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Moving Day- so sorry to leave

Hunting Island State Park
Site #90
Beaufort, S.C.

Today is moving day.  I was up for sunrise

and as I was coming back I again ran into Dave and Carolyn who are also leaving today.  They had wanted to come over and see Winona so the three of us headed over and they got the “tour” before we packed her up to move.  I gave them the RV-Dreams website as well as our blog address.  They gave me their email.  They seemed very interested in potentially coming to the spring rally so perhaps we'll see them again there.

I went for my last run on the deserted beach at Hunting Island State Park.  I’m going to be very sorry to leave this isolated place.  It was moving toward low tide so I had a wide beach to run on and it was as good as running gets for me.

Then back to shower, breakfast and finish the packing up.  While up on the roof to sweep off the slide toppers David noticed that the awning had dried up to the point that it had cracked and the vinyl finish started separating from the structural fabric.  Can this be “repaired”?  Will the awning have to be replaced?  Maybe we can get some advice from our friends Gin and Syl who also own a Winnebago Brave of this same year.  Or from some of the great folks on the RV-Dreams forum.

By the time we were dumped and out of there it was 11:50, check out is noon.  J   And then it was onto the two lane Route 21 into Beaufort and the two lane Route 17 out of Beaufort.  Other than the by-pass around Charleston it was route 17 all 171 miles to Murrells Inlet and Huntington Beach State park.  We got checked into Site 37 and inquired about extending our stay another two days beyond the 3 we had reserved so that we can overlap with fellow RV Dreamers Gin and Syl who are coming in from Raleigh on Friday for 5 days or so.  Site 37, not my favorite site anyway, was booked for Thursday and Friday nights,  but we could move to Site 31 which I like better anyway. Although normally we don’t like to go to the trouble of changing campsites within a campground, but we signed up so we could see our friends and meet up with another couple of RV Dreamers who live here, Bill and Nancy Mills.  Really looking forward to spending time with all four of these great folks on Friday.

Once we got that settled,  we got set up in the site and I went down to check out the beach.  It’s 3 miles of beauty sandwiched in between urban development on either end.  But when you are here, you hardly know the city of Myrtle Beach is just around the bend.  With this time change (grumble, grumble, grumble) it was dark before I knew it and I came back for dinner, pot roast done in the slow cooker.  mmmm good.

Since it was still early, we went for a grocery run since there is a Kroger near by and we find that they have more organic produce and better prices than other stores.  We aren’t big fans of Walmart or Mallwort as I refer to it, although sometimes that is our only choice.  There was a McDonald’s right next door conveniently so I went in and got Saturday’s blog pictures uploaded without having to use my air card.  Whoopee!  I hadn’t been to a McDonald’s in years before going on the road and having GB troubles.  But they seem often to be one of the only public places with free wi-fi.  Thank you McD.

Got home and managed to figure out how to get all the food into the refrigerator.  That was one of my worries about full timing in Winona, the size of her fridge.  Most full timers I’d seen had double door refrigerators and ours is only an 8 cu ft but it has worked out great for us.  In fact Winona has turned out to be pretty perfect in terms of size.  Most full timers seem to have larger RVs than our 34’ but this is just right for us.

As you can see, nothing exciting today.  Just the regular stuff of life.  But, tomorrow is laundry day so I know you won’t want to miss that.  J

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