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First Stop in the Florida Keys–Curry Hammock

Monday November 2 and Tuesday November 3, 2015                    Most Recent Post:
Curry Hammock State Park                                                           St. Lucie Lock – A Good Thing or Not?
Marathon, Florida




Week-ends have less boat traffic on the canal than week days.  This is a fact since there were more boats that went by us in an hour while we were packing up this morning than in all of Saturday and Sunday combined.   Watching them made it hard to keep our minds on what we were supposed to be doing.  If we’d spent the day here, I might well have just sat on my patio and watched the parade.  But we have a 200+ mile drive today and it is down through the outer edges of Miami so we need to get to it.

They were coming west last night after dark and are coming east this morning  just as the sun is rising.



I guess they call the lock master and then move slowly forward while he gets the lock ready.  They were moving really really slowly which enable me to take lots of easy pictures right out my front door.


Is this a military ship Paul?




Captain on the bridge?  You can tell I’m an old salt can’t you?




We were advised by Karen Lueck, who has an RV lot in the Keys and loves it there, that we should make sure our windshield was totally clean so we could get pictures of the Overseas Highway.  It’s a good job to do and also watch the ships.






What in the world is this?




We do finally have to tear ourselves away from the boat traffic and head down the highway.  Nothing interesting about this drive either.  I-95 to the Florida Turnpike for about 130 miles and then Highway one into the Keys for about 70 more.  We hadn’t intended to take the Turnpike but we were advised by our friends Nancy and Bill who have been in Curry Hammock now for two weeks, that the route they took and we intended to take was so torn up with construction that they were actually going to take the Turnpike back.



Knowing how they hate interstates/freeways/turnpikes, we take that as fair warning and put another $30 on our Sun Pass.  Good thing we did since it took $21.38 of it to go one way the 115 miles of our trip that were on the turnpike.   No pictures of any of that.

We get off the Turnpike in Florida City and stop for gas at Raceway $2.099 anticipating that gas on the Keys will be at least 20 or 30 cents more at a minimum.

We drive down Rt 1 with the Everglades on our right.



And then here we are on this little strip of road between Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean known as the Overseas Highway.





We get checked into our site but don’t do much setting up.  It’s very hot outside.  We’ll wait until this evening when it cools off , if it does.




We do have a modest view of the water and are right next to the path to the beach which will be mighty handy.




I head down there to take a look.  On my way, I pass one of our neighbors.


It’s a small beach but very lovely with a tropical feel.  Or perhaps that’s all in my mind knowing that the Keys are just about 40 miles north of the official Tropical plant zone.  Don’t tell the tropical plants that are already here.







Later in the afternoon when the sun has moved over to the west, I come out with my chair to do a little reading and to wait for the sunset which now is not at 7:30 but 6:30 in the evening.  It’s stone dark by just after 7 now.  Those of you who are long time followers know that I almost always do a rant every single time they do this stupid time change thing.  This year I will spare you but just imagine when the sun will set by the time the Winter solstice comes.  If you also hate this changing constantly and wish they’d leave the time alone, PLEASE write to your congressmen and senators.  A real paper letter has much more effect than an email because it is so rare but an email or a phone call will at least bring the subject up.





I can just see the top of Winnona’s awning when I wade out into the water and look back.


The further out I wade the smaller she gets of course.


Not a self portrait, but another wader.



David joins me and gets these pictures so I can prove I was in the Atlantic on November the 2nd this year.  The water is so warm it feels like bath water.



He’s not dressed for swimming, but I return the favor.




And then the show begins.  We don’t see the sun actually set into the water, too many clouds for that but it makes a  beautiful sky throwing oranges and pinks all around.






And in the end only my little wader friend is left on the beach as the sky turns dark.






I’m out in the morning to see what the sunrise will have to offer.  My new friend or his twin is still here or has returned.  I believe he’s a willet but I don’t have my shore bird feet under me just yet.  It seems like I’ve been gone a long time.



He’s brought some plovers along today.





This time I’m facing the other direction but again the clouds are interfering.  Nice colors begin to fill them as I can just see the face of the sun off to my right moving to the top of the bank of clouds on the horizon.



Moving in that direction the clouds above the sunrise are reflecting its orange glow.





Soon I can see it and move so that it will be shining straight toward me through the two mangrove islands that have grown just off shore.




