Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Well then, How about food?

I’m hoping to get caught up 
on posting about all the
good things that ARE happening
while the frustration over Winnona's tires
and the house furnace continues.
Actually just attempting to keep my mind
off of how TRYING it all is

 I was surprised that not one person
had a comment about line dancing. 
Y'all don't know
what yur missin'.

But maybe you're more interested in
food so here's a tale of
my Wednesday good food date.

Once a month
on the 3rd Wednesday,
my friend Helen and I go down to the bottom of the hill
to the Savour Restaurant for lunch.

See the Savour?
See Helen Point...point Helen point...

We walked down this past Wednesday
on a gorgeous day
and once again each had one of the dozen or so items
on their lunch menu.

We figure we’ve almost worked our way
through the entire menu
and have had some things multiple times
because they are SO good.

This week Helen chose the Lamb Pie.
which we thought was a new entrée
Either that or we both have memory fatigue.
I’m not much for lamb so
I had this delicious chicken salad

Savour is a lovely place.
Is the fire great, even though it
was in the 60's outside amazingly.

We love going there and chatting about what’s up with each of us. 
Or in my case whining about the problem of
getting GOOD HELP. 
We talk about my travels to be and
questionable progress on getting there,
the new house she’s building out in the country,
the affairs of her labs Paxton and Piatt,
her fall trip to Ireland
and everything else under the sun.

It's a once a month gig that I really look
forward to.  We were especially lucky
that the weather on Wednesday was fabulous
and walking back I took a shot of the 
beautiful shape of this sycamore tree.
One thing I DO like about winter is
that you can see the beautiful bones and
shapes of the trees.



  1. Well, I thought I had posted on the line dance blog... hmmmm.... where did it go??

    Anyway, looks like a great lunch spot.

    We are so excited that you have a count-down going...40, 39,.... We are stuck here waiting for a house buyer to show up and are relying on you to get us back out in the RV world;o))

    Hope the tires and heater get their act together so we are not disappointed!!


  2. That lunch and restaurant looked excellent! I know you'll miss that monthly date once you join us out here. You'll have to change it to annual or semi-annual :)
    Hope your tires get there soon. Sheesh! You'd think they were making them from scratch or something! :)

  3. Food looks great- but just think of all the wonderful places to eat yet to be discovered :).


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