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Cold Motivation

Well I just have to grumble about this weather thing.  Today’s high is 34 and the low is 18.  The normal lows, not highs,  in early December here are in the mid 30’s.   And there’s no end in sight.  We actually had a dusting of snow – WHAT? – on Sunday morning.  All the more reason to get in gear to get out of here.  Cold motivation for sure!!

Coming back of course we found quite a few more things than the furnace that need to be taken care of.  Luckily “most” of those are inside.  But when you don’t have a furnace, you have to split firewood weather or not.

We’ve noticed a lot more stuff that needs to go.  Quite a lot and have been inspired by others’ blogs to get rid of even more.  But this time of year is not conducive to yard sales and we hope not to be here in the spring sooooo it looks like lots of donations.  J

So what else have we been doing you ask?  Or maybe not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.  Our local theater “The Paramount”, refurbished about a decade ago to its early 1930’s elegance, showed the holiday film It’s A Wonderful Life last Friday.  What a great and timeless movie.  And so wonderful to see on a BIG screen.  No matter how big your home entertainment center is, there is nothing like the even bigger screen in the movie theater with other people laughing and ohhing around you.  Throughout the year, the Paramount brings in The Metropolitan Opera simulcasts to our little city as well as lots of stars who are on tour.  But their showing of vintage movies for the reasonable price of $6 a seat is a really great community service.   Earlier this year they had the newly redone version of The Wizard of Oz and the color and sound were fantastic. 

Tonight is the 43rd annual "Messiah Sing In" which will be directed  by Dr. Donald Loach of the University of Virginia’s Music Department, who started it back in 1968. Don’t you love traditions? The community all comes together at the University of Virginia’s great musical acoustic space Cabell Hall and you sit in whatever sectional part you are going to sing (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) with  scores provided by the music department for a donation to their scholarship fund unless, like many in the community, you’ve been doing this for years and have your own score.  (That’s ME)  There is also a volunteer orchestra of whoever shows up.  Hopefully one trumpet at least if you know the Messiah!  Listeners sit in the loge or the balcony and it is a wonderful no rehearsal, no professional singers, no big deal, fun for all.  Beautiful singing of magnificent music. If there is a “sing in” in your neck of the woods, give it a try.  You’ll love it I know.

Sorry no pictures.  I’ll try to do better next time.  Although not wanting to be outside for more than 5 minutes does limit my opportunities.

Thoughts are things.  Make them good ones.  Life is a Law of Attraction.


  1. Well, we are glad to hear from you two!!

    Hope your 'todo' list gets to be a 'todone' list ASAP, we need to get traveling again ;o))

    Take care and stay WARM!

  2. Your Messiah Sing In sounds awesome!

    Good luck with your projects.

  3. Sherry,

    So far, following my request on RV Dreams about blogs being available for "anonymous" commenters, two of you that offered me to comment already have your profiles set up for "Anonymous". So, I'll have to keep looking for one with just the "name/url" tag.

    I agree that the sing in would be a great experience. As long as I'm not a part of the singers. I sing tenor - - (some have asked ten or twelve miles away).

    Stay warm. Oh, by the way, keep working on the downsizing aspect. Jo and I are down to only a few things left, and some of that is needed for me to finish digitizing my LP records and burn to CD's.



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