Taking a shot right into the rising sun cuts all the light in the picture of course but I do love the path of light running across the water.   Another day has officially begun.




I know that the heat will begin in earnest now that the sun is up so I take this chance to walk the beach around to the day use area to see what’s there.




The swimming beach is larger over here of course.  And there are the usual picnic tables.  There is a lone fisherman this morning.






They also have two stands of kayaks for rent. Mostly doubles, but a few singles and two with a clear bottom window. Now that might be really neat if there was enough light to really see very far down.







There are also stands of coconut palms.  YUM.  I wouldn’t like to be under one when a coconut fell but I’d sure love to eat the meat if someone would crack it open.









As I turn back to return along the beach, I see this topless palm trunk being used for distance signs.  Perhaps we’ll visit some of these places while we’re here.  The sandbar for sure, the Bahamas probably not.  Long Key and Bahia are on the list.  Stay tuned……..


The heat has been turned on and turned up.  I wish I could stay out here with the beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds but it is just too hot.



I turn around on the path back to the campsite.  Really love this view.



Hope it will cool off some to make it possible to spend more time enjoying it.



David hasn’t come out with me this morning. He’s not as much of a morning person and he has to get ready to go into Key West to meet with the doctor who will be administering his treatments while we are here. It’s a bit of a drive but without this he wouldn’t be able to be here at all. Knowing how these things go, they will probably make him come back tomorrow again to get the actual treatment.

While he is gone I enjoy the air conditioning and do some of those boring chores that must be done.  When the sunset is rained out I’m only a little disappointed  thinking that the rain will lower the temperatures.  A happy thought.  But apparently that doesn’t happen here in really south south Florida.   On the positive side, it sure isn’t too cold here!


  1. I'd say you're in your kind of heaven. Thanks for no rant. Ha!!

    1. You mean to say you'd rather have my usual tirade? :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures - the clouds and grasses and the sunset... lovely! Sweet birds too, and your green neighbor with the stripey tail is cute. I want to drink the water out of those coconuts when they fall, AND eat the meat :) We had a warm day here today before turning chilly for the weekend.

  3. Your sunrise and sunset photos are wonderful!

  4. It looks like you're in the very site we'll be in come December 1st! I sure hope it cools off by then. Curry Hammock is our favorite state park in the Keys. Love that sweet little beach, all of the wonderful wading and shore birds, and being able to launch the kayak from the campsite is terrific. Do you know there's a bike trail right across from the park? We enjoyed riding it into town for lunch at one of the fish shacks and just cruising around the cute beach neighborhoods. There's a lovely beach just a few miles away called Sombrero Beach that you would love -- pure white sand and good swimming. Have fun!!!

  5. You just seem to go from one perfect place to another. Marvelous skies.

  6. There is a boat in one picture that looks so top-heavy I wouldn't dare get on it. I guess you are either a sailor or you aren't!

    I used to send regular paper letters to Washington, but from what I hear they go through a lot of steps to make sure there isn't anything dangerous about the mail, delaying it for several weeks. I finally just decided to use email and save them the trouble. I doubt that what I say makes a damn bit of difference to most of them, from the White House to the Congress.

  7. Kathy loves that area also. Laurel has some good advice, we really enjoyed the area. I tried to tell you about the tropical heat, but I also understand reservations. Hope you adjust to the tropics and have a blissful time. I was wearing ice cleats in order to get to the helicopter tonight....Burrr.

  8. Love that you are both able to enjoy a new adventure. Of course every day on the beach is the best kind of adventure for you. I can't wait to enjoy all your sun rises and sunsets!

  9. Oh we will be at Curry Hammock in March!! Can you elaborate on where the road construction is so I don't inadvertenly go near it?

    1. Karen, They are rebuilding HWY 997 (Krone Ave) and it is torn up from I-27 in the north to a couple miles south of Hwy 41 (about the intersection with 88th Ave). Nancy

    2. Thanks Nancy. We'll probably hop on the turnpike at Wildwood and head on down from there. Wishing all of you a wonderful time down there, can't wait for Amazon to be done and I can get to relax for awhile :-).

  10. Be sure to take your bikes for a spin. Head out of the park and cross the highway to the bike path. Head north on the path and take the first left back into the neighborhood. Continue until you reach the BEAUTIFUL homes along the Gulf. Hope the weather cools a bit, but with time we have gotten use to the heat and enjoying our time outside and especially the warm waters:o))

  11. Record highs here in Sarasota/Bradenton...ugh...we're headed to the Keys for Thanksgiving to spend it with my daughter Kelly. Nice to see the views again early with you and thanks for the warning about construction!

