Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Saying Good Bye

SUNDAYApril 17th
RV Dreams Rally
We were sent off with a BIG breakfast,
parting words from Howard and Linda.
They played the Oh so Appropriate
Zac Brown Band’s

Just as free,
Free as we’ll ever be……………..

Lots and lots of tears all around.  Handshakes and hugs.
We discovered that we didn't have nearly as many
pictures of our favorite people as we thought we had
but here are some of them

Bill and Nancy

Gin & Syl

Mike & Terri

Paul & Marti

Dave & Carolyn

After saying good bye to folks leaving today,
we did our laundry and went out to get provisions
for going to GSMNP.  
Credit cards worked so I guess
I can put that file away
they expire again in 2014.  

Finished the day with a campfire
behind Howard and Linda’s 5th wheel. 

There were still about 40 of us here
and we chatted and passed around bowls of popcorn
as the full moon rose over the trees.

Tried to get a shot of Winnona parked beneath the full moon. 
Not great, but you get the idea.
We think we’ll be leaving tomorrow in order
to get in two sunny days at the park
before the rains begin again
but are having second thoughts
since there are a lot of things
we’d like to get done. 
Like post this blog and get caught up for one
and wash the rig and car
since very unusually
this campground will allow that. 
Maybe even get some wax on one or both them. 
AND try out our new Bissell carpet and upholstery cleaner.  

Winnona has light fabrics on the dinette and chairs and a light carpet.  
All of which I love because along with her golden oak cabinets,
it makes her light and bright inside.  
BUT that means they need to be cleaned periodically
and Paul Dahl recommended a Bissel
that he had great success with. 
We found that one but thought we’d try its canister brother
since it would also do the upholstery.
SO……………I’ll let you know tomorrow whether we go or stay.   
It’s SO  great to have that choice.

We’re Not on Vacation Any More Toto !!!

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  1. I'll be glad for the day when we don't have to leave to go back 'home'!


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