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A Bit of Bahia and a Hogfish Sandwich

Monday and Tuesday November 16 and 17, 2015                         
Bahia Honda State Park                                                           Most Recent Post:
Big Pine Key, Florida                                                                We Move to Bahia Honda 




It rains all night long again and most of the morning. Sections of the road are becoming covered with water. Ruby is sitting in enough water we’d have to wade through it to get into the car.






So, it’s a good day to make a scrambled breakfast of onion, garlic potatoes, black beans and mango or red salsa to suit.





Once the rain stops we take a look around our new park.   These pictures are looking back toward the Gulf of Mexico Side Beach.








Of course on such a skinny piece of land, the gulf beach isn’t far from the Ocean Beach complete with detritus.








Sunset seems to be almost at the point on the horizon where the old bridge and the new one meet.




Lucky for me, there is a vacant campsite among those few along the water so all of these pictures are taken from site 24.




After seeing two paddle boarders coming in against the setting colors, I know that I want to be out there one night while we are here for sunset.



I must say the Keys put on some splendid sunrise and sunset shows nearly every day of the week.




Of course as soon as I say that about the sunrises, one of those “nearly days” shows up.  Gray, gray, gray.  The sun can’t make much headway.  But the heron isn’t bothered as he stands still as a statue in the foreground.




I love the silvery look of these two of the many I took of him this morning.


Finally the sun makes some headway and its light shines across the water.  The heron has left by this time.




When I am walking back,  the sun is shining brightly on the rental kayaks. 



This afternoon we have a date with Nancy and Bill for lunch at the Sunset Grille and Raw Bar.

Thanks to Nancy who was outside at the restaurant as we were coming over the bridge, we have a picture of Ruby on the 7 Mile bridge.  The restaurant is right next to the bridge.  No we were not late but the Mills are more than punctual.


01 - Ruby crossing 7 mile bridge


The welcoming camera committee is there to greet us when we walk up.  Pretty huge thatched roof on the Sunset Grille.  I’m still wondering where the thatch from the endangered Thatch Pine comes from for all this thatching in the keys.



We’ve parked out on the road next to Bill and Nancy’s truck thinking the parking lot was full and we’d probably have to stand in line but Nancy tells us no problems, the place isn’t full at all.  Bill just doesn’t like to park his new truck in lots where he thinks the spaces are too narrow. 



We’re here to get a taste of the famous hogfish sandwich everyone says is a must do in the Keys.




The restaurant has a really lovely patio overlooking the water. Couldn’t get a picture showing the water in which we weren’t all washed out by the glaring sun. This would be a super spot for watching the sun set but at that time, I’m sure, it would be full up.




So here it is.  I guess the fish must look like a hog to have gotten its name.  I’ve never seen one myself but this is definitely a hog sized sandwich,


04 - All Vegetarian Hogfish Sandwich and Fries


No problem for Bill. He digs right in.

02 - Bill and the Hogfish



I was very surprised to see in this picture that David was talking rather than taking that first bite.






Ultimately we all agree the sandwich was OK.  It’s pretty hard to taste the fish or any food actually which is deep fat batter fried.  Lots of bread, lots of toppings and VERY filling.   I for one would probably not pay $15 to do it again.

I did laugh at the waitresses’ shirts.  Seems a very Key West thought.

After lunch Bill and Nancy want to go check out the World Wide Sportsman Store on Islamorado North of Curry Hammock so we leave Ruby parked near Curry and ride down in their truck.




Ever the fisherwoman, the first thing Nancy wants to check out is the pier and the possible fish she might see.  The guys head into the store.  I want to see these fish Nancy will call in.




And she really does.  Right by the dock swimming along is what Nancy tells me is a large tarpon.  This is her picture with her small camera.  I wasn’t fast enough with mine.  The tarpon was at least as long as I am tall.


05 - A big FISH


Inside Bill tells us the store has changed from having a variety of sporting gear and clothing to nearly all clothing.  At their prices, we’re not so interested but they have a neat elevator and (said with a grumble) they are decorated for Christmas and it isn’t even Thanksgiving.







We take the elevator upstairs.  That’s where the over priced women’s clothing is located.  Takes us about 3 minutes to scour the entire floor and find only one thing of interest.



The thing of interest is just off the elevator to the right.  What a wonderful mahogany sculpture of a sail fish.  No price listed so possibly not for sale.



We take the glass elevator – the highlight of the visit – back down to the ground floor to find the guys.



Before we locate them, I find one thing of interest on the main floor and that’s the door handle in the women’s restroom.  Seems like it would be appreciated even more in the men’s room but no one went in there to tell me if the same handle is there

As I am walking out the door, I look to my left and see this wonderful metal sculpture of a great blue heron.  It’s about 7 feet tall. I have to give the store high marks for their decor.  Their merchandise, not so much.


A few more laughs and we are on our way out.  No purchases made or even seriously thought about.



Many thanks Nancy and Bill for a great afternoon as always.  Safe travels back to South Carolina for the Holidays.  See you at Hillsborough River in January.


  1. Isn't it usually a tarpon that you see mounted and hung on the walls in executive suites?

  2. At the place with the giant chair in front, ( in my blog somewhere ). There is a place that makes a simple, yet great grilled Hogfish sandwich. They also have a great pulled pork one also. It gets Kathy's approval. Hope you continue to enjoy the keys. It is 72 degrees and raining here on the island tonight.

  3. I guess OK food (way too much bread) and high prices are doable with good company.

  4. I have always heard about the beautiful sunsets in the Keys. Not a fan of Florida but I do want to do the drive through the Keys one day so I may yet see one of those sunsets or sunrises!


  5. Yum…hogfish! We like it grilled or broiled. Looks you had another fun day with Nancy and Bill. I hope you do get out for a sunset kayak adventure -- that would be lovely!

  6. That sailfish and heron would look great on your dash with Ducky and friends. You missed your chance... :cD

  7. I would like to try Hogfish grilled or broiled so I could find out how it really tasted. My sandwich tasted like a big grilled cheese with onion sandwich;o(( Regardless, company was great and it was a fun day...what no pictures of the most expensive laundromat in the world;o)))

  8. The bit of Bahia looks so different from your previous stretch of beach - narrow and big rocks - still pretty. The silvery heron is magical. How good can the fish be if they have to bury it? Too bad. Can't believe you even went to that big store :-) But the art and decor are definitely beautiful, love that wood built-in behind the statue. The best of course is seeing it all with good friends :-)

  9. How nice to be able to spend time with good friends. I've seen other people talk about how fish sandwiches, and they say they're good.

  10. I guess the only way to get a space at Bahia Honda is to go in November. I love that place and do hope to get back there someday. Looking forward to reading about your days. Never did eat fried hogfish, but I had the very best shrimp of my entire life right there somewhere nearby. I guess I would have to go look it up on my blog to remember the name of the restaurant, but I certainly do remember the crab stuffed pink bay shrimp smothered in Key Lime hollandaise!!

  11. Such a pleasure to mosey around with Bill & Nancy just to see what we will find. Always fun and good humor. In hindsight I wish I had thought to pull out the hog fish to taste it straight on. Great chronicle of another wonderful day in "retirement". I like it!

  12. We heard of Sunset Grille but did not hear about hogfish sandwich. But from your assessment, an OK sandwich is just that, so I'm glad we did not even try.
    It was at Bahia Honda that I saw the Great White Heron, and I think that was it that you captured in the water.

  13. That was a pretty fancy door handle, wonder where the heck you can order something like that?

  14. Fun day! I think I would have liked what you liked in the store. The sculptures...really neat. Bill & Nancy visits always sound so fun :)


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