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Two Firsts For Us

Thursday, Friday and Saturday September 19, 20, 21, 2013
On the Road to Cape May





Try as I might, I was totally unable to find a campground to overnight midway along our I-95 route from Rhode Island to Cape May New Jersey.  That is without going 20 miles off our route.  New Jersey seems to have no campgrounds other than in their mountains or along their shore.  There were many within 60 miles of Rhode Island but we needed to do about 200 miles today in order to be in Cape May tomorrow.

SO we are headed to our first ever Walmart overnight.  Couldn’t find a Flying J along the way either. 


I 95 to Woodbridge Walmart


We start as late as we can in the morning so we’ll get there just before dark.

Driving down  95 is the usual horror.  We just stay in the right lane and try to stay out of the way and to take the horrid road bumps as slowly as possible.  I only take pictures during the few times I am relaxed so this isn’t one of the worst traffic examples.  But it’s enough for me to remember how much I didn’t like this route.


I 95 to Woodbridge Walmart (5)


We cut up away from I 95 thankfully and cross the Tappanzee Bridge headed for the Garden State Parkway.

Some how just saying Tappanzee Bridge makes me think of Billy Joe McAlaster.  Anybody remember that?




Here we are, 208 miles later, at the Woodbridge New Jersey Walmart just off of the parkway.  Very convenient stop but tough for sleeping.  At least for me.  These folks shop until midnight and then hang around in the parking lot after that.  At least there were no machines cleaning the lot over night as others have reported. 

Don’t know how some of you do Flying J with the diesels running.  You must sleep a lot more soundly than I.  Hope I don’t have to do this again.  It cost me at least $20 to stay here anyway.  Wish there was a  Passport America along here. I’d much rather give them my money.  :-)   But no matter, it’s unlikely we will ever be coming this particular route again so I’ll grin and bear it.  There are a lot worse things.


Duckies aren’t too impressed with their view.I 95 to Woodbridge Walmart (16)



We asked permission to stay over and were told to move in front of the auto store when it closed at 9:00.  Too late then to take a picture.  Here is where we sat for the two hours before that.


I 95 to Woodbridge Walmart (19)  






Up and out in the morning, we drove the rest of the way to Cape May to do some Driveway Docking (also a first for us)  with the son of a high school friend of mine.  He is the owner of Cape Carpet Cleaning and is going to give Winnona the royal treatment while we are there. 

He really has a great spot for docking.  Water, electric AND a sewer hook up right beside the circular drive.  THANKS MATT!

 Matt's place 005





David has taken to eating one breakfast out wherever we go.  Since today was grocery day, he decides that today is also breakfast out.

We head out from Matt’s to a local farm market he recommends and not too far away we pass Glick’s.  Their sign says breakfast all day and the parking lot is full.   Good signs we think and we are right.


Going to Market 006



Going to Market 008



Not only does the Corner Cafe have an excellent breakfast where the cook does actually serve you eggs scrambled “lightly” and eggs over “easy” if that’s what you order.  BUT you may be lucky enough to get smiling Sue as your waitress.





Going to Market 009



I even love the menu….Never trust a skinny Cook…except for David who eats enough to make him very fat but in a totally unfair world, he doesn’t gain a pound!



Going to Market 011


The food is so good that I forget to get a picture of it before it is all gone.  But you can see at least a picture of David enjoying.  :-)

I keep trying to get a  picture of Sue without the sunlight problem.  I don’t like to use a flash in a restaurant.  She serves everyone with a cheery voice, good humor and a big smile.

We will definitely return to Glicks and hope we are lucky again and have Sue as our waitress.


Going to Market 010



After breakfast it’s time to replenish the pantry with  great looking local New Jersey vegetables.


Going to Market 001


Going to Market 002Going to Market 004


Going to Market 005 


In the afternoon, for the first time in nearly a year, our host tells us no problem to wash Winnona.  So David gets up on the roof and goes to work.   The deep down dark is not coming off the white paint especially on the entry door.  Anyone have a cleaning solution for the stains that remain after you’ve polished the oxidation off???


Going to Market 013


Not sure what’s up for tomorrow.  We’ll let you know when we get there.


  1. Cape May at the end of September? Bird city!!

  2. We have yet to stay in a Walmart overnight and hope to keep it that way. We have only boondocked in open land or mooch-dock on someones property. I am with you, I just do not feel comfortable staying in those places. I guess that leaves room for those that do not mind:)

  3. I haven't stayed at asphalt parking lot either. Since every noise seems to command my attention I can't imagine that I would get much shut eye. Emergencies only.... I have caught cat naps in rest areas before.... they generally serve to wake me up rather than provide rest. Give me a haunting hoot of a night owl or a coyote on a moon filled night anytime!!

  4. Billy Jo did not jump off the Tappenzee bridge or the Tallahasee, but maybe Talahatchie. Yes, I remember, well sort of.

    BTW, it is true what Glick's menu cover says - "Food fast, not Fast Food". Smiling Sue was back so quickly with our orders that we were surprised. She says "Don't tell the cook if that wasn't fast". It was, and delicious.

