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Henry David Thoreau

A little of this, a little of that

Huntington Beach State Park
Site #37
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

It was a brisk 45 degrees this morning when I got up so I elected to wait until 9:00 and 52 degrees to go running.  I started out running down the campground loop where our friends Gin and Syl will be since I hadn’t seen it before.  Nice heavily wooded deep sites.  I like them but I didn’t come back later to get a picture so you’ll have to take my word for it.  Huntington Beach State Park has a variety of site types: open more sunny sites near the beach paths and more secluded wooded sites as well as about 6 walk in tent sites that are also very wooded and secluded.  Something for everyone.

I then ran over toward the Nature Center and started down the Sandpiper Trail but somehow missed a marker, lost the trail and ended up back at the campground.   So I just ran back into the campground and down the path to the beach.  With the tide out,  the beach was wide and flat so I ran up to the jetty where the park land ends and civilization begins again and turned around ran back.  That totaled about 4.75 miles in all and that was enough.

While I was out David spent his time looking into some of Winona’s current problems like a leaking hot water heater, leaking rear hydraulics, replacing the slide toppers and awning.  Lots of on line information checking and phone calls.  He’s formulating a plan for taking care of this while we are in Charlottesville although the closest RV service center is 90 minutes away.      

After lunch, we went out on the beach for an hour or so before it got too cold and dark.  I know you’ll enjoy David’s solution to his far sightedness problem in bright sunshine.  He can see fine for distances through his sunglasses but needs his prescription glasses to read and hasn’t yet been willing to go for prescription sunglass bifocals.

We had grilled Salmon filets and a delicious salad for dinner and after I did the dishes we watched the documentary on Andy Goldsworthy entitled Rivers and Tides.  If you aren’t familiar with it or his work you are missing an amazing artist/naturalist. 

After that we were nodding off so it was time to hit the sack.  Should enable us to get up earlier and out when the birds are on the marsh boardwalk I hope.   Check back and see.

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