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Henry David Thoreau

Packing and more

We actually got all those big ticket items finished

Awnings and Slide toppers
Hot water heater leak

and now it's down to packing
and all the little stuff.

Like the flat kayak cart tire which needs a new tube,
where do they sell tiny tubes??
and other last minute errands
and recovering from the SHOCK of getting Winnona filled up with gas.

Have had a small quirk in the works.
The one and only credit card expires May 31, 2011.
I’ve called the bank multiple times to say
“won’t be here, can you send it early?” 
“No can do” they reply.

But I keep calling every few days
you never know who you might get on the line
and yesterday the VERY NICE Kim told me:

“Oh sure we can expedite your card UPS”. 
Well why didn’t anyone say so before this?
I can’t answer that Ma’am.
You can get it to me in four days?
Yes ma’am.
But that’s the day I need to leave….
Well I’ll put that order in right away for you Ma’am.

I don’t drive after dark, in the rain or more than 150 miles a day.
Sherry’s Rules for On The Road

So depending on when the UPS man shows up
it could be
A) too late to avoid driving in the dark
B) too late to avoid driving in the rain predicted for Friday.

But, you know what?  
She’ll be packed up and ready to go
by dark on  Wednesday.
And we will be at the rally in Tennessee by Monday
and ready for some big time fun!
Just like last year!!

Things will work out,
one way or the other
They always DO!

Back to that packing…………….


  1. Seems like I always drive 500+ miles, in the dark and rain. I like your rules better, I think we'll follow them once we're full time.

    We are leaving Friday (in the dark) and arriving Sat, hopefully in daylight and no rain. We're going to O'night somewhere along the way.

  2. We just got our camping stuff out to check and make sure all's there. Since we're staying in a cabin this year, we need to be prepared!! See you soon!

  3. Just have a safe and pleasant trip...

    See you when you get there!!

  4. Since it's about 350 miles from us, we plan to stop at a Walmart for an over-nighter. After packing for the rally, you'll be set! Hugs to ya all!!

  5. Paul & Marti: Drive safely there in the dark. :-)

    Laurie & George: We've got the backpacking stuff in the trunk of the toad, the kayaking gear in the backseat. We are so ready for playing!!

    Syl: It's 356 for us and we are "hoping" to spend a day or so at Hungry Mother State Park which we highly recommend. Although looks like rain :-(

    Looking forward to seeing you all. Safe journeys to everyone and thanks for the comments. It's wonderful to know you are "out there"!

  6. We have 136 miles from Chattanooga, and plan to go on Saturday. I am looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers and getting the scoop on fulltiming from the pros......


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