Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Fun Times

Thought I’d put up some things I do in the evenings
after I’m sick and tired
of sorting and boxing.  

So here are some good friends and the fun
I’ll miss
when I’m back on the road.
(count down is 40 days)

On Mondays,
(even on Valentine's Day)
I’ve been
line dancing
with my friend Pam
(of 4 dogs in the bed fame).

Olivia is our fearless big hearted leader.

Sometimes we aren’t quite in step.

Although Pam’s got the hand action and my camera couldn’t keep up


And sometimes we are just turning
our backs on the whole thing.

But I love it and the country music we dance to.

Check out one of the pairs of cowboy boots I wear.
And NO those boots aren’t getting tossed or donated
These are travelin’ boots.

Anybody else love to line dance
or own cowboy boots??
Be sure to let me know so we can plan to meet up
and do some HIGH STEPPIN!!

Out of time now
so my Wednesday and Thursday fun
will have to wait until next time. 
Ya’ll come back now.  Ya’ heah??

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