Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

In the Hands of Madam Gin

FRIDAY  April 15
RV Dreams Rally
Sevierville, Tennessee

Today was a FREE DAY
designed no doubt to give my over stressed brain a break
My brain thanks you Howard and Linda.

So since we’ve already done our taxes J
and will be leaving here to go spend some time
in The Great Smoky Mountain National Park,
we decided to take it easy.

Sevierville City Park is just across the river from the campground
but “no way to get there from here”
other than to drive around. 
Which we did in order to run 5 miles on their
Green Way.

Of course I  have no pictures since I can’t run with a camera. 

It’s a lovely city park with softball fields
and a nice blacktopped trail for running or walking. 
They have labeled the trees and flowers along it. 
I suspect a local garden club is responsible for that. 
It was a much nicer run than around and around in the RV park.

Came back showered  and then………………………..

(sing along now…to the tune of ‘Love Potion #9)
I took my flowbee down to Madam Gin’s
She lives with Syl and they are my great friends.
She took one look at my locks and said OH MY
and then she cut em ooooff, it was eeeeeasy as pie.


Love that flowbee. 

I’ve done enough cuts to have paid for it
so every one is free at this point. 
We did a “demonstration” so others could see just how easy it is. 
I can do it myself
but it was more fun having a professionally trained stylist
of such repute put me in her chair!

Not so pleasantly, I had to make the 6th phone call in 2 months
to Citibank about their inability to send
the new card to us early.
Our cards expire on 5/31/11.
We won’t be at that address on 5/31/11.
We won’t be at any address to which you can
deliver to us in person and we can sign.
SO why can't they send it in early April, not early May.
What a nightmare. 

It’s almost funny what bumpkins their “no service” department is. 
I won’t bore you with the details but will summarize
to say they sent the card 3X
including once after we’d already gotten
and activated one of them. 
When we went to use the card today at the post office,
it bounced. 

Now I’ve never had ANYTHING bounce in my life
so I was an unhappy camper
and my phone call to them was none too sweet.  
More promises to “take care of the problem”…………we’ll see.
I could cancel it and get another more easily than this
is what I told them.

On a happier note,
Linda was able to get those who wanted them 
special discount tickets to see an Oldies song and dance show
which was in a little theater behind a shopping center.  
Hmmmmm -  we all wondered.  
Turned out to be fabulous singing and dancing
of hits from the 50’s through the 80’s. 
With most of this crowd, the familiarity with the songs decreased
as they got to the 80’s J  

One gal had just an amazing voice.  
She did a hair raising gospel version of
Lean on Me that brought down the house.

Home to bed late and back up extra early since Saturday’s seminars start at
EIGHT not 9:00.


  1. You are a hoot! Love the words to that new song. Yes that show was fantastic.
    Syl & Gin

  2. Agreed - you are a hoot! I told my co-worker Lisa that you have a flowbee. She was so amused by that :)


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