus.



Burnt Jacket Mountain 073


Burnt Jacket Mountain 076




Burnt Jacket Mountain 097


Burnt Jacket Mountain 098             






I’m not sure what this is.  It’s leather like and is entirely black on the back.   Many varied colors of greens, tans and browns growing on this rock.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 089


Burnt Jacket Mountain 086


Burnt Jacket Mountain 088  


And of course some wonderful toad stools.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 100


Burnt Jacket Mountain 102


The trail ends at a road that looks just like the one by which we are parked but of course it isn't.   We know there is a connector trail between our road and this one because of the sign we saw for it on our road.  Question is which way to go on this road to find the other end of that connector.  Are you confused yet?  

David studies the situation and draws a map and says go to the right.  My intuition based on nothing says go to the left.  He usually has the better sense of direction so we go right.   You know where this is going don't you??  

We follow the road for about a mile and are about to give up and turn around and climb back up over that damn mountain when I see a car go by just ahead on a road perpendicular to the one we are on.  Damn, just missed it…....I hustle down to the T intersection.  No car. 


Burnt Jacket Mountain 106


We're discussing what to do when I hear another car coming.  I flag him down.  Richie Daniels......a sweetie from Massachusetts.   He says "are you lost".  I say "well no but I don't want to climb the mountain again.  Where's the connector to the Burnt Jacket Mountain Trail parking area".   He says "get in and I'll take you to the trail"   which is TA DA..........back down the way I said it was.  

He drops us off at the connector road where we find this sign.  We walk the .2 mile back to Ruby.  Easy peasy.  THANKS RICHIE!!


Burnt Jacket Mountain 108


Sure beats climbing back over the mountain and down a not so hot trail.  I call it a successful example of the power of belief.



Burnt Jacket Mountain 114


On the way back, we stop to check out the put in at Prong Pond which we hope to kayak tomorrow.  Didn’t notice the skies at the time.  How could we not you ask?  Who knows???


It’s a Great lunch spot.  We take a bunch of self lunch photos and this is the best one.


Burnt Jacket Mountain 120



BUT we have about two bites when the predicted rain just dumps all over us and the picnic is hurriedly moved inside the car. 


Burnt Jacket Mountain 125



Oh well……….guess I should have believed much harder in a lunch without rain!!


Burnt Jacket Mountain 129


  1. It's been rather wet here as well. Tuesday we went out anyway in spite of the forecast, and set about doing the Acadia NP multi-part Earthcache. Ended up going up to Bubble Rock..awesome!Moosehead Lake looks great :-)

  2. You hike the way we do! We like to call those types of hikes "mystery tours", and somehow or other we always make it back to our starting point. We prefer trails that are loops but sometimes you have to go on trails that you have to follow there and back but going in each direction you always seems to see something new that you didn't see on you way there. Glad you decided to head all the way down and then find an alternate route back to Ruby.


  3. LOVE David's naps!!! My friend needs to learn that system as she jerks and wakes herself up!!!

  4. David naps hte way I do... I've even had a glass of water... amazing, this old age.

    That last picture is stunning...

  5. Seems most hikers prefer loops and here at the canyon are sometimes disappointed because most trails end at the canyon. That darn ditch just gets in the way. ;) More beautiful forest, at least on the way down. I want Pie!

  6. You two are so observant. I need to learn to slow down on our hikes and start paying more attention to nature's wonders.

    We have had some rain here in Montana too. We can't even remember the last time we experienced a rainy day. I loved it as an excuse to drink hot tea and watch the clouds over Flathead Lake. Baking a pie would have made it extra sweet--no pun intended.

  7. Never seen so many fungi ;) Yes, George has similar nap poses!

  8. It's not usually quite so paradisiacal for the fungi but this summer has been unusually rainy, so there's a bumper crop.

    Best start taking compass bearings before starting out on unfamiliar trails in Maine. Our favorite travel advice is "(Y)ou can't get there from here." We spend an inordinate amount of time searching for lost folks in the North Woods. I'd hate for the next search to be you. Sadly, I no longer do much more than make coffee for searchers. But I am a champion at napping!

  9. Dad's naps are hilarious! He is a pro for sure :) Yummy food- you guys never fail! I want the pie as I say every time. Glad the second hike was better...neat rocks! I think my favorite tree is maple-so pretty in fall. Yay for Richie, but it is fun to wander & try to figure out the best course. Niels and I used to do that at the farm. Glad you got all that in before the down pour :)

  10. I laughed when David said he learned his sleeping techniques from long sermons in church. That's because I can so identify with that. Some of my best naps were in church. Don't tell my dad, he was the preacher... :cD

    I am so jealous of that blueberry pie, I've never seen one that looked so delicious. A great way to chase the rainy day blues away!

  11. YES I'm confused, and yes I knew where that was going. I'm just glad that Richie came to your rescue.

    David's "napping while on the computer" looks waaaayyy too familiar. . . lack of hair follicles and everything. :-)

  12. How wonderful to have a rainy day cook. That blueberry pie is killing me. I have blueberries every morning with cereal, but I'd prefer pie! I'm so glad that Richie came to your rescue. I was afraid that this story was heading to a walk in a downpour. Hope that the weather has improved. Take care!

  13. HA, you caught me napping again. I'm retired, I can do that.

    Love you pictures of the Green trail - that was my favorite. I have learned not to worry when I follow you into the unknown. I always works out - especially if you have a positive intuition about it.

  14. I believe camping with you two in the rain would be a good thing. Seems you have the best food on rainy days;o))

  15. More great fungus pics- love them and boy does that pie look great!

  16. The last photo in this blog is spectacular! You sure made some good choices and it all turned out ok in the long run.


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