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Henry David Thoreau

Under the.......

Well I've been under the weather since early Tuesday AM.

I haven't been sick with anything....nope....nothing....nada for over 4 years. 
Not even a cold

That is until I went to my nephew's daughter's first birthday party on Saturday
which changed all that. 
Apparently I was not the only one brought down by the StOMach FLU.

Spent 24 hours from about 1am Tuesday morning on the floor in the bathroom
if you know what I mean. 
The worst was over in about 15 VERY LONG hours
but for 4 more days this is what I've been doing. 

That is until yesterday when I finally came out from under the covers
to see if life was still going on.  

Eating almost nothing for 4 days is definitely n0t
a weight loss program I would recommend.
But I have to thank all my  wonderful friends who kept
calling, emailing and bringing me food
to make sure I was and stayed alive. 
Even when I could hardly answer the phone
and couldn't possibly answer the door.  

My refrigerator now boasts gallons of Gatorade,
tons of white rice, applesauce and crackers. 
Wanna drop by for dinner?

Be careful out there.  This stomach virus is a vicious one
don't want it.


  1. Feel better really soon! The flu is no fun :(

  2. You didn't by any chance get a flu shot earlier this year, did you? I refuse to get them, they make me ill! But I'm just looking for reinforcement NOT to get them...glad you are on the mend...stomach flu is the worst kind to get, I think!

  3. Hey Gail & Rick, thanks for your wishes. I actually was better when I wrote the blog on the flu. I wasn't capable of doing anything in the midst of it :-)

    Jeannie, You may be happy to know that the flu shot only affects the respiratory flu not the stomach flu. There is no shot for the latter and I'm with you on thinking it is the WORST.

  4. Sorry to hear you have been down and out... Sounds like you are on the mend... Hope your tires arrive soon... I know that will make you feel much better ;0)

    Seriously, take care and give yourself time to get your strength back... We don't want any relapses!!

  5. Now you're good for at least another four years...

    You were certainly a "Sleeping Beauty" in that picture! ;c)

  6. Aww Mama - I was worried as you know and am so glad you are recovered! I hope you are better for another 40 years ; )


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