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The Stuffed Pig

Wednesday November 11, 2015                                          Most Recent Post:
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Marathon, Florida


I’m out just after dawn and the pastel colors are in the sky.  I share the solitude with the little heron in the foreground below.






Soon we are joined by the willet group.



The color gathers at the horizon.



The clouds also gather and appear to be pushing  the sun back down into the sea.



It’s not clear who wins this battle as the sun continues to rise above the horizon line but is absorbed into the clouds.  Its light trims the tops of the clouds as it moves higher in the sky.







As I head back home I see that two paths have crossed in the night.  They left beautiful trails whoever they were.



Today is a red letter day for David.  He loves to go out for breakfast and today we try out a local favorite called The Stuffed Pig.



It’s our kind of place, small and simple, where the regulars look up when you come in and the owner, in this case Karen Dennis who opened the restaurant more than a quarter century ago, takes your order.

That’s Karen in the dark capris.



Pig memorabilia of course is everywhere both inside and outside on the large patio.   This time we eat inside.  Next time we’ll try the patio under the Tiki hut.  These Tiki shelters seem to be quite the thing here in the Keys.  I hope someone is growing a nursery of Thatch Palms to supply the builders.






We learn that “the world famous pig breakfast” is one of the more popular items on the menu.  It includes 2 pancakes, 2 eggs any way you like them, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, a giant helping of home fries and toast.  There is also a selection of “Bennys”, variations on eggs benedict like lobster or crab cake benny.  There are neat sounding pancakes such as mango pecan and unique choices like alligator tail, eggs, home fries and toast.  Or Conch fritters.  We play it pretty tame.  David has corned beef hash along with home fries, eggs and a biscuit.  I have the  Smoked Sausage W/onions, Home Fries, Eggs, and Rye Toast.

The breakfast is excellent and everything is prepared just the way we like it.

We’d sure recommend this as a down home spot for those who like those kinds of places.  Cash only!




Be sure to check out the patio before deciding which spot to choose.



Back home it looks like a perfect beach day.  In both directions we see folks out bathing in the sun.  Obviously they haven’t spoken to a dermatologist lately.,   As beaches go, this one is nearly empty. Thumbs up!






The most fun of the afternoon happens when I walk over to the day use area and am returning walking in the water around the edge of the two small mangrove islands.  All of a sudden something runs past me at a clip into the water.  It’s an iguana.  I didn’t know they could swim.  But swim he does with just his head above the water.  He was hustling away from me and my pictures are taken into the sun unfortunately.   Really funny seeing just his head above the water.   Eventually he comes ashore way down at the end of the beach.





He plops down in the sand as though he’s sun bathing too but I suspect he must be tired from his swim.  He’s nonplussed by the heron fishing near by.




He does put his head up when the ibis comes walking down the beach but then the ibis gets a look at him, thinks better of it and flies off.



I missed the sunset this evening being too distracted watching one of my new neighbors.  We haven’t been introduced yet but isn’t that a handsome outfit he’s wearing?




Another pretty lazy day but that’s ok.  We need to save our energy.
Tomorrow we’re taking on Key West.  Hope we’re up for it!


  1. Iguana!!! Now he's cool! Big guy too. The Keys are quite unique. And that sunrise....Wow!!!!

  2. Oh and The Stuffed Pig looks like fun...I have no doubt Dad found that to be very tasty :)

  3. Looks like another fun and relaxing day. David is obviously delighted with his breakfast! That's a place we'll have to try when we're down there. I hope you enjoy Key West -- you probably aren't quite ready for another breakfast out, but you really must try Blue Heaven on one of your trips to Key West. Your silhouette shot of the willets is wonderful! (p.s. I think those sand tracks are made by crabs.)

    1. Oh yes Laurel for sure the smaller one is a ghost crab with those beautiful markings we saw earlier but the other is much larger. Probably also a crab but I'd like to see him at that size. Many thanks for the breakfast recommendation.