  12. It looks like you got one of the best sites in Curry Hammock. Usually there is a nice sea breeze coming off the Atlantic. I hope things cool down for you, but in the meantime, you just need to stay wet. On the Gulf side somewhere year Curry Hammock, may be a little up, is a swimming hole. Bring your masks and snorkels because there is something of interest in the water. People were snorkeling there one time looking for something in the water but darned if I can remember what it was. It was a pit that was dug to form the island. The water is clear and pretty. BTW, the bicycle path will take you from Key West to Key Largo. I think it's finally finished. I hope it cools down soon. It's miserable here in Tampa but we don't have the beautiful Atlantic ocean. It was hot when we left there in May, but we had our boat, so we were happy. Love the sunset and sunrise pictures.

  13. Being AZ we didn't have to deal with the time change, never made sense to me any way why we still do it. Looks like you're enjoying your time on the water, love the sunrise and sunset pictures...been missing the views since we're in the "resort". Missing the Gulf but enjoying the green desert...which we are moving to today...can't wait to see the sunrises and sunsets again.

  14. BEAUTIFUL! Even David's treatments should be easier to take in such an amazing setting!

  15. Interesting boats through a very clean windshield. That really was a lovely waterfront site you had. Beautiful first sunrise in the Keys. Sounds like it really is extremely hot down there still and that all over Florida is having some record breaking temperatures this year. It was nearly 80 in Maryland yesterday...back in 60s today. Hopefully, the heat breaks for you soon! xoxo

  16. if we had booked as early as you did we would bedown there for the month of November, but alas, I can't make myself make any advanced reservations...

  17. What a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Wish it was warmer here in Kentucky. 50's for highs this week. Love to be there!

  18. The little lizard looks curious.

    I was in Key West as a child. I have vague memories of it.

  19. It would be hard to pull away from the free boat parade right from your site! Please thank David for cleaning the windshield, the Overseas Highway pics are lovely :-) Love the sun rising through the mangrove trees, it just feels like the start of a new day. You might want to bottle some of that sunshine as the Almanac is calling for a very wet winter down there :-( You sure scored another perfect site - and with just you and the birdies it feels like you're on your own little piece of paradise.

  20. Sorry you didn't rant about the time change, I would have joined in with you in agreement! ;c)

    I can't tell if that boat is military or not, it is the correct Navy color and is flying an American flag on its mast, but there is no number on the hull or name board on the pilot house. Plus the man on the bridge wing in civilian clothes throws me. If it was a USNS vessel (Navy owned vessels operated by civilians) there would be some coloring bands on the exhaust stack. So I have to say I don't know. Now I have to scour the Internet to find an answer, a nice task for another rainy day here at the COE. :c)

  21. Your winter sojourn in Florida has officially began with all those beautiful sunrises and sunsets decorated by all shorebirds and warm temps. Hmm... Im sure jealous with the beach, the tropical setting but definitely not the gnats that would soon invade you.
    And yes the drive on the Overseas highway was one of our highlights there. So glad Dave put in an effort to clean the windshield so we can see clearly as well.

  22. I sure hope your heat and humidity break some for you. You are reminding me why I don't enjoy Florida. But it sure is a beautiful location you have:) The beach, sunrise, and sunset photos are so pretty!

  23. Seems just about right here now. If it were any more beautiful, there would be too many people. I am enjoying being so close to the water that I can just walk outside for sunrise, and not being an early riser, that makes a difference. Good choice of site dear!

  24. I want to make reservations there for January or Feb. Can you tell me that site number?

    1. Welcome back Kathy. Glad to see you again. I think it's been since March. I would have emailed you about this but couldn't find an email for you. Being a Florida resident you understand how difficult it is to get reservations in the Keys. If you have some sort cut for getting a reservation here in January or Feb, I hope you'll share it with me. For 5 years I have been unable to get a site at any state park in the Keys. I was finally able to get November here in site 13 and now I see why. HOT! LOL. Good luck. Hope to see you in the comments again soon.

  25. Yep, that's the same site we had a couple of years ago. Might even be the same iguana. There are some really big ones in the mangroves around there. Enjoy paddling.


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