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Crackers on the road???

Most of the focus here has been on keeping warm in this “high temperatures below zero” abnormal weather. That has really slowed things down. But I’m still cleaning out and the loads are going off to the Good Will and Salvation Army.  This is hardly the weather  for yard sales and I’m just not inclined to store it all until things become more “normal” if there is such a thing anymore.

One nice thing about cleaning out “stuff” is that you find things you looked and looked for but never could find.  In this case it was my National Parks Passport and it was right in plain sight.  How I could have missed it is just beyond me but I did and so I don’t have my Cumberland Island stamp among others.  BUT  since that’s a place I plan to return to J it’s not problem.  AND the universe was watching out for me when I tried to buy a replacement passport book and they were out of them. 

Yesterday I did manage to do something else as well.  I made some pizza crackers and they were so good I thought I’d share them with you. I call them pizza crackers because they sort of look like tiny little pizzas and taste a bit like it too.  They are made with flax seeds, fresh tomatoes or dried this time of year, garlic, onion, red bell pepper, basil, oregano and red pepper flakes.  After soaking the flax seeds over night I put the seeds into the food processor, add everything else and turn it into glop.  I put the mix on the dryer sheets by the teaspoon and using the spoon back, spread each one out to be thinner.  They are oddly shaped but they will dry more quickly than if they were  thicker.  I could spread the mix out and cover the sheet and then score them to make the normal square crackers but after a few times of that I decided it took too long and odd crackers were more in tune with my style if you know what I mean.  J

Here they go into the dryer, eight trays of them.

Then you just walk away and 24 hours+ later (depending on the humidity) voila!!  Great crackers for the home made soups so good in this cold weather and for salads when it’s warmer or for just eating out of hand as I seem to do with about 1/3 of what I make as I of course have to test them to see if they are crunchy enough or if I need to leave them in the dryer longer.  Right?? J

Wonder where I can find room for this dryer in the RV?  How DO I decide what to take and what to give away….forever…..or until I realize I should have kept it and have to re-buy it.  J   Easy in some cases but much more difficult in others.

Snow is predicted for tomorrow which is very uncommon in December for us or it was until last year when on the 18th we got two feet.  Crossing my fingers this is not Snowmageddon Part II.


  1. Boy those crackers sound like ones I would love. But how would you make them without a dryer??

    I vote that you make room for the dryer in the RV and then you can make the crackers at the RALLY ;o))

    Hope you don't get too much snow so your cleaning out process can continue. We really need to get back on the road with you two :o)

  2. It has gotten awfully cold awfully early here. It's just plain awful! We all need to get together. We miss y'all.
    We vote on keeping the dryer so we can try those crackers sometime.

    Syl and Gin


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