  4. mmmmm. . .yeah. . .not a fan of the iguanas. . .love everything else though!

  5. Oh my! The iguana photos are wonderful! I didn't know that they swam either. What a lovely guy he is (or girl- I don't know how you tell with lizards)! xxxooo

  6. Beautiful photos of the iguanas. Didn't know they could swim, either.

  7. That last picture is priceless. Love it.

  8. Love the iguana pictures. I had no idea they could swim. The Stuffed Pig breakfast looks yummy!!

  9. It looks wonderful. I sure am looking forward to spending a few days there. I day-dream about your lazy days there while I'm working here at Amazon :-). Thanks!

  10. Love that iguana! We saw our first two huge iguana a few years ago when we were staying at Blue Water Key just north of Key West. We were sitting on our dock and noticed them across the canal. One was bright orange. Yours looks much prettier than the ones we saw. I love all the color designs:)

  11. Another spectacular sunrise. Breakfast looks good. Love the colorful iguanas. Didn't know they swim either.

  12. I believe your handsome new neighbor actually lives in the tree on the left as you enter site 8. He and his 4 smaller friends were regulars on that site when we were there. One of those smaller friends really did a big trim job on one of my basil plants;o(( But they are so much fun to watch!!

  13. My favorite meal out is breakfast. Not being a morning person, I prefer someone else making it :)

  14. I know there are marine iguanas in the Galapagos ... but not in this part of the world. Perhaps the iguanas in the northern hemisphere are starting to adapt to the rising sea levels ;-)

  15. We saw an iguana swim underwater last winter. They are pretty well adapted to the Keys, aren't they?

    Enjoy Key West. I know you don't eat out much, but there is a good restaurant at MM 23 called the Square Grouper, Atlantic side. They have good lunch specials for $10 which includes a free drink or even a beer. Al loves their Friday Philly Cheesesteak sandwich special. There is a food truck in Key West called Garbos. They are not always open but everybody says they have wonderful fish tacos.Its very popular, but unfortunately, when we went, they were closed. Check them out if you get a chance. There is a Vegan place in KW too, but we haven't been there either. I would also recommend walking into some of the local art galleries. They have some amazing art with the local flavor. Don't forget the Eco Discovery center.

  16. At some point I've heard that iguanas swim. Beautiful detail on this one!

  17. Oh the beauty of it all. No wonder they like to call it Paradise. ;) I am really glad that you persisted and were able to get these treasured reservations! Not easy and getting harder every day.

  18. I always assumed iguanas swam. Guess I've watched too many shows on the Galapagos.

  19. David's delight is infectious - gives me a great big smile! Both your selections sound delicious. Your swimmer is so fun, wonder what he was up to, maybe just cooling off like you were. I'm loving the serenity of this beach with mostly just the birds and critters to share it with. I imagine Key West will be a bit different.

  20. The sunlight outlining the mountains is a superb photo, as is the close up of the iguana.

    1. HA! Gypsy. There are no mountains in the Florida Keys. Those are the clouds that gather nearly every morning to try to block out the sun. It is sneaking up behind them.

  21. We were having lunch with Karen and Al last May in the Keys and were amused by an iguana swimming back and forth from the beach to a mangrove island. Nature always finds a way to amaze me.

    That iguana sure looks pretty in his outfit but he needs a pedicure... :c)

  22. After seeing the stuff in a pig breakfast, I see where they got the restaurant name:)

  23. Love all the photos, birds ( missed those birds) sunrises and the breakfast.
    He is a handsome fellow, did you get to meet him ?

  24. Beautiful sunrise pics! Breakfast sounds good. I liked the conch fritters we had in Key West. We also took a boat out and swam with dolphins when we were there. Way cool! Have fun!

  25. Love you neighbor.....not sure how acquainted I would want to get! Can't say as I have seen David get soooo excited. Breakfast out seems to be the key to his happiness. What a beautiful sunrise!!


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