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Henry David Thoreau

Santa Knows

Somehow Santa always knows what you need or want. 

A new Associate Attorney needs information on dealing with the tax implications of actually having a salary.
Santa to the rescue.

The loving daughter took pity on Mr. Dunk His Camera and got him this fine gift. 
This is camera #3 within the past 3 months, can he keep it out of the drink??  
Anybody want to place a bet?  :-)

WOW now this flag is definitely big enough to display what I love!
Thank you Carrie!!!   Winnona can hardly wait to display it when she's settled in her site.

Click this pic to see the logo on the hat.  When I first met David he was riding a Harley and was definitely Born to Be Wild......ah what a difference the years make.  :-)

Well I tried clicking it and it still isn't readable enough so here you go.

Sporting new Celtic earrings to remind her of a college semester in Ireland,  Carrie is already engrossed in one of several book gifts.   This one really grabbed her interest and having read it myself, I can say it is a great read.  Title: See You In A Hundred Years.
Check it out.

Thanks to my dad, I'm ready to take on the Everglades and any other mosquito infested kayaking trail.  The suit also comes with mesh pants which I did not model.
Pretty attractive huh??

Santa even left gifts for Winnona
brand new socks!

And a platform step for her short legged owner.

We had a wonderful time under the tree as the snow fell outside.  Later we watched one of our holiday movies.  This year Miracle on 34th Street.   And then off to bed to rest up for some snow play tomorrow.
See you then.

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  1. What great, thoughtful gifts!!

    Really love the fishnet look ;O))

    We knew "Sometimes" must have worn himself out in his youth...love the hat:o))

    Hope the snow is melting and things are warming up a bit for you.


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