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Henry David Thoreau

Sunday Picnic

Sunday April 24, 2001
Elkmont Campground
Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Today is Easter Sunday
and the campground appears to be full. 
Lots of people enjoying this natural cathedral.

I know I am.
This morning I awoke to beautiful bird song
and the babbling stream.
Just love this campsite and am going to HATE to leave.
I could just stay and stay.

I love it even with the laundry hanging

Thought I might have time today to
introduce Chip.
He’s been a regular visitor most days
He seems to scour the patio for
maple seeds.

I treat him as the wild creature I'm
happy he is and just observe him as he goes about his business 

Check out those cheeks.

He doesn't seem to mind at all
having his picture taken.  So I have dozens
from multiple days <sheesh>

After taking care of some “business”
at the “office”

the view from my front "office window"

we returned to the Little River Trail
to get all those pictures we hadn't taken
because we were running

it is sort of our "neighborhood" trail

we've been on it many times

and know it fairly well by now

but we never tire of being here

it's always new and beautiful

The Little River has definitely become a favorite friend

This time we took a picnic lunch

 We stepped down right next to the
river when we had the chance.

 We don't YET have a Joby Gorillapod
so this was the best picture we could manage "by hand"
Joby is definitely moving up on the list.
We had a perfect picnic set up
with one log for table and
one for bench.
Thank you Mother Nature

 our log dining table view

These shots of tributaries flowing into the river
were taken on our return hike

The evening was spent getting a head start on
our “packing up to leave” procedure.
Checking tire pressures
(all TWELVE)

checking fluids
putting things in the basement
and then to bed for
“maybe” an early "on the road" in the morning.
Although somehow, even though we are early risers,
that seldom seems to happen.

Oh Well…………………J


  1. Wow that just looks so peaceful. I am glad you had a great experience boondocking. Can't wait to give it try in the future.

    Safe Travels, Nancy

  2. Thanks for taking us boondocking with you. What an awesome place!

  3. Beautiful photos of the streams and waterfalls. So pretty there - and Chip - yes, what handsome cheeks! :)


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