Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Little Pee Dee to the Rescue

Little Pee Dee State Park
Site #27
Dillon, South Carolina
We were just too reluctant to leave our friends to get out early and we pushed the check out time limits.  The amazing Nancy Mills saw us going by AGAIN and this time she wasn’t even in Home Depot gazing out at the stop light, she was in her car going to her mother’s.  How does she do this??

We stopped at Camping World on our way out of town since the nearest one to us is 3 hours away.  Spent too long there as well.

In all the excitement of the surprise yesterday I hadn’t called the I 95 stop over campground we wanted to stay at in Fayetteville NC to make sure they had a spot.  We had never had trouble getting a one nighter just off the interstate.  But today when we were late leaving and probably needed a guarantee, I called just to make sure and there were no spaces.  I’d forgotten about the Snow Bird avalanche heading down I 95 just about now.  

So we dropped back about 60 miles to plan B and stopped in at Little Pee Dee State Park where we were welcomed into a lake front site and charged $17.01 for water and electric.   VERY NICE!   But when we got to the site we found that the drop toward the lake made leveling up impossible.   So slides are in and we’ll see whether we are sleeping sliding down hill.   BUT the full moon over the lake made it a beautiful site and sight.  Hope you can see this picture. You can click it to make it larger.  And if all else fails, just imagine it's the full moon over the lake at the back of Site #27 J

I was the last of the couples to get my blog about the surprise day posted but I did and may even have conquered the backdoor virus after both David and I spent far too much time researching how to remove it.   Where DO these things come from and who in the world is spending their life dreaming them up and to what advantage??

Looking forward to seeing Pee Dee State Park by daylight before we head out for North Carolina.  Sure does seem like we are going in the wrong direction.  J

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