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Holiday Fun Part I

Carrie has returned to work and the party is over so I thought I'd take time to post something about our grand holiday.  But so as not to spring too much on you at once, it's coming in parts, just like it happened for us.

I start the celebration on the Winter Solstice.  It's hard to do it up right since it isn't one of those Federally sponsored holidays that our nation supports by closing all its offices, declaring a holiday and giving folks vacation days.   But it should be.  The longest night of the year and the days beginning to wax rather than wane is definitely reason to celebrate.   Makes for a great reason for another cake and presents wrapped in gold.

But since our sweetheart doesn't get the day off we moved the celebration to the 24th
Chocolate stout toasts to more sunshine and warmth!

A little girl talk at the foot of the tree before trimming it.

And home made venison pizza with games for the eve.

Trimming the homegrown tree with home made ornaments and bubble lights!
Love those bubbles!!

Awaiting the morning.

Stockings hung on the stair railings since there is no mantel on a wood stove :-)

Check in tomorrow to see what Santa brings to such good little girls and "sometimes David"  :-)

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  1. Well it looks like this celebration is off to a good start!!

    We also had our celebration on the 24th. We always say the holiday is the day the whole family can get together :o)

    So now it is time to start the HAPPY NEW YEAR and move on to new adventures!! Hope your TODO list is getting shorter ;O)


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