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Great Idea for December Birthdays

Bitter cold continues here and the weather goddess took no pity and gave no break for my birthday.  First let me say that I hate having a birthday in December.  Especially one sandwiched in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You know all your life that parents and partners simply take one of your other holiday presents and wrap it in birthday paper.   PLUS, you never get anything but winter clothing and can never have a pool party,  J  With all that grumbling said, this year I’ve figured out how to compensate for the lack of sunshine, warm temperatures and being sandwiched in. 

Have birthdayS.

My birthday is December 7.  Yes I know, everyone's comment is.... “Pearl Harbor Day”.  I will not mention my mother’s too often repeated comment about when the real bomb was dropped.  I never thought that was funny but she sure did. 

This year December 7 was on a Tuesday but I had one festive day after another, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.   Now that’s how to do it.

David made me my favorite moist chocolate birthday cake with yummmmmmyyyy butter cream icing.  This is what happens when you ice it too soon.  Warm cake - the letters slide downhill. J   It was supposed to say “HB 2 U” on one line and “60 Something” on the next but here’s what happened.

Still it was delicious and since it was a sheet cake, there are  LOTS of leftovers.  Mmmmm 

Day #2   I had delicious home made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing with my friend Pam who gifted me with a pair of merino wool socks she had hand knit just for me.  WOW!   Cupcakes were delicious and socks are beautiful, warm and I feel her friendship every time I wear them. 

Day #3  My friend Lynda took me out for dinner to the local Thai Restaurant just off our Downtown walking mall where we had a great time chatting and eating Pad Thai.   The restaurant allows you to choose your level of spice from 1 to 5.   IF you actually can eat all your #5 entree they post your picture on the wall of fire eaters.   Wimp that I am, I had #1.  Lynda, whom I consider to have a fire retardant tongue had #3.   I forgot my camera so no pics of us, the restaurant, the firewall or the delicious pad Thai.  L

Day #4  Out to the Mud House with my friend Kathy.  Espresso for her Hot Chocolate for me.   Like everyone else, she wanted to talk about “the trip” and my plans.  Easy conversations.  GREAT and get things squared away so I can be out there permanently.

And so concludes my birthdayS.    I highly recommend that if you are unfortunate enough  to have a December birthday, this is the way to do it.  Make it special, make it last for days!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday. Ironically, both my mother and my husband's mother have birthdays ALSO on "Pearl Harbor Day". And if you think that is a bad day, try having an April Fool's birthday like me. My standard reply (cause everyone wants to make a comment) is "At least I know I'm an April Fool. Do you know what kind of fool you are?" Everyone's birthday is special to them, regardless of the notoriety of the day.

  2. Sounds like a fun way to spend your BirthdayS!!

    Happy Birthday to you and perhaps you might just pick a day in one of the warm months and CHOOSE that to be your birthday next year.

    I will loan you mine in June;o)

  3. Catherine feels your pain. Her birthday is Dec 26.


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