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A few successes and then....

Crooked River State Park
Site #6
St. Mary's, Georgia

Thanks to my friend Lynda who actually wrote to ask when the blog was going to be back.  I hope I have not overwhelmed you with catch up posts.

And welcome to new followers GregD (are we talking Dudley here?), Swankiewheels and Luci & Loree .  It’s always nice to hear from the folks out there reading.

As for today..........
Brrrrrrrrr  47 outside and 58 inside at 7AM.  And we are moving north.  That definitely seems wrong.   But it can’t be helped as I explained yesterday.

Here is the traditional  picture taken of the view out our window from Site 6, looking across Site #11 at the water.  Site 11 was the one we had last time we were here and really liked except that we had low voltage problems there.  IF it had been free, we probably would have tried it again. 

But this site has a nice back yard........

View from another angle.  This is of course was taken this morning before we got completely set up.

And it has perhaps the second best view in this campground loop.  There is a second loop here which is more secluded and the sites there are also large and deep.  So you can have seclusion or water view but not both.

One nice thing about the cooler weather is that I didn’t have to go running the instant I got up in order to avoid the heat.  So, I did some reading, some personal journal writing and went out at 11:00 which is later than I’ve run since last winter.  Usually I’m making sure it doesn’t get too hot before I can get out.

The weather seemed fine if gray and breezy but no one was out and I mean no one except the tenting folks trying to warm up over their breakfast campfires.   There is a campfire ban in Crooked River because of the drought which yesterday’s day long rain didn’t do enough to alleviate.

The cool temperatures, it never got over 60 during the day, made peanut butter chip pancakes for lunch sound like a great idea.  And so they were.  Too busy munching and saying mmmmm good to remember to get the camera for a shot of these beauties.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing from the harrowing adventure of the day before.  David hit the hardware store, a favorite activity, so he could fix the dripping  hot water heater.   Success. 
Here is my plumber investigating the problem.

The guilty party who motivated the hardware store trip for his $.79 replacement.  Who in the world mauled that plug?   The little things you don't know when you aren't the first owner of a rig.

Finishing up.  Problem solved - success!  
This is the reason I didn't leave him on the side of the road in the rain yesterday J

I worked most of the afternoon on going through the mounds of pictures taken so I could post the Okefenokee Swamp blogs soon.  That meant tackling over 600 pictures, picking the ones to use on the blogs and compressing them all.  I set those aside and did get uploaded all the back posts from the point at which we no longer had internet up to our first day long Tuesday paddle in the swamp.  Success

Later, I took a  Bike ride around the neighborhood in the later afternoon to take some pictures of our neighbors and see who was out.   No one was out.   But here are some of the cute little rigs and an older class A that caught my attention.

This is a 1976 Toyota Class C.  It's showing its age but might qualify for a Toyota commercial at least.

Here is a Gulf Stream Vista Cruiser after they changed it from a Class B to a Class C around 2006.  Can't figure out why they did that since it looks pretty much like their BT Cruiser which they seem to be still making.  The folks driving it were from Canada on their way to be snowbirds in it this winter.

Look at this teardrop cutie and its escort.  Wish they'd been around so I could have talked to them about it.

For my friend Lynda there was a gentleman who is staying 2 weeks here in his Rpod.  Not sure where he's off to then.

Not sure of the year of this vintage Class A but it just shows that if you take care of them, they'll last a very long time.

I always enjoy a stroll around the campground to see the neighbors.  Hope you do too.

After dinner I began working on the blogs for the two Okefenokee paddle days while David worked on downloading  Garmin map updates after he had what was the final straw in our troubles with Gar-mean-a, as he calls her, taking him to residential areas rather than a plumbing supply store.   That took HOURS literally and the result was a successful down load by about midnight BUT…………………..

We are in trouble with the air card balances AGAIN.  Seems we used 30% of our monthly allotment doing the Garmin thing yesterday so now I’m going to be out hunting for Free WiFi to do the only other heavy lifting in terms of GBs that we do which is to upload the pictures for the blog.

Nobody said even a great life on the road was problem free.   But better here than anywhere else I think.

Thoughts are things.   Think good ones. 

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