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A Real BEACH in the Keys!

Friday November 13, 2015                                                     Most Recent Post:
Curry Hammock State Park                                                     Regretful in Key West
Marathon, Florida



  We are on Day 12 at Curry Hammock which means this is my 12th sunrise.  The clouds are ever present at dawn but so is the pastel color.




There are a number of spots from which to take pictures even as the color fades.



This morning it looks as though the crabs and the birds have crossed paths in the night.  The track looks a little too big for this mama willet or her chicks.







The light is golden and makes these pictures of the trio look almost like a painting.  They are my favorite shots from today.




In the west, the clouds are painted pink and reflecting in the water.




It’s fun to watch the battle between the sun and the clouds. 
Round 1.




Round 2



Round 3
Of course we know who is going to win this one no matter how dark and ominous the clouds look.




Back at the house, I look out the living room window and see this in the bush just outside.  Pretty well camouflaged




I do love watching my neighbors even though I know they are illegal immigrants and should be deported.





Such a fetching pose.  And look at those eyes.





Very different faces though I’m pretty sure they are all the Common Green Iguana which can be green, brown, gray or black.  Apparently Gertie is a juvenile since she is a bright green and doesn’t have the dark adult tail stripes.  She has that youthful innocent look doesn’t she?




This afternoon, we finally make it to Sombrero Beach.  Why in the world did it take us so long?? This is a real beach in both directions.





Once in the water, I give it two thumbs up!!

I even coax David into the water which is warm enough for even the most die hard cold phobic.



It’s a perfect day for the beach.  We set up our umbrella and chairs and settle in.






In and out of the water we go. Few things better than lying back in the water and relaxing on nature’s waterbed.  I can float all day but I have to keep myself awake or who knows where I’ll end up.  Speaking of naps, and safer ones,  we even manage for David to elevate his feet which have been swelling more than usual lately.







We’re plenty happy with this day that’s for sure.




I notice that this beach brings out romance.






It brings out some other things too although from the ‘attitude’ it doesn’t look much like romance despite the attire.




The sun is dropping low in the sky and the color has started by the time we pack up and head back home.  We hadn’t thought we’d stay as long as sundown and didn’t bring any snacks so we’re both too hungry to stay and see the sun set here but it would clearly be a lovely spot for it.






We do get back in time to see the after color in our own sunset spot which is just as beautiful.  David kindly puts the dinner together so I can get out in time to catch these pictures of the pinks and oranges of sunset.












Vegetable stroganoff with spinach salad and bread is dinner for tonight.





Delicious end to a great day at Sombrero Beach.


  1. I envy your wonderful day!! So glad you had such a good time. Dinner looked Fabuous !!

  2. The sunrise pictures are so beautiful. After complaining I can't see the sunrise from where I am, I had to get up at about 4:50 am this morning, and coming back to bed a few minutes later I saw the pink in the eastern sky out my bedroom window. Unfortunately I saw it above the fence along the back, and under the power lines, but briefly thought about getting my camera. The room was too cold and my bed was too inviting so I jumped back into my warm bed. Maybe tomorrow morning.

  3. I am definitely in the wrong place. Huddled in front of a heater wearing layers. Of course I haven't worn a bikini in decades but can that string up the crack be comfortable. (It actually got in the high 50s this afternoon, briefly.) Your photos are superb. Love the willets and iguanas' shots. And of course the colorful skies.

  4. Gee, I have never been to the beach at Key West:( I must spend too much time downtown.

    1. I should have made it clear that we did not move to Key West, we only went there for the day. This beach is in Marathon fairly near Curry Hammock

  5. Between your photos of the two of you and your narrative, I couldn't help but feel the excitement and fun this day was:) Good to see the two of you relaxing and enjoying the beach:) Those iguana are neat in photos but I wasn't excited to see them in person back when we were in the Keys.

  6. I will enjoy your beach pictures this weekend as the lows are forecast to be in the 20's this weekend!

  7. Oh those happy faces - they look like they've indeed found a real beach!! Love the photo painting of the willet trio, just beautiful. But the iguana pics have to be my favorites. What wonderful neighbors to enjoy. The attitude on the beach is hysterical - a thousand words spoken in one pic :-) Hope you get back for some more beach time, you both clearly love it.

  8. At this time of the year, I'm doubtful that there would be willet chicks. I'm thinking they're a different species. Perhaps least sandpipers???

    Nice that you found a beach and enjoyed the water.

  9. Hope that young lady in the (less than) bathing suit was using a high spf sunblock. That would be a nasty place to get a sunburn...

    Great new picture of you both on the beach. That lovely sand certainly brought out great smiles! :c)

  10. Those pictures do look like paintings!! Beautiful! Sombrero Beach looks great and a fun place to people watch. What beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the Keys!! :) I really like the pictures of you guys looking happy :)

  11. I love the great iguana pictures you got. So far they are making excellent neighbors, but I expect they like all other creatures can make mischief. Hope they don't start while we are here. Great beach day indeed! Look forward to another restful day there soon!

  12. Sounds like a most wonderful day, makes my toes crave the sand.

  13. So glad you enjoyed Sombrero Beach! It's our favorite swimming beach in the Keys, too. :-)

  14. I'm a little envious with your beach days! But glad you had a wonderful day at the beach.
    Sunrise, Sunset Swiftly flow the days...
    I also like your new profile pic, a happy couple.

  15. Always fun to meet and greet your 'visitors'. I appreciate the wildlife and chuckle at the people watching opportunities. Not seeing many bikinis up north.....snowing today and since the powers been off, people watching produces bundled masses of people peaking out of winter coats and hats with little skin exposed. There is something to be said for winter!


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