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Henry David Thoreau

FoRWaRd and BaCK

Seems like ONE step forward
Two steps BACK

We’ve been trying to set up
 Doctor’s appointments
For Winnona to  take care of
her boo boo
get her some new shoes

we had to pick a doc for each of these

And that required phone calls
And more calls

To find out who has
the experience
the recommendations
the space
the time
And the…………………..

We find the hospital but they
Only have one bay large enough
For herself.

That’s OK we still have plenty
Of time.
We wait.

They’ll call us when they
Finish with the big rig they are working on.
And we wait

They don’t call
We DO call them
And they’ve had delays
And we wait

And they DON’T call
And you get the picture.

Three weeks later,
we call choice #2
and they can take us right away

They are a bigger shop
with more bays
We’ve had some dealings with them before
So off she goes to the hospital

After talking with the doctor,

he confirmed
That her boo boo is going to be 
more expensive to fix
than I could ever have imagined
for such a
small ding.

The doc says about a week to get it all
and repainted.

Who would have thought something that small
would be such
a big deal. 

Be extra careful in those campgrounds
especially with the site posts is my advice.

The biggest problem seems to be in getting
The decals on an “older model”
(as in 2004) 
Ah for full body paint….
I think….
or would that be even MORE expensive??

Of course, the day, we take her in,
shop #1 finally calls and says,
how about tomorrow.  
Sorry bud, too little, too late.

OK then…
Boo Boo repair settled,

things are lookin’ up
But what about
new shoes??

Back to the phone,
Same story………here’s what we want
Can you do it?
When can you do it?
How much will it cost?
Does it include A, B, C???

First degree cauliflower ear is setting in

We found the place,
Good price, good experience
We’re all set,

They don’t have enough shoes her size in stock
some of her shoes have to be ordered.
Her feet are SO BIG and so MANY!

Although not THIS big thank goodness

That was last week,
Monday the shop shoeman called
and said
he couldn’t get the shoes

Back to square #1.

MORE phone calls
Can YOU get them?  
Are you SURE?
When can you get them?
What is the ALL inclusive Price??

I sure do wish she could go to Gin and Syl’s Shoeman
 making an appointment 200 miles away
seems a bit extreme
even to me.

BUT  determination
WILL WIN the prize
both our girls will be sporting their dancing shoes
when they meet in the Smokies
for the RV-Dreams Rally in April.

Or at least I HOPE Winnona will.

She was supposed to out of the hospital tomorrow
With her new  “front end”.
And go directly to shoe store #2
Some 30 miles away

BUT…..the doctor called
Two decals are missing
Have to be ordered………

Then the  Tireman Called
Tires are in……….

“What’s the Date on these Tires”

“Ah……….week 40 2008”

“I don’t think so”.

Back to the warehouse.
“HOW much longer to get the shoes??”

Patience IS a virtue…….Patience is a Virtue….Patience IS….

Wish her and us luck!!
Let me know
if this saga is familiar to you,
Maybe it will make me feel better,
Misery loves company??????????????


  1. I saw only what looks like a scratch, well maybe a small indentation in the front. They probably want to replace an entire front end, or at least a full panel? And decals? My 5th wheel lost a lot of weight with all its missing decals! If I could buy whatever RV I wanted, I would want one with no graphics, no decals!

    To answer your question, yes, repair shops treat everyone the same and equal!

  2. Finding a good trustworthy shop is as important as finding a good doctor...and harder! I wouldn't pay much for tires that are almost 3 years old. Send those back fast!
    I don't know who has the site between us at the Rally but they will be confused.
    Syl & Gin

  3. Ok now. nobody said this would be easy ;o(

    But it will be SOOOOO worth it ;o)))))

    Hang in there and get Winnona ready. The party is really just a few weeks away and Winnona really needs to be looking her best!!!

  4. all i can say is ouch... funny you put a picture of the shoe motorcycle as I actually saw that in a hotel parking lot not too long ago...

  5. We thank our lucky stars that most of our RV dealings have been great.

    The worst we had was our last shoe replacement, the Walmart we were at was so slow...took us over 3 hours to get our tires replaced. We had ordered them weeks before and sent to the store we wanted, and even made an appointment. But, they had 3 guys call in for different reasons that morning...Patience is neither of ours best quality!

  6. @Gypsy- you hit it right on the nose, pun intended, replace the entire front end is what the insurance company said.

    Gin &Syl, you bet we said return those and get something more like 3 months old instead of 3 years. Thus we WAIT. But thanks to last year's rally we knew to check.

    Nancy & Bill, U R right we 3 will for sure be glad when this is over and we are partying!

    Heyduke I CANNOT believe you actually saw the shoe. I thought that was the funniest thing ever. Talk about BIG FOOT.

  7. Sherry, I feel for you! Good thing you started with all the prep work months early. You sure wouldn't want to be late for the party!
    Our experiences so far have been positive but we've only owned our coach for 5 months. I'm sure we'll end up with stories to tell too.
    Good luck!

  8. Sorry your baby is in the hospital and costing so much for repairs. You'd think that the manufacturers would put real bumpers on instead of making them out of fragile fiberglass.

    Good for you, sticking to your guns on getting new tires, instead of old, new tires.

    We're looking forward to seeing ya'll in April at the Rally!


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