  5. We have yet to stay at a Walmart, but we never say never;o)) I just can't believe you did I-95 to the NJ Parkway!!! Do not think I could have done that:-( Glad you arrived safely and have a great time in Cape May!!

  6. Rick Doyle recommended 3M products on his blog the other day, Sherri. Ack, David beat me to it. It was the Tallahatchie. Just listened to it on my iPod the other day. Good back story http://performingsongwriter.com/bobbie-gentry-ode-billie-joe/ I often wondered what happened to Bobbi Gentry.

  7. We've only stayed in Wal-Mart parking lots twice. but both times were good. we will only stay if we can park way out of the way. Our last Wal-mart didn't even stay open all night, so that's nice. Im not sure we've had any bad boondocking experiences. We wont stay in an active truck stop though... too noisy. Thinking back... our loudest "site" was a one month stay in a parking lot in Texas where we managed a Christmas tree lot. It was crazy loud every night.

  8. Ode to Billie Joe...haven't thought of that in a long time!
    We've never done a Walmart stop, really don't want to. I', much too light a sleeper. But the spot in Cape May looks great!

  9. I hope we'll never need to do a Walmart stop, but glad yours worked out OK.

  10. I stay in Walmarts and FJ's often. If it gets too noisy, I run the generator and turn on the coach ventilation fan, sometimes with the a/c if it's hot. Gives a nice, white noise which blots out the outside racket.

    I've used Awesome Orange cleaner for the tough spots, $1 at Dollar stores, $1.50 at Walmart. Good stuff, even better than Simple Green. It will take wax off, so you have to be careful.

    The TZ Bridge. Been over it dozens of times and under it a bunch, too.

  11. That market looks great.. the 'duckies' did not look too happy and were all huddled together for protection ;0

  12. ha! had to look it up …. Tallahatchie Bridge… wow, haven't thought of that in eons… wonder what ever happened to Bobbie Gentry.

    You paid $20 to stay at a Flying J? or Walmart? huh? did I misread? oh, boy do I like Corner Cafes … just love that kind of place. 'never trust a skinny cook" ha

    oh, I see where others knew the bridge... well? I've already written my comment and so ... now you know what the bridge's name was...

  13. We took an afternoon nap in a Walmart and that got us out of rush hour traffic one time. I sleep too light to do an overnight, but many people sleep well there I guess. There is far worse...a state park in Ca or Or or Wa is built with a freight train track running through it. I thought it was odd, but a lot of campers were there. When I walked my dog, I noticed the track was not rusty, so I knew it had been used recently. Good thing I went to sleep early, I was unhooked and rolling after the 4 AM freight rolled by with at least 3 engines and a hundred or more cars. What a way to wake up.

  14. When we crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge it was Johnny Carson that came to mind.
    We aren't fans of WalMart camping either. Did it once after a flat tire because we didn't want to continue on to the campground in the dark. We use a white noise machine that has a 12V plug so we can use it whether we are plugged in or not. Really helps!

  15. we do Walmarts enroute to the south we don't have much of a choice nothing is open till we hit somewhere in VA...we've never had a problem really...we always called and ask first..and park on the edge of parking lot under lights...leave the car on ..drop the jacks and pull in the steps before bed...we've never had a problem....looks like your having a wonderful fall :)

  16. Walmart+earplugs!! it is the only way, Sherry! I hope to add New Jersey to our few states as yet to visit, but I will be sure to double check the route and will pay attention to the location of this walmart. I do have earplugs for such situations and our shades are good enough to keep out all night light in Alaska and whatever Walmart has as well.

  17. We're usually so tired from driving that the noise doesn't bother me at Flying J or Walmart. We even had a driver apologize to us that he'd have to run his gen all night long. I told him, no prob! I use a sound machine anyway :)

  18. We've never stayed at a Walmart or Flying J but like knowing they're there in a "last resort" situation.

    Lucky you to get Smiling Sue for your waitress. Don't you just love people like her? So fun to be around! We've been lucky enough to have some "Smiling Sues" wait on us over the years, and they really enhance the whole dining experience.

  19. Some WalMarts are better than others but no thanks to the truck noisy Flying Js. I like staying at 'Best Friends' camps/driveways. All that wonderful produce making me drool.

  20. We have stayed two nights at Wal-Marts so far in our two plus years on the road. Never my favorite choice as I feel too exposed. Noise is not a problem, but some of the folks who hang out in the parking lot late at night make me feel uncomfortable. The other issue for us is it is usually way too early in the afternoon to hang out there that long.

    Driveway Docking (I like your term) can be pretty sweet, especially when you have some hook-ups too. Love the diner you discovered followed by a visit to get fresh vegies at the outdoor market. Sounds like a perfect way to start a good day.

  21. Winnona sure looked big in that parking lot! Who are these people that hang out in the Walmart parking lot at midnight?? Sue looks delightful - so nice to have friendly, happy servers. Good looking veggies - top notch - yum!


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