Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Huntington Beach State Park
Siter #37
Murrells Inlet, S.C.

It had rained last night and more was predicted for today.  I didn’t make it out for sunrise this morning but here’s a shot of our site #37.  The site was the most unlevel gravel site we've been in and required a hefty stool to make our first step. 

 And here's the traditional shot out our front window.  A bit too close to the road and other sites to be one of my favorite sites.

I did get out to see the ocean which we can hear clearly especially when, like today, the wind is up and the waves are crashing.  I like the ocean on its wild days and often went down during storms to stand and watch when I lived on the North End of Virginia Beach.  There are two paths to the ocean from the campground area and of course one of them is only one site away from us.   J   Here is the path as it leaves the campground. 

This fellow stopped on the path just in front of me to see if I was a problem I guess.  He sat here for quite a while considering and then sauntered (can a rabbit saunter?) off into the brush.

The path then goes over a boardwalk, back into the maritime forest, over another boardwalk and then onto the sand. 

Really great approach to the ocean.  Gets the anticipation up for those of us oceanoholics.  J

Gray cloudy day as you can see.  Windy and the surf was up.

 After breakfast, I took a walk over to the bathhouse to see about the washer/dryer situation.  And found that this is the first place we’ve stayed that doesn’t have washers or dryers.  Well now, that puts a crimp in the plans to hike today.  So we called the park office and asked about whether there were any laundry facilities somewhere else in the park.  Nope.  Was there a Laundromat nearby.  Well there was one 5 miles south.   Hmmmm  Myrtle Beach is north and not 5 miles away so there has to be a closer one than that.  Google Laundromats in Murrells Inlet.  Find one on the famous Route 17.  Ask our Garmin Nuvi to take us there.  Now this Garmin is just a joke.  David calls her Garmeana and she really seriously can’t tell you there is a Dollar Tree closer than 8 miles away when you are sitting in front of one.   And that’s just what happened today.  We gave her the laundromat address and she took us right to a place with no laundromat.  BUT we were near the Kroger from last night so we pulled in and David asked a woman in the parking lot about a local laundromat and she told us where it was.  Only a block or two away.  $1.75 to wash and $.25 for 7 minutes of drying.  Not bad at all so we got things started and then the owner decided to vacuum all the light fixtures on the ceiling.  I don’t much enjoy laundry anyway especially since I hadn’t brought a book to read and didn’t really have anything to do to while away the hour or so.  But now I had to go walk around the neighborhood to get away from the noise. 

I should have brought my camera so you could have enjoyed the Monkey Bar next door complete with monkey statue on the roof dressed in bikini bathing suit , the dog grooming “Salon” beside it and the little street side snack bar that claimed it had the “Best Philly Cheese Steak in Myrtle Beach” .  Across the parking lot from the snack bar was a miniature golf course which would have been a great way to get away from the vacuum cleaner and to spend the time but of course with it being November and the tourists mostly gone, even though it was in the mid 60’s outside, the course was closed.  

That was the longest 90 minutes I’ve spent in quite a while but finally we were finished and thinking about possibly going up to camping world.  But I was  short on patience (not a commodity I have a lot of under the best of circumstances) by  that time and it was determined that we should go home and have lunch and take a walk on the beach. 

And that’s what we did.  Pizza for a late lunch/early dinner  and a walk until dark up the beach and back by the education center which of course was closed.  But we’ll get over there tomorrow to check it out.  No sunset pictures today.  If there’s a western view, I haven’t found it yet.   Thanks for checking in on us.  We’ll be up to something tomorrow you can bet. 

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